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This page serves as a linking index to articles on astrology, its history and its literature written by Philip Graves to date.



  1. Legacy Introductory Astrology Articles
  2. Astrology Booklists
  3. Astrology Books: particular book discussions
  4. Astrology in Culture and History
  5. Astrology Research
  6. Book Conservation and Collecting discussions
  7. Philosophy Discussions
  8. Utilities for Astrologers
  9. About the Astrology Articles, Group 1
  10. About the Astrology Articles, Groups 2-8


1. Legacy Introductory Astrology Articles



2: Astrology booklists:



3: Astrology books: particular book discussions



4. Astrology in culture and history discussions:



5. Astrology research:



6. Book conservation and collecting discussions:



7. Philosophy discussions:



8. Utilities for astrologers:



About the Astrology Articles, Group 1

The first group consists of the introductory articles on assorted astrological topics that Philip Graves wrote for the MSN Groups community educational website on astrology with which he was formerly involved.

These articles were written down to a size, 16 kilobytes per page, as determined by the system limitations of the MSN Groups format. The style is therefore dense and concise, and source references are brief, naming individuals but not their works. This may be amended in the future.

But note that several extend over two, three or even four pages, with integral links at the foot of each page taking you through to the following one.

Also please note that these articles do not benefit from the thousands of additional sources acquired since they were written, and may therefore be found to contain some assertions that, with the benefit of more thorough scholarship, could be significantly improved upon. This is something Graves may eventually undertake. In the meantime, he would greatly appreciate being notified of any inaccuracies and questionable statements.

With these provisos in mind, he felt they still retained sufficient value as elementary quick-reference material to be worth conserving.

Finally, please note that the former “Key to glyphs” article is dysfunctional owing to the loss of the original images used and has therefore been removed from the index for the time being. It is Graves’ intention to schedule time in MS Paint with a view to replacing it in the future.

NB: The astrology articles in this first group were formerly stored at an older version of Astrolearn’s web infrastructure that was more compatible with displaying their existing HTML coding than the WordPress infrastructure of the newer part is. However, work was undertaken between late May and June 10th, 2016 to re-port all these legacy articles to the WordPress infrastructure, which required substantial reformatting owing to numerous incompatibilities between WordPress and the legacy transitional HTML 4. With the exception of the glyphs article, they are therefore now fully integrated into the main part of Astrolearn.



About the Astrology Articles, Groups 2-8

Groups 2-8 inclusive consist chiefly of short blog-type articles originally posted to Facebook, Skyscript, and / or an external WordPress-format blog site, mainly in the period 2006-2013, but also includes some completely new or substantially updated articles published for the first time since Astrolearn was launched, i.e. between late 2014 and 2016. All the astrology articles in this group have been date-stamped with the dates on which they were originally published and / or (where applicable) the dates when they were most recently revised.

These articles are either directly or indirectly relevant to the consideration of astrology, but are not intended as instructive articles on the terms and techniques of astrology in the manner of the first group.



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