3. Astrology Links to Personal Astrological Education Providers

Academy of Astro-Psychology – Glenn Perry’s astrological education programme, teaching astrology from a modern depth psychology perspective

Ambrosia Academy of Astrology and Palmistry – Site of Australian astrologer and lecturer Peter Burns, offering structured courses in horary and predictive astrology, and both horary and natal astrology readings

ARHAT Media – Home page of eminent medieval astrology scholar and translator, popular astrological lecturer and best-selling astrological author Robert Hand, offering tuition via webinars, as well as sales of his recorded lectures and books

Astro Coach – Sprightly and lucid Argentinian professional consultant astrologer Natalia Porro’s site. A trained economist, she offers a beginners’ astrology course in nine modules in Spanish, in addition to teaching tarot and practising Bach flower essence therapy

Astro Heal – Medical astrology site of experienced medical astrology researcher and author Ingrid Naiman. Includes articles and a link to her recently launched online correspondence course in medical astrology

Astro*Synthesis – Site of experienced Australian modern astrologer Brian Clark, offering long-established Certificate and Diploma programmes in Applied Astrology by distance learning. A host of PDF-form educational articles and short books by Clark is also sold through his site

Astrologia Multidimensional – Site of Argentinian professional astrologer Perla Gallia, together with Manuel Gomara. Offers courses and workshops from an original, newly developed esoteric astrological perspective

Astrology for the Soul – Home page of American consultant astrologer Moses Siregar III. Locational astrology is a speciality of his. Also offers personal tuition in various areas of astrology on demand

Astrology Institute – Site of classical astrology researcher, author, and general astrology teacher Joseph Crane. Instead of set courses, he offers personalised astrological tuition to meet the needs and interests of the student. The site also includes a small number of thoughtful and interesting articles, and details of his professional astrological consultation services

Austin Coppock – Resource of a bright young traditional astrologer and astrology teacher, now offering a wide range of live and pre-recorded astrology classes and courses. Also includes a column analysing the current astrological weather

Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology – Educational institution overseen by Pamela Rowe, teaching a structured beginners’ correspondence course in cosmobiology

Babylonian Astrology – Home page of Bulgarian ancient astrology scholar and teacher Rumen Kolev

Barbara Dunn – Director of the Qualifying Horary Practitioner Certificate and Diploma course in traditional horary astrology, that was originated by the late Olivia Barclay. Popular vegetarian cookery writer Rose Elliot is on the rota of tutors

Cabinetul de Astrologie Ascella – Site of Romanian professional astrologer and astrology teacher Dan Ciubotaru. Offers seminars and classes

Celestial Blueprint – Site of experienced American consultant astrologer and astrology teacher Donna Rodgers. She offers a wide range of both beginners’ and more advanced-level astrology classes in a real classroom setting

Chris Brennan – Youthful but serious and studious teacher of Hellenistic and traditional astrology, and presenter of engaging podcast-form interviews with astrologers

Cosmic Intelligence Agency – Popular site of Australian astrologer Julija Simas, offering a recently developed two-year online astrology course for beginners. It encompasses a synthesis of myth, symbol, psychology, cycles, and astronomy.

Demetra George – Home page of the traditional astrology teacher and asteroid enthusiast. Articles are few but scholarly. Education is offered via webinars

Devenir Astrologue – Home page of experienced French traditional astrology teacher Denis Labouré. Offers seminars, both live and recorded, and has also written numerous instructive books. His quarterly subscription journal “La Recherche Astrologique” is dedicated to the distillation and exposition of traditional astrology in its many facets

Devine Advantage – Site of experienced American astrologer Carole Devine. Offers a correspondence course in astrology

Earth Medicine Ways – Site of medical astrology author and teacher Marcia Starck, offering local classes, streamed prerecorded lectures, and a correspondence course, in medical astrology. She also offers a wide range of professional astrological consultancy services

Erin Sullivan – Thoughtful Jungian psychological astrologer’s home page. Offers two courses in psychological astrology

Financial Universe – Site of experienced financial astrology researcher, author and teacher and professional astrologer Christeen Skinner. She offers monthly tutorials to students, quarterly webinars, and a six-week structured course, as well as both individual and corporate astrological consultation services

Forum on Astrology – Resource of Robert Corre, offering a programme of education in the astrological methods of French Renaissance astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin

Hakan Kirkoglu – Turkish-language site of experienced Turkish astrologer, offering structured programmes of astrological education taught together with a colleague, and an additional course in classical astrology. Also offers personal and corporate astrological consultations

Halifax Astrologer – Site of experienced and lively Canadian professional consultant astrologer Mj Patterson, who is also available to teach astrology in either English or French, both online and in person, and is a certified NCGR examiner

Hellenistic Astrology – A further resource of Chris Brennan, including a page full of educational articles on the topic, and links to his taught course

The Inner Wheel – Site of Dawn Bodrogi, consultant professional astrologer by telephone, author, and teacher of various different courses and themed classes on astrology. Her site also includes an archive of her educational astrological articles accessible from the home page via the Categories list

Izabela Podlaska – Leading Polish teacher of traditional astrology. Offers live workshops and online courses in Polish

Jane Ridder-Patrick – Scottish medical astrology specialist and historian, also offering teaching in psychological astrology through a programme of workshops in Edinburgh

Jayavidya – Resource of Italian astrologer Meskalila Nunzia Coppola. Includes a good stock of her articles, as well as past papers by different astrologers from the international astrological conferences she hosts in Italy, and details of a course in astrology she runs, which also has a karmic astrology section

Joanne Wickenburg – Experienced American modern astrologer. Offers a long-established home study course (formerly a correspondence course) to beginning students, supplemented by optional modules on horary and solar returns. Her website also features about nine educational articles

John Frawley – Popular traditional astrology teacher and lecturer. The website chiefly offers training courses, but several articles and free downloads of scans of his former magazine The Astrologer’s Apprentice are also included

Judith Hill – Traditional and scientific astrologer, author of several important books, and teacher of astrology

Lee Lehman – Long-established traditional astrology teacher and scholar. Offers a host of courses in classical astrology both independently and through Kepler College and the International Academy of Astrology (both q. v. above), and has written several excellent secondary texts on related topics. Site includes a shop for her books, audio lectures, brass astronomical instruments, and software

Lynn Koiner – Senior American professional consultant astrologer who also offers low-cost automated astrological reports. She teaches structured courses in medical astrology, a long-time research speciality of hers. The site further includes about 25 archived educational articles filed under General Astrology

Martin Gansten – Sanskrit scholar and historian of astrology with an excellent grasp of geometrical and mathematical principles. Teaches a diploma in primary directions

Michaël Mandl – French-speaking Belgian professional consultant astrologer and astrological journalist, also offering structured educational courses in astrology. His site includes archived book reviews from 27 issues of the former Belgian astrological magazine Infosophia, and several of his own archived articles

Midwest College of Astrology – American astrological school founded and run by Pamela Gallagher, offering a stepped three-year programme with a modern emphasis, that is geared towards preparing students for ISAR and NCGR certification examinations. No list of tutors is provided on the web site, indicating that the proprietor probably does nearly all the teaching herself, aside from occasional guest lecturers such as Lee Lehman, who teaches classical methods. The site also retails Cosmic Patterns astrology software.

Moira Press – Home page of Andrea Gehrz, scholar and teacher of ancient astrology

My Path Astrology – Exceptionally well-presented site of American professional consultant astrologer, widely published astrological journalist and astrology teacher Rebecca Gordon. Offers two levels of structured courses in astrology, as well as professional readings

Navamsa – Home page of Vedic astrologer, lecturer and teacher Alan Annand. Offers two levels of courses in Jyotish

Officina Astrale – Home page of Italian professional consultant astrologer Monica Amarillis Rossi, also offering individual and group lessons in astrology in Milano and online

The Real Astrology Academy – Educational resource of American astrologer and popular astrological author Kevin Burk, featuring several articles, numerous answers to questions, and structured vocational training programmes for astrologers

Renaissance Astrology – Long-established resource of Christopher Warnock, an American practitioner and teacher of Renaissance astrology and astrological magick. Publishes reprints and new translations of various important medieval and Renaissance astrological texts; sells proprietary software developed by Peter Ingerman, hand-made astrological talismans, and talismanic posters; and offers several document-based courses. An archive of his articles since 2008 is found at his separate blog site

Rod Suskin School of Astrology – An online practical educational programme taught by popular and highly intelligent South African astrologer and lecturer Rod Suskin, offering a carefully planned three-year Diploma course including a technical training in ancient, medieval and Renaissance astrological techniques as well as modern ones. The course details are hosted within his personal professional website where he also offers astrological consultations

Ruby Slipper Astrology – Home page of Canadian professional consultant astrologer Nadia Gilchrist. She also offers tuition in birth chart interpretation

Siderum Nuntium – Site of Argentinian astrologer Mario Raskovsky. Offers courses in basic, financial and medical astrology. Site includes archived articles incorporating mundane analysis

Sue Ward – Resource of the long-established and impeccably well-studied British traditional astrology teacher and researcher, including a dozen articles, and information about the structured Traditional Horary Course she teaches

Tyl Masters Program –  A modern professional training course for counselling astrologers, run by veteran American astrology teacher and prolific best-selling astrological author Noel Tyl. This page is hosted within his long-established professional site, which also offers his personal astrological consultation services

Virgin Astrology – Resource of Anita Noyes-Smith in co-operation with pioneering American medieval astrology scholar Robert Zoller. The official home to Zoller’s Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology


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