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Web links to recommended external resources on the history, philosophy, culture and principles of astrology; astrological education providers and organisations; and professional astrological and archaeoastronomical sites of friends

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The following astrology links, presented in alphabetical order under eight logical subject headings[1], are carefully vetted.[2] If you know of a web site that is compatible with our aims and standards and high educational and professional values, or would like to nominate your own, please contact us[3].


  1. Astrological Organisations, Associations and Conferences
  2. Institutional Astrological Education Providers
  3. Personal Astrological Education Providers
  4. Sites Rich in Educational Articles or Lectures
  5. Friends of Astrolearn, & selected other prominent astrologers
  6. Publications, publishers, books, and bookstores
  7. Astrological software and report sales companies
  8. Financial Astrology Special Interest Sites


[1] Sites having contents belonging to more than one category will be placed in the category to which they most clearly belong, with categories 2 and 3 taking priority over categories 4 and 6, and category 5 being reserved for sites that do not fit into any of the others.

[2] In respect of Sections 2 and 3, the educational services offered may be charged for, but must be of high quality. But please note that our inclusion of a link to a programme of astrological education does not imply that we endorse its particular school of thought. There are many different astrological approaches, ancient and modern, and this page aims to include representations of a wide variety of them in order to present a broad view of astrological culture today.

Astrolearn does not have partnerships or affiliate agreements with any of the third-party providers of educational services listed, and can accept no responsibility for any services rendered by them in exchange for payment. The links on this page are bona fide recommendations based on the reasonable informed belief that any paid services offered by the providers listed will be satisfactory; but you are strongly advised to ask relevant questions to, and come to your own personal estimation of, any service provider before purchasing courses, training or products.

We also make no representation regarding the value for money of the services offered, and have noticed widely differing pricing between the leading schools, but ultimately took the decision not to publish prices on this links page. If you are looking to study astrology, we strongly advise you to do your own comparative research into the total cost of study by reading all available documentation from a variety of different schools, adding up all the applicable fees (which may not be listed as a whole), and to make your own judgement on value with respect to your budget and what is being offered at what cost by different providers.

Our listings aim to accurately represent the range of opportunities for astrological education from respectable providers in the present day based on a combination of public reputation, personal knowledge and the information given by the providers themselves in representation of what they offer. We do not have personal acquaintance with or knowledge of all the course directors and tutors, but do in many cases.

[3] NB: We reserve the right to decline proposals, will not engage in link exchange schemes, will not accept offers of payment in return for links, and will only post links to websites that have a clear educational value or purpose under Sections 1-4 inclusive. Integrity is our watchword. Web sites whose main or sole purpose is to retail books, sell software, offer personal astrological consultations or reports, analyse current astrological transits, astrologically analyse celebrities or events in the news, make mundane predictions, or host general astrological community discussion forums, will not be considered under these headings. Simple astrologers’ home pages representing their professional services but neither offering educational study programmes nor including a significant body of high-quality educational articles on the history, philosophy, techniques or cultural dimension of astrology are likewise outside the remit of these sections.

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