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      Magic & Mystery
      Astrology always seems to be wrapped up in myth, magic or the notion of psychic abilities, but the irony is that this is all a myth.

      Astrology is not shrouded in myth and magic, it’s a science, it’s the study of a natural process, a process set in the stars that is as certain as the air we breathe.

      Astrology the science of how the planets (including the sun and moon) interact together, and how their interactions influence everybody and everything on earth. Astrology is a science that focuses on the interaction between energy and matter.

      Astrology & Fate
      There’s also another myth about astrology which is that it determines and seals your fate – which is wrong. Astrology doesn’t seal your fate but it highlights your experiences in life both internally and externally and shares with you those experiences that you do, or don’t manifest into reality. In other words it shows you your fate but some of that fate will never be physically experienced but perhaps instead experienced internally.

      So in terms of individuation, astrology can help you to understand what aspects of your ‘self’ to pay attention to so that you can work toward wholeness.

      Some of the myths that cause the confusion about astrology and fate is it’s alignment with the tarot or psychics. However, the tarot does not influence astrology, astrology influences the tarot – tarot is just another tool to help understand the messages that we can discern from the planets above us.

      Psychics, who are often interested in personal development, and attaining wisdom about life, are naturally drawn toward astrology for this reason but this is the only reason.

      In essence astrology cannot be influenced by anything, but the planets can influence everything!

      We can use Astrology as a tour guide to show us around the world we live in, which includes our psyche, mind, and energy as well as everything else in the world.

      The heavens are a cosmic mirror of what we experience down here on earth.

      The Horoscope
      A horoscope reflects a single, unique moment in time. It’s important to realise that because the planets continue orbiting, they creating new astrological configurations, which means a birth chart is as unique as your fingerprint.

      An astrology chart drawn for the your exact time, day, year and location of your birth is a horoscope and is totally unique to you (which is why general horoscopes are always so vague). A mainstream horoscope written for all Cancers for example, cannot possibly describe exactly what is going on for such a large group of people, but your birth chart can tell you precisely what is going on for you.

      A birth chart can only deliver precise information if you know your birth date, if you don’t know your birthdate your astrology chart won’t highlight every aspect of your psyche because it will have to generalise.

      Natal Astrology
      Natal astrology considers your entire birth chart and is a powerful tool for understanding human behavior, and for discerning our strengths and weaknesses. It reveals what empowers us and this knowledge provides us with more leverage to direct our own fate.

      Through thousands of years of astrological observation, two things have been noted:

      1. Each planet represents an aspect of our life, or part of our being, or a component of life (i.e. how we relate, our emotions, communication style, relationship style).

      2. The position of each planet in the heavens indicates how the planet’s component is manifested.

      As far back as ancient Babylon, astrologers divided the heavens into the 12 sections of different qualities (or archetypes) that had been noted. Those are the twelve signs of the zodiac.

      Basic astrology takes four things into account:

      ● The planets (including the Sun and the Moon)
      ● The Houses
      ● The zodiac signs which the planets are in
      ● Aspects

      From Earth, we view (concerning astrology) the planets, sun, and moon as they appear to orbit around us along an apparent path near the ecliptic. As they orbit, they travel through the twelve zodiac signs.

      Most people know the sign in which the sun is on any date. The procession starts with Aries who kicks things of in March (around the 21st/22nd) through to 21st/22nd April. Next, it’s Taurus, then Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and finally Pisces, making up one year.

      The moon travels through the zodiac in one month – which is where our word “month” comes from (it comes from the word “moon.” And our concept of time originated because of the solar and lunar cycles around the zodiac, which is very profound indeed!

      Because the view of the path along the ecliptic from earth appears flat, flat, drawings (charts) are used to represent the heavens. Which is often drawn in a circle that is segmented into twelve to represent each astrological sign. The planets each fall into one of the houses, and they also fall into each of the twelve zodiac signs.

      The Aspects
      Aspects are angles, or degrees of separation between a planet and a point, or the planets. To find the aspects, Astrologers divide the planetary map into a 360-degree circle, and arrange the planets on the map, according to their location at the time and date that the map represents.

      There are two main aspects that astrologers focus on; major and minor.

      Major aspects show up when planets are certain degrees apart.

      These degrees are;
      ● 0
      ● 60
      ● 90
      ● 120
      ● 180

      The minor aspects are any other degree of separation.

      The aspects are what brings the astrological charts to life because planets who are in aspect reflect an exciting and dynamic relationship which can significantly influence the life and psyche of a person. The aspects show whether the energy of a planet will be experienced easily or if it will be experienced with challenges.

      Aspects in astrology are where the action is. Without aspects, there is no story, just a 2d version of some influences that might occur. Aspects help planets to express their energies fully.

      Astrologers create charts that include the aforementioned. So that they can organize and create a map of the heavens above – this chart is called a horoscope.

      Your birth chart is the most valuable tool you can have your life really is written in the stars.

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      Thank you for this post, it really helped in increasing knowledge about Astrology.

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