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      Despite the disclaimer from our illustrious founder, Philip, we will try our best to answer any astrological questions or requests in this area. No promises are given of getting a response. If your question involves a chart you will need to post the chart data, of time, date and place of birth or event, or post a url link to the chart. If you have a general astrological question, be sure to explore this site first as it has a wealth of astrological information.
      For Mundane Astrologers, starting a Forum like this during a strong Uranus/Pluto square might seem risky, but as I am based in Liverpool I have at least chosen a time for the first post to coincide with an ascendant conjunction to Jupiter and Node, for Groups. It is set for 10:30 p.m. on the 7th January 2016.

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      Very thoughtful of you to elect a time for the first post, Andy!

      I’d like to register a word or two on your behalf here as well for those who don’t know you.

      Ladies and gentlemen, Andy (ChesterField) is a mature and experienced astrological reader who has agreed to moderate this forum. You will find you are in safe hands here.

      My personal acquaintance with Andy goes back to the very start of 2004, when he became an active member of a group on the MSN network of which I was one of the managers at that time. There was an astrology requests board there too, and Andy was one of the most competent readers the group had.

      Towards the end of 2005, he also joined the management team there, and at the beginning of 2007, when I had to withdraw because of the personal family commitments that result from the birth of a child, he took over as the sole manager.

      This was a group with over 6,000 cumulative registered memberships. Even in my absence, Andy safely steered the ship through the twilight years of the MSN Groups format, before Microsoft axed it in 2009.

      I think you will find that Andy takes a firm but fair approach to issues of moderating the boards here. He will not take nonsense from wanton trouble-makers, and I shall support him in whatever decisions he makes to keep order. But anyone willing to behave in a normally civil fashion has nothing to fear. You’ll be welcome here.

      Now do feel free to get posting, people!

      These forums are very new, and there are not many registered members yet, but they are yours to use, so jump in and post away!

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