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Updated, September 20th, 2021

Owing to existing engagements and contractual deadlines for a book, Graves is temporarily unavailable for hire until January 1st, 2022. Please check back then, and this notice will then be revised or removed, and Philip should once again be available by prior appointment for the services listed below. Availability may expand in the future if support and demand are sufficient to allow regular employment to be discontinued.

Astrological Services

Graves is an astrological librarian, researcher and historian. Please do not ask him to carry out personal astrological reading or interpretation services. His available services are detailed below:

Service Price per hour*
Literary Research in or Writing on Astrology £50.00
Custom Scanning of materials1 in Astrological Library £50.00~
Supervision of Personal Visitors to Astrological Library+ £20.00
Preparation and delivery of lectures on astrology £50.00

*: All prices in Great British Pounds (GBP). No VAT payable. Prices current in March 2021. Discounts may be available on ongoing regular work.

1: Strictly out-of-copyright materials only. Scans requested and taken will be supplied to the client on a non-exclusive basis; and copies may be retained for reuse.

+: Contributors of funds to the library, e.g. physical library members via Patreon, major donors, and staff / students of benefactor institutions, may be exempt from supervision fees. Social visitors to the library not seeking to undertake reading or research will not be charged. There will be no charge for filmed interviews recorded with visiting astrologers as these are considered valuable promotional opportunities for both the astrologer and library, subject to Graves being authorised to upload the resultant videos to his Youtube channel and share them on Astrolearn.

~: Time to include an initial allowance for responding to enquiries and locating the books and periodicals wanted, as well as actual time spent on scanning and cropping, uploading the finished file and linking to the upload. A minimum fee of £25.00 is chargeable for any scanning work at all – even a single page – thanks to the associated time costs involved in billing and arranging the work aside from actual scanning time.


Literary Research in or Writing on Astrology

Philip is an experienced and dedicated literary researcher in astrology and more especially its history. He is able to undertake research or writing on your behalf using the resources in the library he manages as well as his knowledge of useful online resources. The price of research and writing is £50 per hour. The writing of Sun sign forecasts and similar columns will not be undertaken, and he reserves the right to decline proposed projects if he does not think he is best placed to carry them through.

Custom scanning of materials in Astrological Library

Philip can normally take high-quality full-colour scans of out-of-copyright texts and magazine articles in the library for a fee of £50 per hour or part thereof, to include any cropping wanted and the process of uploading the file and sharing the download link with the client by email.

All materials published in the United States since 1963, and many successful books published between 1924 and 1963 that continued to be in print 28 years after first publication, will remain in copyright for 95 years from first publication. All books and magazine articles published in Europe will remain in copyright for 70 years following the death of the author. No exceptions will be made to these exclusions, and where the date of death of an author is unknown, the precautionary principle will be applied.

In-copyright materials may be inspected by personal visitors to the library for research purposes, but not photocopied or scanned.


Supervision of Research in Astrological Library

Anyone wanting to use the library to carry out their own research may apply to visit in person. A reference and a declaration of any past criminal convictions that could impact security may be required from applicants previously unknown or little known. All visitors will be expected to abide by the law and to handle items with care. On no account may any of the library’s inventory be removed from the library or written upon or otherwise defaced.

The fee for using the library to carry out your own research, if you are not supporting it by some other recognised means already, is £20 per hour, subject to a minimum of £30 per visit; the price of research visits of more than six hours in a single day will be capped at £120 per day. These costs may be waived in certain circumstances, e.g. visits from friends or from donors of books.

For reasons of conservation of fragile bindings and paper, visitors may not take their own scans but may request scans to be taken and sent on after their visits.


Lectures on Astrology

Graves is available to give talks on astrology and various aspects of its history throughout the UK and the rest of Europe as far as safe flight routes and public transport infrastructure allow, subject to full travel expenses being paid, and adequate advance notice (typically several months) being given to allow for preparation.

If you represent an organisation looking to host talks on astrology and its history, and think he may have something valuable to offer your group or clients, please contact him to discuss your expectations. Lectures may be tailored according to needs. Fee negotiable but will normally be based on advance research and writing at £50 per hour, with a minimum charge of 10 hours (£500) for any lecture that has not been delivered previously, plus travel expenses and an allowance for attendance time.


Language-related services

Service Price per hour*
Proof-reading and editing of written English documents 50.00
Translation from French to British English 50.00
Translation from Swedish to British English 50.00
Personal tuition or class teaching of English / EFL  Variable+

*: All prices in Great British Pounds (GBP). No VAT payable. Prices current in March 2021. May be subject to future revision.

+ Charge for English and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) tuition and teaching will vary according to circumstances, including length of contract, number of individuals to be taught, and travel requirements



Philip is available for private hire for English correction and proof-reading / copy-editing services at a standard rate of £50 per hour. Please contact him on solger75 [at] to discuss your requirements. 

He has considerable experience of proof-reading books on astrology, first novels, and academic dissertations for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds.



Philip holds a B. A. (Hons.) in French (University of Hull), and has passed Swedish as a Second Language (Svenska som Andraspråk) to university-entry level in Sweden, in addition to having completed Swedish national curriculum courses in mathematics, history, geography, business economics, and social studies, at the equivalent level, all with excellent grades. He is consequently available to undertake all manner of paid translation projects from written French or Swedish into English, with the exception of those requiring expert knowledge of highly technical scientific and industrial vocabulary, and those that specifically require U.S. English. All translation services are charged at £50 per hour of actual time taken. Contracts based on cost per word will not be entered into.


English Language Teaching

Philip is a CELTA-qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language (ITTC Bournemouth). If you are looking to hire a British native English teacher, assistant or tutor, please contact him. He is currently based in South Wales but also has a family and work connection with Bristol, England, and can undertake personal tuition within a reasonable distance of either area by arrangement. Internet-based tuition could be arranged with careful planning, but there is no formal set-up in place for this yet. Fee negotiable according to circumstances.

All enquiries are to be addressed in the first instance by email on solger75 [at]



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