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      I was asked this on another site. My answer:

      What you are asking is for us to explain a few thousand years of the great mix of science, art and belief system that is modern astrology.

      You are looking at a map. It is a symbolic representation, not a true map, but the geographical map you see in a book is not a true map. You cannot make a true map on a flat piece of paper of something that is part of the Earth’s surface. There are always distortions.

      Think of the small circle in the centre of your map as the Earth. The outer band, divided into 12 sections, is an imaginary band in the sky called the Ecliptic by astronomers and astrologers. The 12 sections are the signs of the Zodiac. On that band we place the planets, Sun and Moon using symbols. We look at the position of these planets, Sun and Moon and the angles they make to each other.

      The map takes a place on the Earth, usually a birthplace, and again divides the sky into 12 ‘houses’ which show where the planets and signs operate in terms of this birthplace, and the exact time the birth happened. THis birth map we see as a kind of blueprint of the life of the person. The planets are constantly moving and making new patterns in the sky as time progresses, and we interpret these movements IN TIME. For astrologers, time is a continuum of past, present and future.

      So the chart you have posted is the birth map, set for his exact time and place of birth on our planet. The belief is on of ‘As above, so below’ One is a reflection, in symbolic form, of the other.

      An astrologer will spend many days or weeks interpreting all the symbols and placements on an individual chart in discussion with whoever’s chart it is, to come to an understanding of their personality, to look back in time at what made them, and to look into the future to try to see what might happen as their life unfolds. EAch map,is unique to that person.
      THat is basically what you have posted in your message. I will let others tell you what it means.

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      An astrological chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. In essence, at the moment of your first breath is when you come into accord with the energies of the universe. That remains fixed throughout your lifetime.

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