Astrology Almanacs
Astrological Almanacs

Astrology Bibliography Index

6. Almanacs, English-language[1] (28)

Astro*Carto*Graphy Source Book of Mundane Maps

Astrological Semi-annual Chart for the Pacific Coast States

Austin Coppock Astrological Almanac

Authentic Guidance to Astrology

Chaney’s Annual

Dolby’s Old Moore’s Almanac, and Stamford Annual

Ford’s Stamford Almanack and Companion

Jenkinson’s Royal Albert Almanack

Johnsons’ Household Almanack and Local Compendium

Johnson’s Companion to the Almanacs

Ladies Birthday Almanac

Merlin’s Prognostications

Midland Counties’ Almanac Advertiser, The

W. & J. Newcombs’ Stamford & Lincolnshire Compendium

Orion’s Prophetic Guide / Orion’s Almanac

Planetary Daily Guide for All

The Planetary Hours

Planets and People Year-Book of the Heavens

Prophetic Almanack, The

Raphael’s Almanac / Prophetic Messenger, The (1827-1861)

Raphael’s Almanac / Prophetic Messenger, The (1865-1911)

Raphael’s Almanac / Prophetic Messenger, The (1916-1963)

Simmonite’s Meteorologist

Vox Stellarum / Moore’s Almanack

World Astrology Annual

Your Future

Your Prophecy

Zadkiel’s Almanac (1841-1875)

Zadkiel’s Almanac (1876-1931)

Zodiack or Prophetick Almanack & Kalendar, The

Zuriel’s Voice of the Stars / Scottish Prophetic Messenger


[1] Included in this bibliography are both astrological almanacs and a small number of historical Lincolnshire commercial almanacs found bound in with some of the former. They are all listed here for transparency’s sake.

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