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Individually manually scanned and cropped full-colour high-resolution reproductions of selected older printed sources in our physical astrology library.[1] You can now support both the maintenance of the library and your own astrological studies by purchasing the individual files of your choice at a time when it suits you. Thank you for your support!

After payment you will be emailed a link valid for five days only to download each file you have purchased. Please add [email protected] to your whitelist on your mail server before purchase, if you know how. If not, please check your spam folder if you don’t get the email in your inbox. It is recommended to download one file at a time, then once the download is finished, please enter the password supplied with your emailed receipt  to display a preview of the file. From this screen, click the download icon now displayed in your browser to permanently save the file to a selected folder on your computer.[2]

All our scans require password log-in. The password is the same for all of them and designed to be easy to remember.[3]

Zadkiel Hand-Book of Astrology Volume 1 1861

Zadkiel Tao Sze[1] ‘The Hand-book of Astrology; by which Every Question of the Future, on which the Mind is Anxious, may be Truly Answered – Vol. I’ G. Berger, Holywell Street, Strand, London; and all […]

Zadkiel Hand-Book of Astrology Volume 2 1863

Zadkiel Tao Sze ‘The Hand-book of Astrology, Containing the Doctrine of Nativities, in a form Free of All Mystery; by which Every Man May Calculate His Own Nativity and learn his own Natural Character and […]

Zadkiel Tables to be Used in Calculating Nativities 1852

Zadkiel ‘Tables to be Used in Calculating Nativities; Comprising Tables of Declination, Right Ascension, Ascensional Difference, and Polar Elevation; also, Tables of Houses for London and Liverpool – Computed by Zadkiel, Author of the “Grammar […]

Zadkiel The Horoscope 1834

Full title: The Horoscope; A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Containing Complete Answers to Every Objection to the Science; Also, Several Highly Interesting Nativities, Accounts of Earthquakes, &c. and Numerous Fulfilled Predictions (1834) Editor: Zadkiel the […]

Zadkiel The Horoscope 1841

Full title: The Horoscope, Monthly Magazine of Science and Literature (January – May 1841, as represented on individual issue headers) The Horoscope, A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Astronomy, Phrenology, Meteorology, &c. (May 8 – May […]

Zadkiel’s Legacy 1842

Zadkiel ‘Zadkiel’s Legacy; Containing a Full and Particular Judgment on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, on the 26th of January, 1842, Being their Most Important Conjunction Since the Days of King Alfred the […]

Zariel The Horoscope Revised & Sepharial Prognostications Based upon the Ruling Sign 1895

“Zariel”[1] ‘The Horoscope Revised’ and “Sepharial” ‘The Prognostications Based upon the Ruling Sign’ Combined Edition – Printed by the Law and General Printing Co., 1 and 2, Bouverie St., E.C., and Camberwell, London, undated[2]. Bound […]

Zuriel Series of Lectures on the Science of Celestial Philosophy 1835

Zuriel (pseud.) ‘A Series of Lectures on the Science of Celestial Philosophy, or the Language of the Stars. Part I. Containing the Fundamental Principles’ Printed for the Author: Published by Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, Paternoster-Row, […]

NB: This index to the downloadable book files currently runs to just over four pages capped at 75 files each and system-sorted from A-Z by a combination of author first names and surnames or (where applicable) journal titles. Please click your choice from the blue 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the small horizontal bar displayed above this message to see the other pages – or navigate between them if not all five are directly clickable from here.

[1] The astrology book scans offered for sale on Astrolearn are not cribbed from EEBO, Google Books, public libraries or any other source. They are our own high-quality full-colour scans from the original printings of the physical books in our astrological library. All scans are in Adobe PDF format using only lossless compression and at a minimum optical resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

We have worked many hours to prepare each of these files to a high standard, and reserve the exclusive copyright to the digital images comprising our scans. You may not distribute copies to friends, acquaintances or strangers, resell the files, upload them to your own website, or post them anywhere on the Internet. Thank you! Philip Graves (librarian)

[2] Our scans are stored on industry-standard secure cloud storage, which is very reliable, but your downloads can take time. Before committing to purchase, please ensure that you have an Internet connection that is capable of downloading large files and also digital data storage media (e.g. a hard drive) with space for them.

Don’t forget that once your download is complete, you will have to enter the access password before the file displays on your screen. After this, if it is now displayed within a PDF viewer built into your browser window, you will probably also have to click an icon meaning ‘download’ or ‘save’ now displayed at the top of the window to save it permanently to your computer.

[3] The purpose of this is to gently deter unauthorised file-sharing over the Internet. We cannot disable the password log-in even if you request it, as it is stored as part of the PDF files themselves. No special characters are included, and it’s easy to learn. We use it all the time ourselves when accessing the files for historical research. Thank you for your understanding!

You should be automatically advised of the password with a receipt issued at the time of purchase, but do add [email protected] to your email server’s whitelist before purchase if you sometimes experience trouble not receiving system-generated emails from unfamiliar sites. If you don’t receive the email or need a reminder, please email our librarian Philip Graves on solger75 [at] and he will be happy to send it at any time to all verified purchasers (please provide the email address you used to make the purchase).

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