Vintage children’s Annuals for Sale (Superheroes, Comic Books)

Recovered from the attic of the library building, where they were abandoned by the previous owners over a year ago, these 32 children’s books, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s, are in condition varying from good to poor. Some have previous owner’s writing and dedications, mostly in the front endpapers. Sold as seen – no returns.

In all, there are 32 volumes, including 26 annuals and 6 other assorted illustrated hardback books

More details and pictures on request by email to – replies will be sent on weekends only.

Update: I have now begun accepting individual offers on single volumes. Shipping at cost – cheaper if you live in the UK, more if you live outside. Tracking included. Some have been listed on eBay and may no longer be available if sold there – please ask.

  1. Superman Annual 1961-1962, with his two faithful friends Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, and featuring the exploits of Green Arrow – Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd., 18 Bride Lane, London, E.C. 4

2. Batman Annual 1961-1962 – with Robin the Boy Wonder and also featuring the exploits of John Jones, Manhunter from Mars – Atlas Publishing

3. Superboy Annual – reading copy only. Lacks inner title page and pages before p. 7.

4. Superadvanture Annual 1964-65 – The Book of Super Heroes featuring The Seventh Wonder of the Sea, Aquaman – The World’s Human Dynamo, The Flash – Planeteer of the Future, Tommy Tomorrow & Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen – Atlas Publishing SOLD

5. Superadventure Annual (year not specified) with Aquaman, The Flash, Congo Bill, Roy Raymond, Tommy To-Morrow – Atlas Publishing SOLD

6. Eagle Annual 4, edited by Marcus Morris – Hulton Press Ltd., London

7. Express Boys’ Colour Super Annual – An Exress Weekly Publication, published by Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd., Fleet Street, London (undated)

8. The Beano Book 1972

9. The Beezer Book for Boys and Girls (undated)

10. Dennis the Menace (undated) – D. C. Thomson & co. Ltd. and John Leng & Co. Ltd., London, Glasgow, Manchester and Dundee

11. Dennis the Menace (another volume, also undated)

12. The Dandy Book (date unknown; incomplete copy – lacks all pages before p. 9)

13. The Modern Book for Boys – Birn Brothers Ltd., London, undated

14. Billy the Kid Western Annual – World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd., 1955

15. Dean’s Favourite Annual for Boys – Dean & Son Ltd., Ludgate Hill, London, undated. This issue scarce on second-hand market – one copy found in Argentina here, claimed to be from 1960

16. Bronco Layne Annual starring Ty Hardin – Warner Brothers Pictures Incorporated, 1963 / published in Great Britain by World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, Manchester

17. Magpie Annual 1972

18. Smart Girl 1964 – Odhams Press Ltd., London, 1963

19. Girls’ Crystal Annual 1963 – Fleetway Publications Ltd., 1962

20. Girls’ World Annual 1971 – published for Odhams Books by The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, 1970

21. The Sun Annual for Boys 1972 – World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, 1971

22. The Sun Annual for Boys 1973 – World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, 1972

23. Charles Buchan’s Soccer Gift Book – World’s Greatest Soccer Annual 1970-71 

24. The Valiant Book of Sports 1974 – IPC Magazines Ltd., London, 1973

25. Treasure Annual 1967 – Fleetway Publications, 1966

26. Treasure Annual 1972 – IPC Magazines Ltd., 1971

27. Lion Book of Speed – Fleetway Publications, 1962

28. My Super Book of Racing Cars in Colour – Bancroft & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., London, 1968

29. The Child’s Own  Annual – 101st Annual Volume – The Child’s Own Magazine Office, Ludgate Hill, London, undated

30. Harold Hare’s Own Book 1962

31. The Amazing Magic Computer Book Cars – Luctor Publishing, Rotterdam, 1971 / published in Great Britain by World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, Manchester

32. The Finding Out Treasury, compiled from Finding Out – Purnell and Sons, Ltd., 1964

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