8. Astrology Links to Financial Astrology Special Interest Sites

Astro Trend – Professional home page of Norm Winski, experienced American financial astrologer and publisher of a subscription-based astrological forecasting newsletter

Astroeconomics – Site of stock market astrology expert Grace Morris, who has been producing highly-regarded annual stock market forecast guides for many years. She also offers personal astrological consultations

Astrologers’ Fund, Inc. – Financial forecasting site of experienced American financial astrologer and former Aquarian Agent editor and astrological author Henry Weingarten. The site layout is a little brash, and the contents are highly technical, but there is at least one article on financial astrology included

Astrological Investing – Financial astrology site of Marlene Pfeifle, formerly co-owned by the late Kaye Shinker. The articles here are mostly ephemeral forecasts but are nonetheless of interest to financial astrology enthusiasts

Astrology for Gann Traders – Site of Australian professional astrologer and financial astrology specialist Olga Morales

Bill Meridian – Experienced American financial and stock market astrologer, and popular author of several related books

Bonnie Hill Astroeconomics – Popular page of links to financial astrology articles and other resources on the Internet. Some may no longer be current. It is supplemented by her separate page of W. D. Gann links

Cycle-Trader – Site of financial astrology researcher Bradley Cowan, offering his own stock market courses and rare W. D. Gann writings in e-book format

Galactic Investor – Site of Jeanne and Linda Long, co-owners of Fibonacci Trader Group, incorporating PAS Astro-Soft. Producers of financial astrology software sold through their site, which also includes a bookshop for financial astrology books by different authors

Kaye Shinker’s Financial Astrology – Simple web site representing the late Kaye Shinker, selling her e-books on financial astrology

Larry Pesavento – Veteran financial astrologer and author of several related books. Offers private tuition in his methods

Mikula Forecasting – Site of W. D. Gann researcher and financial forecasting software developer Patrick Mikula, who has a special interest in astrological correlations to stock market cycles

MMA Cycles – Shop of experienced professional astrologer and financial astrology specialist Ray Merriman. Includes sales of his several important financial astrology books, as well as the back-catalogue of Seek-It Publications, his older general astrological publishing house. Has written a financial forecasting newsletter on a subscription basis for the past 35 years, and produces highly reputed annual forecast books

Sacred Science Institute – Long-established site of American financial astrology aficionado Brad Stewart, serving as a dedicated shop for new and reprinted older financial astrology, astrological speculation and W. D. Gann study-interest works, as well as reprints and translations of various other scarce and interesting older astrology and cosmology-related books

Tim Bost – Experienced professional consultant astrologer and financial astrology specialist


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