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Luminary Rulers and Bound Rulers of the Lot of Fortune

According to Firmicus Maternus, in addition to the Lord of the Fortune, the domicile or bound ruler of the Moon (for nocturnal figures) or Sun (for diurnal ones) serves as an indicator of matters pertaining to the Lot of Fortune. If essentially or accidentally dignified by sign or house placement, and in aspect to the Lot of Fortune, it brings good luck, especially if also in good aspect to the luminary over which it rules.

Where the domicile and bound rulers of the luminary concerned, or those of the Lot of Fortune, are not the same planet, whichever has most power (judged from essential and accidental dignities combined with aspects received) is of most significance. If a benefic and dignified by sign and house placement, or closely conjunct an angle (as measured by degrees) in an angular house and in aspect to the Lot, it indicates a great, noble life. If only roughly within an angular house, it indicates a moderate life unoppressed by want. If both domicile and bound rulers of the Lot of Fortune are in signs of their domicile and exactly angular, or in signs of their exaltation or joy, the fortune will be exceptionally great. If the bound ruler of the Moon, and the domicile and bound rulers of the Lot of Fortune, are all in their own domiciles or signs of joy or exaltation or angular, imperious power of a worldwide nature is portended.

If none of the domicile and bound rulers of the Lot of Fortune and the bound ruler of the Moon is well-placed, the individual will be oppressed by ill-fortune throughout life, unless this is alleviated over time by a benefic in the seventh or tenth house that is favorably placed with respect to its condition (diurnal / nocturnal).


Lot Houses

In ancient Greek astrology, the Lot of Fortune was commonly used as an Ascendant or horoskopos, and the sign in which it fell was treated as the first whole-sign house of twelve lot houses. Vettius Valens regards the Lot of Fortune and its squares as being the ‘genethliacal pivot points’ (the key points affecting the individual geniture) as compared with the usual horoscopic Ascendant and other angles being ‘cosmic pivot points’ (those affecting the cosmos).

In Book Three of Astronomicon by Marcus Manilius, and in Book Two of the Anthology by Vettius Valens, we find the twelve lot houses given specified characteristic areas of influence, with Valens linking them to areas of the body where injury may manifest. These spheres of influence are analagous to those of the twelve signs starting from Cancer.

The first lot-house signifies fortune; the home (its structure, extent, servants, and both ornamental and useful contents); and life. It also signifies the chest. The second lot-house signifies warfare and the success and dangers met with in combat. It also signifies the ribs. The third lot-house signifies civil employments, and conflicts of interests therein; patronage and the strengthening or breaking of its ties; and the rewards gained through service or frustrating failures thereby to gain. It also signifies the abdomen. The fourth lot-house signifies the powers of winning eloquence; persuasion; patrons pleading for custom; court concerns, and fortunes of the legal profession. It also signifies the haunches. The fifth lot-house signifies marriage, company, acquaintance, friends, and the binding of minds in agreement and like souls. It also signifies, according to T.C.’s 17th century translation of Manilius, ‘the small part’. The sixth lot-house signifies plenty, preservation, wealth and how long it will last. It also signifies the thighs. The seventh lot-house signifies horrid dangers. It also signifies the knees. The eighth lot-house signifies where honour and fame are attained; the maintenance by family of its position; and winning through favour. It also signifies the shins. The ninth lot-house signifies children, the hopes and fears of parents, the cares of guardians, and the industrious efforts of tutors. It also signifies the feet. The tenth lot-house signifies the individual’s actions in life, the extent to which they form a good example, reputation, and the obedience of servants to masters. It also signifies the head. The eleventh lot-house signifies the state of strength and health, medicine, and its administration. It also signifies the face and neck. Furthermore, it is known as ‘The Acquisition’, and indicates acquisition and giving of goods and possessions. The twelfth lot-house signifies the ends and outcomes of wishes and pains including those of studies, and the field of career activity. It also signifies the arms and shoulders.

Valens also describes the influences of twelve lot-houses cast from the Part of Spirit on areas of the body where disease may manifest, with the 1st lot-house of Spirit being thought to correspond to the bodily areas influenced by Leo, and the rest counted in forward motion around the zodiac from there. The 1st lot-house of Spirit signifies the heart; the 2nd signifies the ‘inner cavity’; the 3rd signifies the kidneys and generative organs; the 4th signifies the colon; the 5th signifies the liver’; the 6th signifies the ‘main cavity’; the 7th signifies the bladder; the 8th signifies the bowels; the 9th signifies membranes, teeth and ears; the 10th signifies the gullet; the 11th signifies the tongue; and the 12th signifies the stomach.

The whole-sign lot-houses are interpreted with a view to the whole-sign Ptolemaic aspects thrown to them, according to the specific and malefic or benefic nature of the planets and the type of aspect.


The Acquisition

Acquisition is particularly favoured when the Acquisition (the 11th lot-house) is conjunct or in aspect to benefics; and the nature of the experience of acquisition and giving is in accordance with the significations of the aspected planets concerned. Thus, the Moon and Mercury cause changefulness in belongings and money; Mars brings losses and waste, but the possibility if Mars is well placed of acquisition through violence and theft; Saturn well placed brings solid domestic and material foundations; but when ill-placed or out of sect, poverty, loss and debt.

The Acquisition afflicted, while the Lots of Fortune, Spirit and Basis (see below) are ill-placed, brings reduced property with the advance of years. The Lot of Fortune ill-placed and afflicted, while the Acquisition is well-placed, brings increasing advantage from the early years onwards.

Malefics conjunct or opposite the Acquisition in succeedent or cadent houses cause property to be destroyed. The Acquisition opposite the Lot of Spirit, without benefic conjunctions to either, brings loss of work, and damages to fortunes and possessions. The Acquisition opposite the rulers (meaning the triplicity rulers of the Sun in diurnal births, or of the Moon in nocturnal births), especially if they are malefics out of sect, brings immediate losses in life.

Mars or Saturn in the 11th lot-house, in the 10th lot-house, or as Lord of the 11th lot-house (the Lord of the Acquisition) indicate loss in general. If Mars is in the 11th or 5th lot-house, wealth acquired will be frittered away on drink and other pleasures.


Lord of the Acquisition

The Lord of the Acquisition or the Lord of the Fortune in an angular whole-sign house or in direct motion, but without essential dignity, will reduce success, particularly if in aspect to malefics. But if with either Lord thus placed there are additionally benefics in an angular whole-sign house and in direct motion and oriental, the individual will attain brilliance and esteem; while if there are benefics in a succeedent whole-sign house the individual will rise through personal effort.

The Lord of the Fortune or the Lord of the Acquisition in the Fourth House or a succeedent house renders the individual prosperous and well-reputed increasingly with age. The Lord of the Fortune and Lord of the Acquisition in mutual opposition, if they are benefics, bring showy, ‘flawed’, doubtful property, while if malefics, cause losses. The Lord of the Acquisition opposite the Acquisition brings an extravagant lifestyle and void title to property; if they are benefics, it will be because of property being taken away, while if malefics, the situation will be worse still. Losses of property are also expected when the Lord of the Acquisition is retrograde, debilitated by house placement, or lacking in any essential dignity.


Lot of Basis and Lord of the Basis

The Lot of Basis is found for both diurnal and nocturnal figures by measuring the nearer distance in degrees between the Lots of Fortune and Spirit, and adding this to the Ascendant. Valens regards both the Lot of Spirit and the Lot of Basis, considered together with their Lords, as supplementary indications of fortune and notability which can act as a supporting influence to the indications of the Lot of Fortune, for good or ill, but cannot override them with contrary ones.

The Lord of the Basis in three-way mutual reception by domicile with the Lord of Spirit and the Lord of the Fortune promotes nobility, notability and fortune. The Lord of the Basis conjunct the Lord of Spirit and the Lot of Spirit brings high-mindedness and fortune.

The Lord of Spirit conjunct both the Lord of the Fortune and the Lot of Basis together with at least one of the rulers gives a brilliant, estimable nativity. The Lord the Fortune conjunct both the Lord of the Basis and the Lot of Spirit together with at least one of the rulers confers a great, fortunate life.

Fortune is also favoured by either of these conditions: 1) the Lords of Spirit, the Fortune and the Basis all in their own domiciles; 2) Venus in its own domicile, being Lord of any one of the Lots of Fortune or Spirit or Basis, and oriental of that Lot.

Fortune and notability are brought by the Lord of the Basis conjunct both the Lot of Basis and the Moon.

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