43 additional antiquarian astrology book PDF file downloads added

Within the past week, an additional 43 out-of-copyright antiquarian astrological books from our library have been added to the stocks of available downloads.

Most of these were scanned when the library was still in Sweden, back in 2015, towards a DVD project that was to be called ‘The Turn of the Century Volume 1: British astrological sources, 1894-1910’ (or similar title – it was to be the first in a two-volume set of which the second volume would comprise American sources from a similar timespan, work on which had hardly even begun), but the scanning process could not be completed at the time because the scanning bed had developed a pink line fault, ruining the 41st file being worked on.

Sufficient funds for the repair of the scanner, which was quoted at around 300 Euros inclusive of shipping by the manufacturer, were not available at the time; and the following year, the entire library had to be relocated to the UK and all the books put in storage until September 2018.

It was long overdue to complete the job of scanning the remaining titles slated for this project. They then all had to be carefully cropped page-by-page, and lastly watermarked and secured, before being uploaded to secure cloud storage. Finally, product pages had to be created for each of them. This process has been completed this evening. It takes the total number of active downloads (not counting the library catalogue) over 300 for the first time, to 300 files.

The full originally planned running order of the new additions within the abandoned DVD project was as follows:

1. Trent Soul and the Stars 1894.pdf

2. Wilde Dodson Treatise of Natal Astrology 1894.pdf

3. Zariel Horoscope Revised Sepharial Prognostications 1895.pdf

4. Sepharial Kabalistic Astrology 1895.pdf

5. Dimbleby All Past Time 1897.pdf

6. Sepharial New Manual of Astrology 1898.pdf

7. Coming Events Vol. II, Oct 1897 – Sept. 1898.pdf

8. Coming Events Vol. III, Oct. 1898- Sept. 1899.pdf

9. Coming Events Vol. IV, Oct. 1899 – Sept. 1900.pdf

10. Pearce Star Lore and Future Events Vol. I, 1897.pdf

11. Pearce Star Lore and Future Events Vol. II, 1898.pdf

12. Pearce Star Lore and Future Events Vol. III, 1899.pdf

13. Pearce Star Lore and Future Events Vol. IV, 1900.pdf

14. Pearce Star Lore and Future Events Vol. V, 1901-3.pdf

15. Brown Researches Constellations Vol. 1.pdf

16. Brown Researches Constellations Vol. 2.pdf

17. Hippocrates Junior The Predicted Plague 1900.pdf

18. Thompson Reports of the Magicians and Astrologers 1899-1900.pdf

19. Sepharial Prognostic Astronomy 1901.pdf

20. Wilde Chaldean Astrology 1901.pdf

21. Plunket Ancient Calendars and Constellations 1903.pdf

22. Raphael’s Private Instructions 1903.pdf

23. Sepharial Birthday Book of Destiny 1904.pdf

24. Grimaldi Catalogue of Zodiacs and Planispheres 1905.pdf

25. Sepharial Astrology 1905.pdf

26. Smith The Zodia 1906.pdf

27. St. Clair Secret of Genesis 1907.pdf

28. Wilde Key to Your Horoscope 1907.pdf

29. Houghton The Supreme Rulers 1908.pdf

30. Dickson Jerusalem Christian Treatise on Astrology 1909.pdf

31. Maunder The Astronomy of the Bible 1909.pdf

32. Sepharial New Manual of Astrology 1909.pdf

33. Bailey Destiny 1904-5.pdf

34. Ireton The Horoscope Vol. I 1902-3.pdf

35. Ireton The Horoscope Vol. II 1903-4.pdf

36. Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger Vol. I 1907-8.pdf

37. Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger Vol. II 1908-9.pdf

38. Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger Vol. III 1909-10.pdf

39. Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger Vol. IV 1910-11.pdf

40. Sepharial Your Fortune In Your Name 1909.pdf

41. Raphael’s Guide to Astrology 1905.pdf

42. Raphael’s Medical Astrology 1910.pdf

43. Raphael’s Mundane Astrology 1910.pdf

These are all now integrated into the system-sorted alphabetical order of the available downloads via the Downloads page.

While we have to charge for all these files because of the work involved in scanning and cropping, as well as the ongoing costs associated with the hosting of this website, the files themselves, and the related store (even disregarding the original purchase costs of the physical books and their partial devaluation from wear and tear induced by the scanning process), we hope you will find our charges reasonable for what are high-resolution full-colour scans offering much better image quality and more complete resolution of oversized fold-out diagrams than typical monochrome facsimile-based reprints, as well as the added convenience over physical reprints of text searchability; and you can help support the maintenance of the website and the physical resources of the library itself with your purchases.

There are many more books available in the library that are out of their copyright periods and could also be scanned and added to the stocks available in future, subject to available time and demand.


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