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Web links to recommended external resources on the history, philosophy, culture and principles of astrology; astrological education providers and organisations; and professional astrological and archaeoastronomical sites of friends

Astrology Links Index

The following astrology links, presented in alphabetical order under eight logical subject headings[1], are carefully vetted.[2] If you know of a web site that is compatible with our aims and standards and high educational and professional values, or would like to nominate your own, please contact us[3].


  1. Astrological Organisations, Associations and Conferences
  2. Institutional Astrological Education Providers
  3. Personal Astrological Education Providers
  4. Sites Rich in Educational Articles or Lectures
  5. Friends of Astrolearn, & selected other prominent astrologers
  6. Publications, publishers, books, and bookstores
  7. Astrological software and report sales companies
  8. Financial Astrology Special Interest Sites


1. Astrology Links to Organisations, Associations and Conferences

American Federation of Astrologers – A long-established American astrological organisation offering professional certification, and home to the world’s largest recorded astrology library. Publishes a periodic Journal of Research (currently edited by Demetra George), and issues a slim printed newsletter to members once every lunar month. Also has served as an astrological publisher of many book titles since around 1970. Site includes a large astrological bookshop

Association for Astrological Networking – Organisation dedicated to promoting a positive media image for astrology and astrologers. Also offers a mentoring programme, and awards scholarships to successful applicants from within its member base

Astro Investigators – A collective statistical astrological research project, founded by Alphee Lavoie

Astrologisk Museum – An institution in Denmark with a focus on public education in the history of astrology. It includes a modest library whose main aim is to comprehensively collect and preserve Danish-language writings on astrology

Astrological Association of Great Britain – Leading British organisation, established in the late 1950s. Produces multiple publications including Correlation, which is dedicated to the scientific perspective upon astrology; the bimonthly Astrological Journal, in continuous publication since 1958; and Astrology & Medicine Newsletter

Astrological Lodge of London – Probably the longest-established astrological organisation in the English-speaking world today. Has published its journal Astrology Quarterly (founded by Charles Carter) almost uninterruptedly since 1926. Meets regularly in London, and runs an annual history of astrology lecture event there

Brotherhood of Light – Organisation formerly developed by and still closely associated with the late Elbert Benjamine, a.k.a. C. C. Zain

Centre d’Organisation des Méthodes d’Astrologie Conditionaliste – Organisation founded by veteran French astrologer and intellectual Jean-Pierre Nicola, representing a distinctive, modern approach to astrological philosophy and interpretation

Cielo e Terra – Italian organisation dedicated to the study of classical astrology, founded by the late Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli

Continuum – the Jim Lewis Foundation – Site run by a trust established by the late Jim Lewis to promote the practice of the technique of Astro*Carto*Graphy that he developed. Includes a host of articles on the subject, as well as links to externally hosted ones. The trust is administered by experienced American astrologer and astrological writer Karen McCauley

Fedération des Astrologues Francophones – French professional body with a distinct and controversial modernising agenda that is binding upon its members, denigrating the use of astrology for predictive purposes and establishing it essentially as a secondary aid to client counselling. Includes page of links to the websites of members, some of whom also offer courses

Federation of Australian Astrologers – Main astrological organisation serving Australia

International Society for Astrological Research – A modern astrological organisation active since the late 1960s. International by design and in its membership, but with headquarters in the United States. Publishes three journal issues per year in either electronic or (for an additional charge) printed format, available exclusively to members

Kepler Conference – Home page of a recently instituted annual astrological research conference

Kosmobiologische Akademie – German organisation representing Reinhold Ebertin’s methods (cosmobiology), headed to this day by his son Baldur (born 1933). Holds annual conferences

National Council for Geocosmic Research – A modern American astrological organisation and educational institution, offering multiple levels of professional certification and issuing a couple of substantial journal issues per year, included automatically in memberships but also available for separate sale to non-members after a period of time

Northwest Astrological Conference – An annual lecture conference held in Seattle, Washington, originally organised by the late Maggie Nalbandian. Many archived lecture recordings from past years are available for purchase from Astrologyetal, the shop formerly run by Maggie and now operated by her son Gregory

Österreichisch Astrologische Gesellschaft – Leading Austrian astrological organisation, claiming to be the oldest astrological organisation in the world (established 1908). Currently headed by Brigitte Strobele; Wolfgang Tomsits is vice-President. Formerly published the serious astrology journal Tradition und Fortschritt der Klassischen Astrologie (later renamed Qualität der Zeit). Offers a programme of astrological education

Philosophical Research Society – Organisation founded by the late Manly Palmer Hall

Recherche en Astrologie par des Méthodes Scientifiques – Organisation dedicated to scientific research into astrology, formerly animated by the late Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch. Has previously published the scientific astrological research journal Les Cahiers du RAMS. Francis Santoni and Yves Lenoble are the surviving founders. It is not currently active, but is appealing for members.

Research Grants for the Critical Study of Astrology – Privately funded British body sponsoring scientific astrological research. Overseen by Pat Harris, editor of Correlation

Sabian Assembly – Organisation founded by the late Marc Edmund Jones. Website includes some useful resources

State of the Art Astrology Conference – An annual lecture conference organised by experienced and compassionate Canadian professional astrologer and popular astrological author Donna Van Toen; the details are hosted within her web site

Urania Trust – British organisation dedicated to supporting education in astrology

Uranian Society – Uranian Astrology interest group founded in 1980, whose current President is Liane Thomas Wade. The site offers sales of 29 downloadable audio lectures



2. Astrology Links to Institutional Astrological Education Providers

Academy of Traditional Astrology – Portugese school of Helena Avelar and Luis Ribeiro, established in its original form in 1999. Offers a three-year structured course, as well as themed lectures and workshops on demand to interested groups. The site also includes details of the proprietors’ professional astrological consultation services

Asfaloth – Dutch astrological education provider directed by Karen Hamaker-Zondag (q. v. below), comprising three divisions: Stichting Odrerir, teaching Jungian psychology; Stichting Achernar (established 1980), teaching astrology; and the recently founded Academie voor Toegepaste Astrologie, offering a higher education programme in astrology, with a practical vocational emphasis. All courses are taught in Dutch

Associazione Culturale Apotélesma – Italian organisation dedicated to the study of astrology. Offers a programme of education with strong classical underpinnings. The site includes a good number of articles on the history of astrology written by Lucia Bellizia and Giancarlo Ufficiale, grouped under various category headings from ‘Articoli’

Astro Mundi – Traditional astrology school of Mari Garcia and Joy Usher, providing both live classroom teaching in Adelaide, South Australia, and distance learning options. Offers a Certificate course, a two-year Diploma course, and a dedicated Traditional Astrology course

Astro Logos – The astrological school of experienced and highly respected astrologers Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. Formerly run from Australia; now based in England. Offers online video-conferencing-based Master Class seminars in a wide range of astrological topics. The site also sells a wide range of pre-recorded lectures, many of them on multi-media DVDs called Studyshops, and offers personal astrological consultations with both proprietors

Astrology College – Relatively recently established British institution offering a correspondence-based syllabus run by some well-qualified teachers

Astrological Psychology Association – British offshoot of the distinctive school of modern psychological astrology founded by the late Bruno and Louise Huber of Switzerland. Offers Foundation and Diploma courses

Astrology University – Site of Tony Howard, serving as a portal to astrology courses taught by four different providers: the Steven Forrest Apprenticeship program (q. v. below); a course in evolutionary astrology taught by British astrologer Mark Jones; traditional astrology courses taught by Demetra George (q. v. below); and a business astrology course taught by Madeline Gerwick. The site also sells pre-recorded webinars by other astrologers

Avalon School of Astrology – Organisation licensed in Florida as a vocational school since 2003, offering a Professional Astrology Certificate programme and a more advanced diploma programme called Theoretical and Applied Cosmic Cybernetics. Headed by experienced American astrologers (active in astrological education since the 1970s) David and Fei Cochrane, it also operates as a real bricks-and-mortar school hosting weekend seminars, though the Certificate and diploma programmes are nowadays based on distance learning

Canadian Association for Astrological Education – Brings together numerous Canadian astrology teachers to offer co-ordinated programmes of astrological education in Canada

Centre for Psychological Astrology – British-based school founded by Liz Greene, teaching a distinctive Jungian psychoanalytical approach to astrology on an immersive basis through seminars. No longer issues formal qualifications

Centre Italiano Discipline Astrologiche – Italian organisation based in Milan, serving as a professional body for Italian astrologers. Offers a co-ordinated two-year programme of astrological education in Italian via schools in four different cities

Company of Astrologers – British organisation teaching traditional astrology from the divinatory perspective espoused by Geoffrey Cornelius. Details on the website are minimal, but it is believed to be headed by Maggie Hyde

Faculty of Astrological Studies – British school of astrology founded in 1948, with an excellent reputation, high standards, a large student body, and seventeen currently serving tutors. Takes a modern approach and offers courses both by distance learning and in a real classroom setting in London. The complete course consists of nine modules shared between a Foundation Course and two levels of Diploma

Forrest Astrology Apprenticeship Program – A training programme in the modern methods taught by popular and experienced American psychological astrologer Steven Forrest (incorporating elements of Evolutionary Astrology). Not an online course: the attendance of live workshops at a range of international locations is an integral feature; but various pre-recorded audio lectures for self-study are also sold via the website

International Academy of Astrology – Internet-based astrological education organisation established in 1997, formerly known as Online College of Astrology. Currently headed by Ena Stanley, it employs over twenty different instructors. Offers a three-year diploma course, and two affordable basic courses. The site also includes a commercial shop for software, computerised reports, calendars and gifts

Kepler College – An online astrological education institution based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Formerly entitled to teach a B. A. programme before the presiding authorities controversially rescinded their authorisation. Now offers a vocationally-oriented three-year Professional Diploma in Astrology programme comprising 12 courses of which three are elective. Features a raft of excellent teachers (in early 2016, 34 different course instructors were listed) and a wide choice of elective courses focused on different technical and historical themes.

London School of Astrology – A modern British school with a large student base. Founded by Sue Tompkins in 2000 but now run by Frank Clifford, though she still serves as one of ten highly-respected tutors. Offers a practically-focused three-year diploma course

Mayo School – A long-established British school of astrology, founded by the late Jeff Mayo in 1973. Wendy Stacey has been the Principal since 2007. Offers three levels of courses by correspondence, requiring the completion of test papers from home. An optional programme of online classes is offered at additional cost, available both to registered students and graduates (at a discount), and to the general public

Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology – New venture (established 2015) headed by former Astrological Journal editor John Green, offering a two-year course in psychological astrology. Established as a more structured alternative to the Centre for Psychological Astrology (q. v. above). Its instructors include well-known psychological astrologers Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Clare Martin and Juliet Sharman-Burke

Midlands School of Astrology – British school founded by Alison Chester-Lambert, teaching a twenty-week course in psychological astrology. The site also includes a number of her astrological articles, many of which are on the Kuiper Belt Objects, a special interest of hers

Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred – M. A. course at the University of Canterbury, directed by Angela Voss and Geoffrey Cornelius

School of Evolutionary Astrology – Institution founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green, teaching the popular variant offshoot of karmic astrology that he developed in the 1980s via prerecorded video lectures. The course is examined by Deva Green

School of Traditional Astrology – Well-subscribed international school founded by British traditional horary expert Deborah Houlding (q. v. below); also tutored by Tienka Atema in the Netherlands, Eve Dembowski in Australia, Wade Caves in Canada, Angela Cornish online, and Jupiter Lai in Hong Kong. Offers two levels of courses in horary astology, Practitioner’s Level and Master’s Level, of which the former delivered over 50 graduates in 2015 alone

Sirius School of Astrology – Australian school co-founded by Ed Tamplin (q. v. below) and Sherrynne Dalby. Offers themed live classroom teaching and workshops on a host of different astrological topics on a two-year rotational basis at Riverwood, Sydney and Springwood, Blue Mountains

Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture – Excellent British academic institution directed by Nick Campion; home of an M.A. in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology under the auspices of the University of Wales Trinity St. Davids. Has also launched a presentational Youtube channel



3. Astrology Links to Personal Astrological Education Providers

Academy of Astro-Psychology – Glenn Perry’s astrological education programme, teaching astrology from a modern depth psychology perspective

Ambrosia Academy of Astrology and Palmistry – Site of Australian astrologer and lecturer Peter Burns, offering structured courses in horary and predictive astrology, and both horary and natal astrology readings

ARHAT Media – Home page of eminent medieval astrology scholar and translator, popular astrological lecturer and best-selling astrological author Robert Hand, offering tuition via webinars, as well as sales of his recorded lectures and books

Astro Coach – Sprightly and lucid Argentinian professional consultant astrologer Natalia Porro’s site. A trained economist, she offers a beginners’ astrology course in nine modules in Spanish, in addition to teaching tarot and practising Bach flower essence therapy

Astro Heal – Medical astrology site of experienced medical astrology researcher and author Ingrid Naiman. Includes articles and a link to her recently launched online correspondence course in medical astrology

Astro*Synthesis – Site of experienced Australian modern astrologer Brian Clark, offering long-established Certificate and Diploma programmes in Applied Astrology by distance learning. A host of PDF-form educational articles and short books by Clark is also sold through his site

Astrologia Multidimensional – Site of Argentinian professional astrologer Perla Gallia, together with Manuel Gomara. Offers courses and workshops from an original, newly developed esoteric astrological perspective

Astrology for the Soul – Home page of American consultant astrologer Moses Siregar III. Locational astrology is a speciality of his. Also offers personal tuition in various areas of astrology on demand

Astrology Institute – Site of classical astrology researcher, author, and general astrology teacher Joseph Crane. Instead of set courses, he offers personalised astrological tuition to meet the needs and interests of the student. The site also includes a small number of thoughtful and interesting articles, and details of his professional astrological consultation services

Austin Coppock – Resource of a bright young traditional astrologer and astrology teacher, now offering a wide range of live and pre-recorded astrology classes and courses. Also includes a column analysing the current astrological weather

Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology – Educational institution overseen by Pamela Rowe, teaching a structured beginners’ correspondence course in cosmobiology

Babylonian Astrology – Home page of Bulgarian ancient astrology scholar and teacher Rumen Kolev

Barbara Dunn – Director of the Qualifying Horary Practitioner Certificate and Diploma course in traditional horary astrology, that was originated by the late Olivia Barclay. Popular vegetarian cookery writer Rose Elliot is on the rota of tutors

Cabinetul de Astrologie Ascella – Site of Romanian professional astrologer and astrology teacher Dan Ciubotaru. Offers seminars and classes

Celestial Blueprint – Site of experienced American consultant astrologer and astrology teacher Donna Rodgers. She offers a wide range of both beginners’ and more advanced-level astrology classes in a real classroom setting

Chris Brennan – Youthful but serious and studious teacher of Hellenistic and traditional astrology, and presenter of engaging podcast-form interviews with astrologers

Cosmic Intelligence Agency – Popular site of Australian astrologer Julija Simas, offering a recently developed two-year online astrology course for beginners. It encompasses a synthesis of myth, symbol, psychology, cycles, and astronomy.

Demetra George – Home page of the traditional astrology teacher and asteroid enthusiast. Articles are few but scholarly. Education is offered via webinars

Devenir Astrologue – Home page of experienced French traditional astrology teacher Denis Labouré. Offers seminars, both live and recorded, and has also written numerous instructive books. His quarterly subscription journal “La Recherche Astrologique” is dedicated to the distillation and exposition of traditional astrology in its many facets

Devine Advantage – Site of experienced American astrologer Carole Devine. Offers a correspondence course in astrology

Earth Medicine Ways – Site of medical astrology author and teacher Marcia Starck, offering local classes, streamed prerecorded lectures, and a correspondence course, in medical astrology. She also offers a wide range of professional astrological consultancy services

Erin Sullivan – Thoughtful Jungian psychological astrologer’s home page. Offers two courses in psychological astrology

Financial Universe – Site of experienced financial astrology researcher, author and teacher and professional astrologer Christeen Skinner. She offers monthly tutorials to students, quarterly webinars, and a six-week structured course, as well as both individual and corporate astrological consultation services

Forum on Astrology – Resource of Robert Corre, offering a programme of education in the astrological methods of French Renaissance astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin

Hakan Kirkoglu – Turkish-language site of experienced Turkish astrologer, offering structured programmes of astrological education taught together with a colleague, and an additional course in classical astrology. Also offers personal and corporate astrological consultations

Halifax Astrologer – Site of experienced and lively Canadian professional consultant astrologer Mj Patterson, who is also available to teach astrology in either English or French, both online and in person, and is a certified NCGR examiner

Hellenistic Astrology – A further resource of Chris Brennan, including a page full of educational articles on the topic, and links to his taught course

The Inner Wheel – Site of Dawn Bodrogi, consultant professional astrologer by telephone, author, and teacher of various different courses and themed classes on astrology. Her site also includes an archive of her educational astrological articles accessible from the home page via the Categories list

Izabela Podlaska – Leading Polish teacher of traditional astrology. Offers live workshops and online courses in Polish

Jane Ridder-Patrick – Scottish medical astrology specialist and historian, also offering teaching in psychological astrology through a programme of workshops in Edinburgh

Jayavidya – Resource of Italian astrologer Meskalila Nunzia Coppola. Includes a good stock of her articles, as well as past papers by different astrologers from the international astrological conferences she hosts in Italy, and details of a course in astrology she runs, which also has a karmic astrology section

Joanne Wickenburg – Experienced American modern astrologer. Offers a long-established home study course (formerly a correspondence course) to beginning students, supplemented by optional modules on horary and solar returns. Her website also features about nine educational articles

John Frawley – Popular traditional astrology teacher and lecturer. The website chiefly offers training courses, but several articles and free downloads of scans of his former magazine The Astrologer’s Apprentice are also included

Judith Hill – Traditional and scientific astrologer, author of several important books, and teacher of astrology

Lee Lehman – Long-established traditional astrology teacher and scholar. Offers a host of courses in classical astrology both independently and through Kepler College and the International Academy of Astrology (both q. v. above), and has written several excellent secondary texts on related topics. Site includes a shop for her books, audio lectures, brass astronomical instruments, and software

Lynn Koiner – Senior American professional consultant astrologer who also offers low-cost automated astrological reports. She teaches structured courses in medical astrology, a long-time research speciality of hers. The site further includes about 25 archived educational articles filed under General Astrology

Martin Gansten – Sanskrit scholar and historian of astrology with an excellent grasp of geometrical and mathematical principles. Teaches a diploma in primary directions

Michaël Mandl – French-speaking Belgian professional consultant astrologer and astrological journalist, also offering structured educational courses in astrology. His site includes archived book reviews from 27 issues of the former Belgian astrological magazine Infosophia, and several of his own archived articles

Midwest College of Astrology – American astrological school founded and run by Pamela Gallagher, offering a stepped three-year programme with a modern emphasis, that is geared towards preparing students for ISAR and NCGR certification examinations. No list of tutors is provided on the web site, indicating that the proprietor probably does nearly all the teaching herself, aside from occasional guest lecturers such as Lee Lehman, who teaches classical methods. The site also retails Cosmic Patterns astrology software.

Moira Press – Home page of Andrea Gehrz, scholar and teacher of ancient astrology

My Path Astrology – Exceptionally well-presented site of American professional consultant astrologer, widely published astrological journalist and astrology teacher Rebecca Gordon. Offers two levels of structured courses in astrology, as well as professional readings

Navamsa – Home page of Vedic astrologer, lecturer and teacher Alan Annand. Offers two levels of courses in Jyotish

Officina Astrale – Home page of Italian professional consultant astrologer Monica Amarillis Rossi, also offering individual and group lessons in astrology in Milano and online

The Real Astrology Academy – Educational resource of American astrologer and popular astrological author Kevin Burk, featuring several articles, numerous answers to questions, and structured vocational training programmes for astrologers

Renaissance Astrology – Long-established resource of Christopher Warnock, an American practitioner and teacher of Renaissance astrology and astrological magick. Publishes reprints and new translations of various important medieval and Renaissance astrological texts; sells proprietary software developed by Peter Ingerman, hand-made astrological talismans, and talismanic posters; and offers several document-based courses. An archive of his articles since 2008 is found at his separate blog site

Rod Suskin School of Astrology – An online practical educational programme taught by popular and highly intelligent South African astrologer and lecturer Rod Suskin, offering a carefully planned three-year Diploma course including a technical training in ancient, medieval and Renaissance astrological techniques as well as modern ones. The course details are hosted within his personal professional website where he also offers astrological consultations

Ruby Slipper Astrology – Home page of Canadian professional consultant astrologer Nadia Gilchrist. She also offers tuition in birth chart interpretation

Siderum Nuntium – Site of Argentinian astrologer Mario Raskovsky. Offers courses in basic, financial and medical astrology. Site includes archived articles incorporating mundane analysis

Sue Ward – Resource of the long-established and impeccably well-studied British traditional astrology teacher and researcher, including a dozen articles, and information about the structured Traditional Horary Course she teaches

Tyl Masters Program –  A modern professional training course for counselling astrologers, run by veteran American astrology teacher and prolific best-selling astrological author Noel Tyl. This page is hosted within his long-established professional site, which also offers his personal astrological consultation services

Virgin Astrology – Resource of Anita Noyes-Smith in co-operation with pioneering American medieval astrology scholar Robert Zoller. The official home to Zoller’s Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology



4. Astrology Links to Sites Rich in Educational Articles or Lectures

The Adventurous Astrologer – Educational resource of experienced British astrologer Rev. Pam Crane, archiving many of her past articles on astrological and esoteric topics

Alan Oken – Popular American spiritually-focused astrologer and best-selling author of astrology books. Site offers mentorship, occasional live webinars, sales of pre-recorded webinars and audio lectures, and sixteen educational articles, in addition to professional astrological consultations

Ancient Zodiacs, Star Names, and Constellations – Simple in design but excellent in content, the historically-focused site of Australian independent scholar Gary D. Thompson, featuring thirty of his own essays, and a detailed annotated critical bibliography

André Barbault – Resource of the veteran French astrologer, featuring 45 educational articles on astrological theory, as well as numerous practical case studies. Helpfully, the two categories have been laid out separately

Anne Massey – Resource of the late Finnish-born Canadian consultant professional astrologer and teacher of astrology, who sadly passed away in 2016. Includes articles archived over several pages under the page entitled ‘Astrology Students’, now archived the Wayback Machine here. Her separate site Astrologically Speaking has its own separate four-page articles section.

Aquarius Papers – Experienced astrologer Robert Wilkinson’s web site. Features an almost bewildering quantity of articles archived by month, written in a chatty blog style but displaying profound knowledge of astrological principles

Archaeocosmology – Scholarly resource of Victor Reijs featuring a range of technical articles of relevance to archaeoastronomy, five of his academic essays, and introductions to a host of megalithic buildings

Arlene Kramer – Site of the veteran Uranian astrologer. Her site includes a few introductory articles on Uranian astrology and a much larger educational section on other facets of astrology, comprising articles she wrote in the late 1990s

Association pour la Recherche et l’Information en Astrologie Naturelle – French conditionalist astrologer Richard Pellard’s extensive resource, featuring hundreds of informative articles on the history and nuts and bolts of astrology, as well as the scientific controversies surrounding it

Astro Data Bank – A wiki of birth data on famous public figures and astrologers, extended from its foundations in the research of the late Lois Rodden, now owned by Astrodienst

Astro Wiki – A wiki of articles on astrological topics, hosted by Astrodienst

AstroCocktail – Site of experienced American astrologer and popular astrological author John Townley. Includes a growing archive of educational articles and regular analyses of the current astrological weather. The site also gives details of his professional astrological consultation services and offers low-cost computerised report sales.

Astrolabe Library – A collection of thirty downloadable articles by different prominent astrologers, hosted by the web site of the astrological software company (q. v. below) directed by Gary Christen

Astrologia Medieval – Paolo Silva’s traditional astrology resource. Includes a collection of third-party articles that he has translated into Portugese, and a collection of free-to-view monochrome scans of out-of-copyright astrology books

Astrologia Tradicional – Extensive Portugese-language educational resource of Colombia-based traditional astrologer Yuzuru Izawa, featuring an astrological glossary, links to over 200 of his archived articles, and both video- and podcast-based tutorials

Astrological News – Robert Currey’s extensive resource of thoughtful articles on astrology and its representation in the media

Astrological Review Letters – Canadian philosopher and intellectual Kenneth McRitchie’s latest site dedicated to the critical review of scientific research papers on astrology. The site also includes several of his articles

Astrology and Science – Leading online resource on astrology from a sceptical scientific perspective, headed by former Correlation editor Rudolf Smit, and also featuring the work of Arthur Mather, Ivan Kelly, Geoffrey Dean and Suitbert Ertel. The site was developed from July 2000 to July 2008 and is simple and concise in design but dense and extensive in content[4], including many articles and archived interviews of recent historical relevance to the debates regarding the scientific status or otherwise of astrology since the 1970s

Astrology Fertility – Informative resource of Pat Harris outlining her scientific research on the relationship between astrology and fertility.

Astrology In America – Christopher Renstrom’s resource on the history of astrology in the United States, a special interest he has researched in depth (requires subscription)

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius – Vintage astrology web site produced by an enigmatic computer-programming astrologer using the code-name Achernar, conserved like a time capsule since the early 2000s. Includes[5] a handy text-form 200-year ephemeris, Campanus tables of houses, various articles (NB: the rulerships one is decidedly unconventional), and an extensive nested section on natal interpretation

Astrology in the Year Zero – Gary Phillipson’s long-established resource, featuring numerous valuable articles by intelligent thinkers. In addition to the articles linked directly from the home page, the site includes a collection of twelve papers on the relationship between astrology and science and a separate extensive page comprising articles and interviews

Astrology King – Astrological information portal of Australian astrologer Jamie Partridge, offering free-to-view delineations of natal aspects and transits; information on his special interest, the fixed stars; and Sun sign forecasts aimed at the general public

Astrology News Service – Site sponsored by several astrological organisations to provide an accurate perspective on astrological topics in the media. Edited by Edward Snow

Astrology-World – Conserved defunct former site of Peter Hill, as captured in 2005 by the Wayback Machine. A well-known site in its day. The articles section features 19 articles by well-known astrologers, while another section is dedicated to Ascella Publications, the astrological reprints company Hill had purchased from Deb Houlding.

Astropro – A unique collection of technical articles and astronomical tables by astrologer Richard Nolle

Ben Dykes – Resource of the leading medieval astrology scholar and translator. Includes several articles and information about his huge corpus of translated medieval texts. He is developing a taught course in medieval astrology but it is not yet ready

Bibliography of the history of astrology – David Juste’s exceptionally comprehensive and well-organised listing of books and scholarly journal articles on the history of astrology at the Warburg Institute website, updated continually

Bill Herbst – A collection of the past articles of the thoughtful and experienced modern astrologer, hosted on his professional web site. While many are on ephemeral mundane topics, a good number of more timeless educational articles is also included

Cafe Astrology – Annie Heese’s extremely extensive elementary educational resource, offering hundreds of free-to-view explicatory articles and delineations in clear and simple language

Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie – Patrice Guinard’s scholarly resource on the history and philosophy of astrology since 1999

Chrissy Philp – British philosopher and philanthropist to the world of astrology. Her site includes a good number of thought-provoking essays and articles on topics connected with astrology and its philosophy

Constellations of Words – Anne Wright’s very extensive educational resource on the fixed stars, long established on the Internet, formerly at another domain

Cosmic Patterns Astrology & Tutorial Videos – Collection of over sixty free-to-download tutorials, interviews and other educational videos produced by different astrologers

Cosmo Critic – Scholarly article-hosting resource of Garry Phillipson and Kirk Little

Dane Rudhyar Audio Archives – A collection of free-to-download MP3s of vintage speeches by the late Dane Rudhyar and Alexander Ruperti. Give fascinating insights into the history of astrology in the 20th century

Darkstar Astrology – Site of professional consultant astrologer Marina Macario. Includes a host of free-to-view information on the nuts and bolts of astrology, as well as details of her professional reading services

David Cochrane – A collection of his articles on astrology, including valuable ones focused on scientific research

David Cochrane YouTube channel – A large collection of his excellent educational video tutorials on astrology and on the use of Cosmic Patterns software programs

Donna Philosophica – Site of American professional consultant astrologer, astrology teacher and astrological podcast presenter Donna Woodwell. Includes links to over forty past episodes of her informative podcast “The Dead Astrologers’ Society”

Evolving Door Astrology – Resource of Canadian professional consultant astrologer Wendy Guy. Includes a beginner-friendly dictionary of astrology and articles on the zodiac signs

Field of Omens – A collection of three academic papers by Geoffrey Cornelius, hosted on his personal website, together with a link to one of his articles on divination

Grande Conjonction – Resource of eminent French astrology scholar and historian Jacques Halbronn, including over 100 of his articles on astrology as well as many other essays, and a summary of his astrological library catalogue, specialising in French publications

Heaven Astrolabe – Italian Renaissance astrology scholar Margherita Fiorello’s resource, featuring many articles based on the close study of old texts – Traditional horary astrology resource of Carol Wiggers, not recently updated but still contains much valuable information

How Does Astrology Fit Into the Modern World? – A further collection of articles by Robert Currey, whose main focus is the scientific controversies around astrology. A valuable counterpoint to sceptical arguments

Kaldu – Resource of Arthyr Chadbourne, focused on the application of Babylonian astrology techniques in the modern day. Includes several free-to-view introductory articles and sales of educational resources

Khaldea – Extensive educational resource of experienced modern astrologer Michael R. Meyer. Includes the Rudhyar Archival Project (a collection of reproduced articles by the late Dane Rudhyar) and an excellent free-to-view ephemeris

Kim Farnell – Home page of the much-published British astrological historian, including a dozen of her articles on astrology and historical biography

Learn Astrology Free – Elementary educational resource of Hank Friedman, featuring 57 instructive articles on western astrology and 33 on vedic astrology, as well as lists of recommended books for beginners

Matrix Software Astrology Articles – An archive of some 195 articles by many different astrologers including Bernie Ashman, John Ballantrae, Kt Boehrer, Arthyr Chadbourne, the late Stephanie Jean Clement, Michael Erlewine, Clarke Fountain, the late Jeff Jawer, Trish MacGregor, Tadd Mann, the late Marion March, Ray Merriman, Richard Nolle, George Noonan, David Perkins, Frank Piechoski, Bill Sheeran, Marcia Starck, Celeste Teal, Bil Tierney, and John Townley

Medical Astrology and Diagnosis – Classic 12-part essay by the late John Kirk Robertson, whose bibliography (Part 13) is worth its weight in gold. This site was lost upon his death, but has been conserved thanks to the Wayback Machine

Medicine Garden – Resource of experienced and kindly medical astrologer Eileen Nauman, featuring a selection of archived articles on various astrological and complementary health-related topics

Michael Erlewine articles – Personal home page of the veteran American astrologer, gathering many of his past articles on astrology and philosophy

Michael Erlewine e-books – Generous offering of free PDF downloads of numerous books written by the developer of Matrix Software, hosted within its web site. Also includes links to five recent educational videos on astrological and esoteric topics

Modern Vedic Astrology – The website of Christopher Kevill, featuring several informative and well-written introductory articles on the topic its name suggests

Natural Astrology – A collection of twelve educational articles by Bruce Scofield

Nina Gryphon – Resource of a dedicated young and very bright researcher and teacher of traditional astrology, including a chronologically-presented archive of her recent educational articles and podcasts, of which she is a prolific producer. Site also includes a calendar of her lecture and webinar appearances and details of her professional consultation services. Her previous site hosts her older book reviews, interviews and articles (spanning 2005 to 2015), five podcasts, and six further articles

One Reed – A nested collection of educational articles by Bruce Scofield and Valerie Vaughan, within the website of a niche publishing house

Planetos – Veteran American astrologer Ken Irving’s small site dedicated to the scientific investigation of astrology, featuring several articles

Radical Astrology – Site of Irish professional astrologer and philosopher Bill Sheeran. Includes his theoretical and practical astrological articleswith separate section on Philosophy and Astrology and a series entitled What Is Astrology? in which he argues against any scientific basis to astrology. Also includes a valuable collection of articles on the history of Irish astrology, and details of his consultation services

Ray Grasse – Experienced and deeply humane American professional consultant astrologer, esoteric philosopher and composer. Site includes a page of links to eighteen of his past published articles on astrology and philosophy, as well as details of his astrological services and links to his music

Sky Writer – Experienced modern astrologer Donna Cunningham’s site, featuring hundreds of her articles on astrology, many of them instructive on the basics. The site is something of a maze, its contents being presented in chronological order, but using the Categories menu on the sidebar allows more focused searching to astrologically instructive articles, though it may still be necessary to navigate through several pages of archives

Skyscript – An excellent traditional astrology resource run by Deborah Houlding since 2002, featuring learned articles and serious forum discussions

Solunars – Resource on western sidereal astrology administered by experienced sidereal astrologer Jim Eshelman. Presented in an interactive message board format, but many instructive articles and answers to questions have been posted in the boards

StarIQ Article Library – Extensive archive of educational and journalistic articles contributed by respected professional astrologers within the site of Rick Levine and the late Jeff Jawer, which is aimed at the general public. Articles span 1999-2010 but are more concentrated in the earlier period.

Stars and Stones – Home page of British traditional astrologer and astrological historian Peter Stockinger. Includes some important historically focused articles

Tara Astrology – Archived web site (2007 version) of the late Irish astrologer Maurice McCann, Renaissance astrology specialist and historian of early modern astrology. Includes an extensive technical glossary of astrological terminology, and a dozen of his historical articles. The site was lost on his untimely death, but has been largely conserved by the Wayback Machine. The older ‘Ourworld’ version of his site (Oct. 2003) is here and includes some articles not found in Tara Astrology

Treehouse Mountain – Older site of popular Uranian astrologer and asteroid and medical astrology researcher Martha Lang-Wescott, including six articles, seven case studies and five lessons, as well as details of her books. Her newer site is here and offers a huge quantity of educational materials on a monthly subscription basis 

Uranian Institute – Beginning Lessons in Uranian Astrology – Educational resource of veteran Uranian astrologer Ruth Brummund together with L. Blake Finley, available in four languages. There is no index page, so to proceed from lesson to lesson it is necessary to navigate from the relevant links at the end of each page. Finley’s site[6] also hosts a properly indexed archive of articles and links from the late 1990s. He has further teamed up with Aureas (q. v. in Section 7 below) to offer a Special Uranian Astrology software program.

Western Sidereal Astrology – Website of sidereal astrology teacher and writer Kenneth Bowser. Includes a collection of articles by the late Cyril Fagan

Ye-Stars – Website of the late Diana Rosenberg, retaining several articles on her specialist topic, the fixed stars; her deleted lengthy introduction to the constellations is archived here

Zodiac X-Files – A nested collection of several technical and interpretative astrological articles by Hellenistic astrologer Curtis Manwaring



5: Astrology Links to Friends of Astrolearn and Other Prominent Astrologers

The following web sites, while not presently being deemed to meet the strict criteria for educational resources required of sections 2-4 above, are nonetheless worthy and admirable and represent the professional work of trusted friends and acquaintances in the astrological and archaeoastronomical communities, and selected other prominent astrologers. Sites of friends must have a clear astrological or archaeoastronomical theme to qualify for inclusion. Social media pages (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) will on no account be considered.

Abella Arthur – Intuitive Canadian consultant astrologer and tarot reader

Alex Trenoweth – Lively British consultant astrologer and statistical astrological researcher

Alison Chester-Lambert – Professional website of the friendly, outgoing and hospitable British consultant astrologer

Ambient Astrology – Home page of sensitive American consultant professional astrologer and researcher Kate Petty

Ang Stoic – Australia-based professional consultant astrologer

Ask Elka Astrology – Professional home page of American consultant astrologer, nutritionist and alternative therapist Leeat Elka Fleischer

Astrall – English-language site of genial Russian astrologer Marina Rusinova, serving as a marketplace linking professional consultant astrologers to prospective clients. The site is still under development at the time of writing and not yet fully functional

Astro Inquiry – Home page of dynamic and engaging American professional consultant astrologer and dream interpreter Frederick Woodruff

Astro Think – Site of friendly Italian-American professional consultant astrologer and skyscape photographer Gaia Somasca

Astrological Mind – Home page of Australia-based professional consultant astrologer and traditional astrology teacher Eve Dembowski, who teaches with the School of Traditional Astrology, q. v. above

Astrologie Praktijk – Site of genial Dutch professional consultant astrologer and astrology teacher Tienka Atema, who has studied modern psychological, medieval and traditional horary astrology and teaches with the School of Traditional Astrology, q. v. above 

Astrologus – Site of Polish professional astrologer Tomasz Winski. Includes a growing archive of astrological blog postings

Astrology Dating – Astrological matchmaking service of Hilary Young

Astrology Explored – Home page of experienced American professional consultant astrologer and astrological writer Beth Turnage

Astrology Questions and Answers – Professional home page of Scottish consultant astrologer Anne Whitaker

Astrology-Source – Site of American professional consultant astrologer Toni Thomas

Astrology Truth – Web site of Steve Tuffill, a professional consultant astrologer. Included are articles explaining some of the mysteries of astrology, educational articles by guest astrologers Sue Kientz and Zell Bodine, and contributions by students

Astrology With Melody – Home page of professional consultant astrologer Melody Scott Zindell, offering natal, relationship, wedding date and Astro*Carto*Graphy readings

AstroScope Me – Site of experienced Australian professional astrologer Rob Tillett, aimed at the mass public, and produced in collaboration with a team of media astrologers, but is distinguished by the inclusion of a well-produced guide to the fixed stars and a dictionary of astrology

Astrovedas – Site of British professional consultant astrologer Adam Smith, offering both western and vedic astrological readings

Astroxa – Home page of experienced mundane astrologer and astrological researcher Anna-Cristal de Lyon

Babs Kirby – Thoughtful and sensitive experienced British professional consultant astrologer, and astrological author, teacher and lecturer. Offers a range of lectures and workshops on demand to interested groups 

Barbara Goldsmith – Experienced British professional consultant astrologer, counting financial astrology readings among her specialities

Bogdan Krusinski – Polish astrological software developer and writer; this is the English-language version of his web site

Britt Luneborg – American consultant astrologer and astrological blogger, researcher and lecturer. Also sells printed reports

Celestial Insight – Home page of Australian professional astrologer and astrological author Michelle Finey. She offers mentoring and personal coaching, and publishes a monthly forecasting newsletter.

Classic Legend Books – Quirkily designed site officially representing the professional work of best-selling karmic astrology author Martin Schulman. Offers professional astrological consultations with Schulman himself and automated reports; and his classic books narrated in his own voice, or as PDF downloads

David Crook – Sage and popular American consultant professional astrologer and artist. Minimalist home page with his contact details

Deb Houlding – Personal home page of the leading English traditional astrologer. Includes links to several of her articles at Skyscript, q. v.  in the educational resources section (4) above

Debbie Worthington – Consultant astrologer, tarot reader, reiki practitioner and Bach flower essence therapist, operating from Brazil (site is in Portugese)

Diana Brownstone – Experienced and sought-after professional consultant astrologer and columnist, based in New York City

Diane Samsel – Consultant professional astrologer who has studied under Noel Tyl

Ed Tamplin – Experienced and magnanimous Australian professional astrologer and mundane analyst

Eileen Grimes – Experienced professional consultant astrologer and astrological author, also offering mentorship and developing classes

Elemental Cosmos – Site of American professional consultant astrologer Caleb Kent Grayson, who styles himself an Elemental Theorist specializing in theory of astrology and metaphysics of astrology with particular emphasis on an elemental based theory of astrology

Esoteric Astrology – Home page of experienced American professional consultant astrologer Adele Berger Wilson, who also makes astrologically themed jewellery and is an accomplished wildlife photographer

Faye Cossar – New Zealand-born consultant professional astrologer and therapist now resident in Amsterdam, where she runs the Amsterdam School of Astrology (this link was not working at time of writing). Produces a monthly astrological newsletter aimed at business people

Fertility Astrology – Site of British professional astrologer and fertility astrology specialist Nicola Smuts-Allsop

Golden Sun Astrology – Site of South African professional consultant astrologer, workshop leader and mentor Karen James

Heart House Astrology – Site of American intuitive and holistic professional consultant astrologer Helene Cierzo

Heavenly Writing – Site of American professional consultant astrologer Michelle Gould

Hermes Half Hour – Site of experienced American professional consultant astrologer and lecturer Douglas Noblehorse

Hilary Harley – American professional consultant astrologer and reiki practitioner

Janet Markham – Canadian professional astrologer, astrology teacher and aromatherapist

Jenn Zahrt – Scholar of the history of astrology in Germany, Kepler College librarian, professional consultant astrologer, editor, esoteric publisher, and all-round bright spark

Jerry Brignone – Professional consultant astrologer, astrological workshop leader, author and lecturer in Argentina

Jim Shawvan – Widely knowledgeable American consultant professional astrologer

Joyce Lambert – Home page of a thoughtful British professional consultant astrologer

Julian Venables – UK-based professional consultant astrologer with a broad knowledge of traditional and modern techniques

Julie Demboski – Sensitive professional consultant astrologer and analyst of the current astrological weather

Karen Hamaker-Zondag – Personal professional home page of the experienced Jungian psychological astrologer and widely-published popular astrological author. Includes a calendar of her upcoming workshops, lists of her published books and articles (though it does not include the articles themselves), and a detailed professional biography

Kjell Pettersson – Swedish astrological researcher with a special interest in the astrology of the Swedish Royal Family

Kreative Astro-Projekte – Site of German astrologer and producer of astrologically-themed music Yvonne Lech, who has also teamed up with another designer to create a range of astrologically-themed jewellery, and with an illustrator to create an astrologically-themed song calendar – among other fun creative projects

Laura Boomer-Trent – Kind-hearted British professional consultant astrologer and former astrological television presenter; takes a spiritual approach

Leah Whitehorse – Home of a compassionate and experienced English consultant astrologer

Leisa Schaim – American professional consultant astrologer, specialising in natal and electional astrology

Los Angeles Astrologer – Home page of experienced American professional consultant astrologer and numerologist Bill Mayer Montmorency

Lynn Bell – Experienced professional astrologer and lecturer taking a modern psychological approach

Madame Zolonga – Dynamic and witty astrological writer, blogger, speaker and consultant astrologer Lucy Zolonga

Maralyn Burstein – Thoughtful and well-studied American professional consultant astrologer, with knowledge of western, Vedic, Renaissance and Hellenistic astrology

Maricy Vogel – Brazilian professional consultant astrologer, nowadays resident in the United States. Her web site is in Portugese, and she continues to regularly visit Brazil for meetings with clients

Martin Davis – Locality astrology expert, consultant professional astrologer and wise, compassionate human being

Mary Fortier Shea – Experienced professional consultant astrologer and author, specialising in astrological forecasting and electional astrology

Mary Plumb – American professional consultant astrologer, lecturer, and leading reviewer of books and web sites for The Mountain Astrologer. Also offers mentoring and workshops, and editing services

Matthew the Astrologer – Home page of consultant professional astrologer Matthew Currie

Michael Lutin – Experienced and popular analyst of the astrological weather, author, and consultant professional astrologer

Michele Adler – Home page of the experienced American professional astrologer, teacher and author

Michelle Young – Experienced and deeply compassionate western and Hindu astrologer, astrological writer and community manager

Moon Coach – Site of American professional consultant astrologer and tarot reader Silvia Pancaro

Myth Mandala – Home page of professional astrological life coach Heather Renae Horton

Naomi Bennett – American astrologer, lecturer and writer specialising in propagating the methods of the late Carl Payne Tobey

Neeti Ray – Sensitive modern psychological astrologer, based in India but uses western methods

New Age Astrology Magazine – Greek-language site of Greek astrologer Vasilis Papadolia. Features video talks and articles presented in a continuous ream

Nick Dagan-Best – Popular Canadian mundane enthusiast, professional consultant astrologer and lecturer

Pam Thiel – Experienced American professional consultant astrologer, home page

Patrick Curry – Personal professional web site of the celebrated British historian, whose books include two standards on the history of early modern astrology. Site includes lists of his past publications on a host of different subjects, and offers a few of his past published articles on divination for free download

Peter B. Roth – American professional consultant astrologer, spiritual healing counsellor and nutritional advisor

Planetary Calendar – Site of American professional consultant astrologer and astrological calendar publisher Carole Cherry

Pro Astrologer – Site of experienced consultant professional astrologer Frank Piechoski. Also includes a small selection of his archived articles

Raphael Simons – Professional consultant western and Chinese astrologer, Chinese astrology teacher, hypnotherapist, psychic, tarot reader, and best-selling writer on Feng Shui

Read the Stars – Professional home page of American consultant astrologer, life coach and hypnotherapist Judi Vitale

Richard Nolle – Experienced American consultant professional astrologer; this is his professional services and contact page, also within the AstroPro site whose articles page was shown above

Rock Star Astrologer – Site of professional astrological counsellor, tarot reader, reiki master, and jewellery and candle artist Starlene Breiter

Ronnie Dreyer – Vedic astrology teacher and practitioner, and much-published astrological author

Rose Astrology – Home page of American professional consultant astrologer and artist Kathy Rose

Ruling Planets – The main part of Christopher Renstrom’s professional site, aimed at a general public readership

Safari Grey – Professional home page of the brilliant young British classical historian, whose special interests include astral religion, cosmology, magic and divination, and astronomical architecture. She is also an active archaeologist. Examples of her academic papers appear under the heading ‘Blog’ within her site

Sagittarian Mind – Astrological blog of American professional consultant astrologer Jason Fleming, with a strong emphasis on details of birth chart interpretation, thus educationally valuable for beginners. Includes contact details for his professional reading services

Science-Astrology – Astrological blog of Greek astrologer Thomas Gazis, featuring over 100 archived articles (many on historical topics) and mundane analyses

Seeing With Stars – Home page of consultant professional astrologer and Solar Fire software developer Stephanie Johnson; also includes a few articles

Sharon Knight – Sage and experienced British professional consultant astrologer with a leaning towards traditional astrology techniques

Soul Vision Consulting – Home page of professional consultant astrologer and author Eric Meyers. Has begun to teach occasional online classes in his approach, and plans to develop a fuller educational programme in the future

Spiritsong Oasis – Site of American professional consultant astrologer, aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and spiritual counsellor Mary O’Shannon 

Starcana – Professional home page of Suzi Cavallo Dronzek, American intuitive life reader, using astrology and tarot. Her site includes a blog interpreting the current astrological weather

Stephanie Gailing – Consultant professional astrologer, dietician, healthy lifestyle guide and Bach flower essences specialist

Sue Tompkins – British professional consultant astrologer, teacher, and best-selling author

Susie Cox – American professional consultant astrologer, astrology teacher, astrological columnist, and popular astrology author

Svetlana Manukhina – Russian professional consultant astrologer, simple Russian-language site comprising a blog and her contact details

Tad Mann – World-renowned astrological author, lecturer and consultant professional astrologer

Timesmithing – Home page of American professional consultant astrologer Althea Misty Day

Tore Lomsdalen – Norwegian consultant professional astrologer and archaeoastronomical researcher. His site also includes a few original articles and several interviews with astrologers that have been previously published elsewhere

Tucson Astrologer – Home page of American professional consultant astrologer, tarot reader, life coach, hypnotherapist and alternative therapist Nancy Cohen

Unlock Astrology – Site of popular American professional consultant astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds

Victor Olliver – British consultant professional astrologer and astrological journalist. Currently editor of The Astrological Journal, the main publication of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, q. v. above

Virginia Bell – American professional consultant astrologer, astrological columnist and lecturer

Wade Caves – Professional home page of a dedicated young scholar and teacher of Renaissance astrology, detailing his calendar of lectures, webinars and workshops, and his professional horary and electional astrology consultation services. Teaches with the School of Traditional Astrology, q. v. above. Site also includes link to a separate site containing a small number of his articles

William Stickevers – American professional consultant astrologer, offering personal, business, horary, electional and locational readings, and also low-cost automated reports. His site includes an extensive archived blog focused on mundane astrological concerns, including predictions

Zane Stein – Professional consultant astrologer and pioneering researcher of the centaurs in astrology



6. Astrology Links to Publications, Publishers, Books, and Bookstores

Astroamerica – Conserved former site of the late Dave Roell, who passed away in July 2014. Essentially a large online astrological bookshop notable for its proprietor’s unabashedly critical reviews of many of the books he stocked; but Roell also served as a reprinter of a range of classic astrological texts under his Astrology Classics imprint, which remains in distribution via print-on-demand. This archive includes the well-organised Subject Index for his shop and many of his weekly newsletters that ran from March 2009 to July 2014

Astro Computing Services – Well-established American company producing computerised astrological reports; also a publisher of astrology books since the early 1980s. The site includes a shop

Astrologyetal – Astrological and esoteric bookstore of Gregory Nalbandian, operating from Seattle

Astronova – Leading German astrological bookstore, run by Reinhardt Stiehle

Considerations Magazine – Free-to-view online archive of scans of every issue published of this serious astrology magazine run for many years by Ken Gillman but co-founded by the late Axel Harvey

Culture and Cosmos – Home page of the journal for the study of cosmology in culture, founded by Nick Campion. It appears twice a year, or in some cases as a single much larger double special issue

Dell Horoscope – Home of the American popular astrology magazine in continuous publication since October 1935. Overseen by charming long-serving editor Ronnie Grishman

Digital International Astrology Library – Patrice Guinard’s collection of web-links to scanned historical astrological texts, chiefly those hosted on university websites

Éditions Spiritualité Occidentale – French astrological publishing house, the joint venture of Denis Labouré (q. v. under ‘Devenir-Astrologue’ in Section 3 above) and Marc Neu; site also serves as a shop for Monsieur Labouré’s many excellent books

Flare Publications – British astrological publishing house founded and directed by Frank Clifford, offering some very worthwhile titles; has been rapidly expanding its range of publications in the 2010s, with more planned

Hexagon In Full Effect – Site of youthful American astrological magazine publisher Matt Savinar, representing his publication (new in 2015) Hexagon Astrology Magazine, which is distinguished by its style-conscious, sassy and witty values

Infinity Astrological Magazine – Recently launched collectively-authored online publication accessible on a membership-only basis. Directed by well-studied young Serbian astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić, who also offers professional astrological consultations through her personal site

Journal for the History of Astronomy – Important quarterly peer-reviewed journal in continuous publication since 1970, featuring frequent articles and book reviews of relevance to ancient astrology. Original editor Michael Hoskin retired at the end of 2014 after 45 years, and it is now edited by James Evans. Available by subscription in print (by special request of the publisher) and online formats

Journal of Skyscape Archaeology – New peer-reviewed academic journal edited by Fabio Silva and Liz Henty, founded in 2015, available by subscription in print and online formats

Linda Reid – Book sales page of the Australia-based experienced astrologer, offering three printed books and a further title in e-book form; a dear friend and a wise soul, Linda was until recently an active teacher of astrology who ran the Canopus Academy, but has now retired

London Astrology Shop – Barry Street’s astrology shop, trading for many years both online and as a real bricks and mortar store

Loop! Multilingual online astrology newspaper of German astrologer Susanne Riedel

Midheaven Books – London-based astrologer John Etherington’s long-established Internet shop for astrology books

The Mountain Astrologer – Leading independent American astrology magazine dedicated to serious articles on astrology, founded and directed by Tem Tarriktar

The Mutable Dilemma – Complete article text archive from this former magazine edited by the late Zipporah Dobyns from 1977-1999, presented at the site of her daughter Maritha Pottenger

Project Hindsight – Homepage of the historical astrological translations project headed by Robert Schmidt and Ellen Black. Notable for the numerous preliminary translations of Hellenistic and medieval astrological texts that they published between 1993 and 2001. They have since turned their attention exclusively to the Hellenistic period. The first volume of a planned permanent thirty-volume series entitled “The Astrological Record of the Early Sages” appeared in 2009. The remainder of the series has been delayed while Schmidt completes his research. Its eventual appearance remains eagerly awaited

Rubedo Press – Recently launched scholarly esoteric publishing house directed by academic historians Aaron Cheak and Jenn Zahrt. Publishing interests include historical, academic and research-focused astrological books, in addition to those concerned with other esoteric disciplines

Sophia Centre Press – Website of the publications arm of the Sophia Centre, q. v. above

Sophia Centre Student Journal – A free-to-view online publication featuring submissions by students and graduates of the above M. A. course. Currently edited by Rod Suskin. Hosted by the web site of the Sophia Project which serves as a collection of links to all related sites

Uranian Astrology Books – Shop of experienced and pleasant Uranian astrologer Penelope Bertucelli, leading distributor and retailer of Uranian astrology and cosmobiology books in the United States. The site also includes about ten scanned articles by different authors under the ‘News and Insights’ banner

Wessex Astrologer – Margaret Cahill’s site, leading publisher and retailer of astrological books in the United Kingdom, and European distributor of The Mountain Astrologer



7. Astrology Links to Astrological Software and Report Sales Companies

AIR Software – Web site of veteran American astrologer, horary specialist and astrological researcher Alphee Lavoie, offering sales of a host of astrological software programs developed by Alphee together with Sergey Tarasov, as well as the professional astrological counselling services of Alphee and Carole Lavoie

Astrodienst – Main part of the web site of one of the market leaders in computerised astrological report sales, headed by Alois Treindl and based in Switzerland. The site includes an exceptionally useful and versatile free astrological chart calculation resource (see Extended Chart Selection under ‘Free Horoscopes’), as well as busy forums, and a variety of articles (mostly reproduced from other printed sources), in addition to the educational resources separately linked from Part 4 above

Astrolabe – Main part of the web site of one of the leading astrological software companies in the United States, established in 1979. Headed by co-founder and Uranian astrology enthusiast Gary Christen, it offers various commercial astrology software titles including the popular Solar Fire, to which it claims to have recently purchased the rights from Esoteric Technologies (q. v. below), and computerised astrological reports

Astrolog – Long-established free astrology program of Walter D. Pullen, a popular favourite in the early days of the web and still going strong

Astrowin Astrology Software – Long-established resource of Allen Edwall, offering several free-of-charge astrology programs he has developed over the years, including old-favourite Astrowin, which has long had its fans as an alternative to Astrolog. His site also includes a few introductory articles on cosmodynes and a blog

Astrowow – Professional astrological reports sales portal of Adrian Ross Duncan, aimed at the general public

Aureas – French astrological publisher and software developer, headed by Francis Santoni, in business since the early 1980s. Produces the programs Astro-PC and Infociel, among others. Limited versions of the site are available in English, Italian and Spanish; but we recommend the main French version for the full range of books on offer

Cosmic Patterns – The astrological software company headed by David and Fei Cochrane. One of the world’s leading astrological software providers, home to the programs Sirius, Kepler and Pegasus, which can be customised with the addition of a wide range of separately sold prewritten astrological report programs licensed for report sales to clients. Personalised reports based on these programs are also retailed directly to the general public at low cost via sister site Star Guidance

Equinox Astrology – Robert Currey’s long-established shop for personal astrological reports

Esoteric Technologies – Australian software company headed by Stephanie Johnson, with the technical help of Zane Stein. Developed the popular commercial astrological software programs Solar Fire and Solar Writer. Online training in the use of these programs is offered by trainer Rhonda Buttery

Zodiac Logiciels d’Astrologie – Astrological software company of Belgian astrologer André van der Linden, producing the commercial programs Zodiac and Ouranos



8. Astrology Links to Financial Astrology Special Interest Sites

Astro Trend – Professional home page of Norm Winski, experienced American financial astrologer and publisher of a subscription-based astrological forecasting newsletter

Astroeconomics – Site of stock market astrology expert Grace Morris, who has been producing highly-regarded annual stock market forecast guides for many years. She also offers personal astrological consultations

Astrologers’ Fund, Inc. – Financial forecasting site of experienced American financial astrologer and former Aquarian Agent editor and astrological author Henry Weingarten. The site layout is a little brash, and the contents are highly technical, but there is at least one article on financial astrology included

Astrological Investing – Financial astrology site of Marlene Pfeifle, formerly co-owned by the late Kaye Shinker. The articles here are mostly ephemeral forecasts but are nonetheless of interest to financial astrology enthusiasts

Astrology for Gann Traders – Site of Australian professional astrologer and financial astrology specialist Olga Morales

Bill Meridian – Experienced American financial and stock market astrologer, and popular author of several related books

Bonnie Hill Astroeconomics – Popular page of links to financial astrology articles and other resources on the Internet. Some may no longer be current. It is supplemented by her separate page of W. D. Gann links

Cycle-Trader – Site of financial astrology researcher Bradley Cowan, offering his own stock market courses and rare W. D. Gann writings in e-book format

Galactic Investor – Site of Jeanne and Linda Long, co-owners of Fibonacci Trader Group, incorporating PAS Astro-Soft. Producers of financial astrology software sold through their site, which also includes a bookshop for financial astrology books by different authors

Kaye Shinker’s Financial Astrology – Simple web site representing the late Kaye Shinker, selling her e-books on financial astrology

Larry Pesavento – Veteran financial astrologer and author of several related books. Offers private tuition in his methods

Mikula Forecasting – Site of W. D. Gann researcher and financial forecasting software developer Patrick Mikula, who has a special interest in astrological correlations to stock market cycles

MMA Cycles – Shop of experienced professional astrologer and financial astrology specialist Ray Merriman. Includes sales of his several important financial astrology books, as well as the back-catalogue of Seek-It Publications, his older general astrological publishing house. Has written a financial forecasting newsletter on a subscription basis for the past 35 years, and produces highly reputed annual forecast books

Sacred Science Institute – Long-established site of American financial astrology aficionado Brad Stewart, serving as a dedicated shop for new and reprinted older financial astrology, astrological speculation and W. D. Gann study-interest works, as well as reprints and translations of various other scarce and interesting older astrology and cosmology-related books

Tim Bost – Experienced professional consultant astrologer and financial astrology specialist



[1] Sites having contents belonging to more than one category will be placed in the category to which they most clearly belong, with categories 2 and 3 taking priority over categories 4 and 6, and category 5 being reserved for sites that do not fit into any of the others.

[2] In respect of Sections 2 and 3, the educational services offered may be charged for, but must be of high quality. But please note that our inclusion of a link to a programme of astrological education does not imply that we endorse its particular school of thought. There are many different astrological approaches, ancient and modern, and this page aims to include representations of a wide variety of them in order to present a broad view of astrological culture today.

Astrolearn does not have partnerships or affiliate agreements with any of the third-party providers of educational services listed, and can accept no responsibility for any services rendered by them in exchange for payment. The links on this page are bona fide recommendations based on the reasonable informed belief that any paid services offered by the providers listed will be satisfactory; but you are strongly advised to ask relevant questions to, and come to your own personal estimation of, any service provider before purchasing courses, training or products.

We also make no representation regarding the value for money of the services offered, and have noticed widely differing pricing between the leading schools, but ultimately took the decision not to publish prices on this links page. If you are looking to study astrology, we strongly advise you to do your own comparative research into the total cost of study by reading all available documentation from a variety of different schools, adding up all the applicable fees (which may not be listed as a whole), and to make your own judgement on value with respect to your budget and what is being offered at what cost by different providers.

Our listings aim to accurately represent the range of opportunities for astrological education from respectable providers in the present day based on a combination of public reputation, personal knowledge and the information given by the providers themselves in representation of what they offer. We do not have personal acquaintance with or knowledge of all the course directors and tutors, but do in many cases.

[3] NB: We reserve the right to decline proposals, will not engage in link exchange schemes, will not accept offers of payment in return for links, and will only post links to websites that have a clear educational value or purpose under Sections 1-4 inclusive. Integrity is our watchword. Web sites whose main or sole purpose is to retail books, sell software, offer personal astrological consultations or reports, analyse current astrological transits, astrologically analyse celebrities or events in the news, make mundane predictions, or host general astrological community discussion forums, will not be considered under these headings. Simple astrologers’ home pages representing their professional services but neither offering educational study programmes nor including a significant body of high-quality educational articles on the history, philosophy, techniques or cultural dimension of astrology are likewise outside the remit of these sections.

[4] Although astrologers tend to be easily upset by sceptics, there is no doubting their considerable contributions to the search for scientific truth and useful critiques of the flaws of existing astrological research; and this site is included quite deliberately in the interests of intellectual balance. That is not to say that we implicitly endorse every (or indeed necessarily any) sceptical position expounded in the site in question; but surely there is wisdom in the time-honoured dialectical method that champions the synthesis of thesis and antithesis as the road to knowledge; in learning from the broadest possible consideration and attempted reconciliation of contradictory positions and views. An abiding aim of Astrolearn is to be scholarly; to inform, to present, to foster both awareness and critical thinking, but not to pass judgement on beliefs, though we reserve the right to criticise and correct misinformation and ignorance where it comes to our attention.

[5] NB: the links to some of these resources from the home page do not work since they are routed to a defunct mirror site, but the correct ones are found on the Sitemap page. It is also worth noting that the site as a whole is not well-recorded on the Wayback Machine, so when it finally disappears, it will probably be largely lost for ever from the Internet

[6] Caution: Some of the links from his main home page lead to politicised points of view on mundane astrological topics that may be distasteful or shocking to some readers. We have therefore avoided directly linking to it, though it is easy to find. Proceed only at your own discretion if you will; we take no responsibility for leading you there.


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