2. Astrology Links to Institutional Astrological Education Providers

Academy of Traditional Astrology – Portugese school of Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro, established in its original form in 1999. Offers a three-year structured course, as well as themed lectures and workshops on demand to interested groups. The site also includes details of the proprietors’ professional astrological consultation services

Asfaloth – Dutch astrological education provider directed by Karen Hamaker-Zondag (q. v. below), comprising three divisions: Stichting Odrerir, teaching Jungian psychology; Stichting Achernar (established 1980), teaching astrology; and the recently founded Academie voor Toegepaste Astrologie, offering a higher education programme in astrology, with a practical vocational emphasis. All courses are taught in Dutch

Associazione Culturale Apotélesma – Italian organisation dedicated to the study of astrology. Offers a programme of education with strong classical underpinnings. The site includes a good number of articles on the history of astrology written by Lucia Bellizia and Giancarlo Ufficiale, grouped under various category headings from ‘Articoli’

Astro Mundi – Traditional astrology school of Mari Garcia and Joy Usher, providing both live classroom teaching in Adelaide, South Australia, and distance learning options. Offers a Certificate course, a two-year Diploma course, and a dedicated Traditional Astrology course

Astro Logos – The astrological school of experienced and highly respected astrologers Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. Formerly run from Australia; now based in England. Offers online video-conferencing-based Master Class seminars in a wide range of astrological topics. The site also sells a wide range of pre-recorded lectures, many of them on multi-media DVDs called Studyshops, and offers personal astrological consultations with both proprietors

Astrology College – Relatively recently established British institution offering a correspondence-based syllabus run by some well-qualified teachers

Astrological Psychology Association – British offshoot of the distinctive school of modern psychological astrology founded by the late Bruno and Louise Huber of Switzerland. Offers Foundation and Diploma courses

Astrology University – Site of Tony Howard, serving as a portal to astrology courses taught by four different providers: the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship program (q. v. below); a course in evolutionary astrology taught by British astrologer Mark Jones; traditional astrology courses taught by Demetra George (q. v. below); and a business astrology course taught by Madeline Gerwick. The site also sells pre-recorded webinars by other astrologers

Avalon School of Astrology – Organisation licensed in Florida as a vocational school since 2003, offering a Professional Astrology Certificate programme and a more advanced diploma programme called Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics. Headed by experienced American astrologers (active in astrological education since the 1970s) David and Fei Cochrane, it also operates as a real bricks-and-mortar school hosting weekend seminars, though the Certificate and diploma programmes are nowadays based on distance learning

Canadian Association for Astrological Education – Brings together numerous Canadian astrology teachers to offer co-ordinated programmes of astrological education in Canada

Centre for Psychological Astrology – British-based school founded by Liz Greene, teaching a distinctive Jungian psychoanalytical approach to astrology on an immersive basis through seminars. No longer issues formal qualifications

Centre Italiano Discipline Astrologiche – Italian organisation based in Milan, serving as a professional body for Italian astrologers. Offers a co-ordinated two-year programme of astrological education in Italian via schools in four different cities

Company of Astrologers – British organisation teaching traditional astrology from the divinatory perspective espoused by Geoffrey Cornelius. Details on the website are minimal, but it is believed to be headed by Maggie Hyde

Faculty of Astrological Studies – British school of astrology founded in 1948, with an excellent reputation, high standards, a large student body, and seventeen currently serving tutors. Takes a modern approach and offers courses both by distance learning and in a real classroom setting in London. The complete course consists of nine modules shared between a Foundation Course and two levels of Diploma

Forrest Astrology Apprenticeship Program – A training programme in the modern methods taught by popular and experienced American psychological astrologer Steven Forrest (incorporating elements of Evolutionary Astrology). Not an online course: the attendance of live workshops at a range of international locations is an integral feature; but various pre-recorded audio lectures for self-study are also sold via the website

International Academy of Astrology – Internet-based astrological education organisation established in 1997, formerly known as Online College of Astrology. Currently headed by Ena Stanley, it employs over twenty different instructors. Offers a three-year diploma course, and two affordable basic courses. The site also includes a commercial shop for software, computerised reports, calendars and gifts

Kepler College – An online astrological education institution based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Formerly entitled to teach a B. A. programme before the presiding authorities controversially rescinded their authorisation. Now offers a vocationally-oriented three-year Professional Diploma in Astrology programme comprising 12 courses of which three are elective. Features a raft of excellent teachers (in early 2016, 34 different course instructors were listed) and a wide choice of elective courses focused on different technical and historical themes.

London School of Astrology – A modern British school with a large student base. Founded by Sue Tompkins in 2000 but now run by Frank Clifford, though she still serves as one of ten highly-respected tutors. Offers a practically-focused three-year diploma course

Mayo School – A long-established British school of astrology, founded by the late Jeff Mayo in 1973. Wendy Stacey has been the Principal since 2007. Offers three levels of courses by correspondence, requiring the completion of test papers from home. An optional programme of online classes is offered at additional cost, available both to registered students and graduates (at a discount), and to the general public

Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology – New venture (established 2015) headed by former Astrological Journal editor John Green, offering a two-year course in psychological astrology. Established as a more structured alternative to the Centre for Psychological Astrology (q. v. above). Its instructors include well-known psychological astrologers Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Clare Martin and Juliet Sharman-Burke

Midlands School of Astrology – British school founded by Alison Chester-Lambert, teaching a twenty-week course in psychological astrology. The site also includes a number of her astrological articles, many of which are on the Kuiper Belt Objects, a special interest of hers

Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred – M. A. course at the University of Canterbury, directed by Angela Voss and Geoffrey Cornelius

School of Evolutionary Astrology – Institution founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green, teaching the popular variant offshoot of karmic astrology that he developed in the 1980s via prerecorded video lectures. The course is examined by Deva Green

School of Traditional Astrology – Well-subscribed international school founded by British traditional horary expert Deborah Houlding (q. v. below); also tutored by Tienka Atema in the Netherlands, Eve Dembowski in Australia, Wade Caves in Canada, Angela Cornish online, and Jupiter Lai in Hong Kong. Offers two levels of courses in horary astology, Practitioner’s Level and Master’s Level, of which the former delivered over 50 graduates in 2015 alone

Sirius School of Astrology – Australian school co-founded by Ed Tamplin (q. v. below) and Sherrynne Dalby. Offers themed live classroom teaching and workshops on a host of different astrological topics on a two-year rotational basis at Riverwood, Sydney and Springwood, Blue Mountains

Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture – Excellent British academic institution directed by Nick Campion; home of an M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology under the auspices of the University of Wales Trinity St. Davids. Has also launched a presentational Youtube channel



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