Astrology books on DVD – Astrolearn shop

Traditional astrology books on DVD – Astrolearn shop

Official Paypal[1] store for Astrolearn traditional and early modern astrology books and journals on DVD Rom[2]. Store closed temporarily until mid-2021 – all enquiries, please contact us.

[1] If you do not have a Paypal account or credit card or would prefer not to use Paypal, payment by direct international bank transfer in Great British pounds will also be available via BIC and IBAN once the store reopens. Please contact Philip on solger75 [at] with the details of your order (your name, address and products you wish to purchase), and he will provide the relevant BIC, IBAN and account holder details, and quote you a total including VAT where applicable and shipping costs, based on current mid-market exchange rates as set out at

For bank transfers, bank fees must be paid at source. We strongly recommend Transferwise, a very efficient international bank transfer service that uses mid-market foreign exchange rates, saving you money compared with Paypal on exchange rate spreads. The fee charged by Transferwise is typically just 1% of the total transaction amount (with a minimum charge of GBP £2).

For purchases of Astrolearn’s CD series, manual payment is required. Please follow the separate instructions in the CD product index page to calculate your costs, and then email us on solger75 [at] for bank transfer details, or Paypal through the order to the address shown there. Thank you!

[2] Extensive compilations of high-quality colour facsimile reproductions of vintage texts, sourced in the private astrological library of Philip Graves. Each DVD individually recorded, verified, printed and packaged by hand on 100-year-rated archival media.


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