Professional Services of Philip Graves

– Note, July 12th 2016, updated June 24th, 2017: Philip is temporarily unavailable for most of the services listed below owing to other commitments. This note will be removed when normal service resumes, currently expected early-mid 2018.


Philip is available for private hire for English correction and proof-reading services at reasonable rates. Please contact him on solger75 [at] to discuss your requirements. 

He has considerable experience of proof-reading books on astrology, first novels, and academic dissertations for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds.



Philip holds a B. A. (Hons.) in French (University of Hull), and has passed Swedish as a Second Language (Svenska som Andraspråk) to university-entry level in Sweden, in addition to having completed Swedish national curriculum courses in mathematics, history, geography, business economics, and social studies, at the equivalent level, all with excellent grades. He is consequently available to undertake all manner of paid translation projects from written French or Swedish into English, with the exception of those requiring expert knowledge of highly technical scientific and industrial vocabulary, and those that specifically require U.S. English.


English Language Teaching:

Philip is a CELTA-qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language (ITTC Bournemouth). If you are looking to hire a British native English teacher, assistant or tutor, please contact him. Internet-based tuition could be arranged with careful planning.


Lectures on Astrology:

Philip is available to give talks on astrology and various aspects of its history throughout the UK, Sweden and the rest of Europe as far as safe flight routes and public transport infrastructure allows, subject to full travel expenses being paid, and adequate advance notice (typically several months) being given to allow for preparation. If you represent an organisation looking to host talks on astrology and its history, and think he may have something valuable to offer your group or clients, please contact him to discuss your expectations. Lectures may be tailored according to needs. Fee negotiable.

Philip är tillgänglig för att hålla tal om astrologi och diverse aspekter av dess historia runtom Sverige och grannland, såvitt kollektivtrafikens infrastruktur tillåter det, med förbehåll att hela resekostnader betalas, samt att han får adekvat förhandsbesked för att förbereda. Om du agerar på uppdrag av en organisation som vill vara värd för tal om astrologi och dess historia, och du anser att han kan erbjuda något värdefullt till din grupp eller dina kunder, vänligen kontakta honom för att diskutera dina förväntningar. Föreläsningar kan skräddarsys enligt behov. Avgiften är förhandlingsbar.


Literary Research in Astrology:

Philip is an experienced and dedicated literary researcher in astrology. When normal service resumes (please check back for further announcements in 2018), he should be able once again to undertake research on your behalf in return for an equitable fee for his time.

NB: Graves is an astrological researcher and historian, not a consultant personal astrologer, and will not undertake to carry out personal astrological reading or interpretation services of any kind. Although he has studied astrology extensively, in the interest of being a truly impartial researcher he decided many years ago to refrain from engaging in all kinds of paid astrological counselling work.

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