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Astrology books for sale, including rare out-of-print and antiquarian editions. This shop is for second-hand physical books on astrology and esoteric / occult subjects. See also our separate downloads store for digital scans.

To filter books by language, subject or age range, please use these category pages:
1. Modern English-language astrology books (printed 1961-present)
2. Antiquarian English-language astrology books (printed by 31 December 1960)
3. English-language astrological periodicals (to be added)
4. French-language astrology books and periodicals (just a few)
5. German-language astrology books and periodicals (some books still to be added)

The condition of all these pre-loved books is described thoroughly on their individual pages. All photos are of the actual copies for sale of each used book described. We do not use generic product photos because each book is a unique copy and condition varies.

Prices exclude postage, which will be calculated at check-out. All books are shipped from the United Kingdom. Please read our terms and conditions of sale and international shipping policy carefully.

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