4. Astrology Links to Sites Rich in Educational Articles or Lectures

The Adventurous Astrologer – Educational resource of experienced British astrologer Rev. Pam Crane, archiving many of her past articles on astrological and esoteric topics

Alan Oken – Popular American spiritually-focused astrologer and best-selling author of astrology books. Site offers mentorship, occasional live webinars, sales of pre-recorded webinars and audio lectures, and sixteen educational articles, in addition to professional astrological consultations

Ancient Zodiacs, Star Names, and Constellations – Simple in design but excellent in content, the historically-focused site of Australian independent scholar Gary D. Thompson, featuring thirty of his own essays, and a detailed annotated critical bibliography

André Barbault – Resource of the veteran French astrologer, featuring 45 educational articles on astrological theory, as well as numerous practical case studies. Helpfully, the two categories have been laid out separately

Anne Massey – Resource of the late Finnish-born Canadian consultant professional astrologer and teacher of astrology, who sadly passed away in 2016. Includes articles archived over several pages under the page entitled ‘Astrology Students’, now archived the Wayback Machine here. Her separate site Astrologically Speaking has its own separate four-page articles section.

Aquarius Papers – Experienced astrologer Robert Wilkinson’s web site. Features an almost bewildering quantity of articles archived by month, written in a chatty blog style but displaying profound knowledge of astrological principles

Archaeocosmology – Scholarly resource of Victor Reijs featuring a range of technical articles of relevance to archaeoastronomy, five of his academic essays, and introductions to a host of megalithic buildings

Arlene Kramer – Site of the veteran Uranian astrologer. Her site includes a few introductory articles on Uranian astrology and a much larger educational section on other facets of astrology, comprising articles she wrote in the late 1990s

Association pour la Recherche et l’Information en Astrologie Naturelle – French conditionalist astrologer Richard Pellard’s extensive resource, featuring hundreds of informative articles on the history and nuts and bolts of astrology, as well as the scientific controversies surrounding it

Astro Data Bank – A wiki of birth data on famous public figures and astrologers, extended from its foundations in the research of the late Lois Rodden, now owned by Astrodienst

Astro Wiki – A wiki of articles on astrological topics, hosted by Astrodienst

AstroCocktail – Site of experienced American astrologer and popular astrological author John Townley. Includes a growing archive of educational articles and regular analyses of the current astrological weather. The site also gives details of his professional astrological consultation services and offers low-cost computerised report sales.

Astrolabe Library – A collection of thirty downloadable articles by different prominent astrologers, hosted by the web site of the astrological software company (q. v. below) directed by Gary Christen

Astrologia Medieval – Paolo Silva’s traditional astrology resource. Includes a collection of third-party articles that he has translated into Portugese, and a collection of free-to-view monochrome scans of out-of-copyright astrology books

Astrologia Tradicional – Extensive Portugese-language educational resource of Colombia-based traditional astrologer Yuzuru Izawa, featuring an astrological glossary, links to over 200 of his archived articles, and both video- and podcast-based tutorials

Astrological News – Robert Currey’s extensive resource of thoughtful articles on astrology and its representation in the media

Astrological Review Letters – Canadian philosopher and intellectual Kenneth McRitchie’s latest site dedicated to the critical review of scientific research papers on astrology. The site also includes several of his articles

Astrology and Science – Leading online resource on astrology from a sceptical scientific perspective, headed by former Correlation editor Rudolf Smit, and also featuring the work of Arthur Mather, Ivan Kelly, Geoffrey Dean and Suitbert Ertel. The site was developed from July 2000 to July 2008 and is simple and concise in design but dense and extensive in content[4], including many articles and archived interviews of recent historical relevance to the debates regarding the scientific status or otherwise of astrology since the 1970s

Astrology Fertility – Informative resource of Pat Harris outlining her scientific research on the relationship between astrology and fertility.

Astrology In America – Christopher Renstrom’s resource on the history of astrology in the United States, a special interest he has researched in depth (requires subscription)

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius – Vintage astrology web site produced by an enigmatic computer-programming astrologer using the code-name Achernar, conserved like a time capsule since the early 2000s. Includes[5] a handy text-form 200-year ephemeris, Campanus tables of houses, various articles (NB: the rulerships one is decidedly unconventional), and an extensive nested section on natal interpretation

Astrology in the Year Zero – Gary Phillipson’s long-established resource, featuring numerous valuable articles by intelligent thinkers. In addition to the articles linked directly from the home page, the site includes a collection of twelve papers on the relationship between astrology and science and a separate extensive page comprising articles and interviews

Astrology King – Astrological information portal of Australian astrologer Jamie Partridge, offering free-to-view delineations of natal aspects and transits; information on his special interest, the fixed stars; and Sun sign forecasts aimed at the general public

Astrology News Service – Site sponsored by several astrological organisations to provide an accurate perspective on astrological topics in the media. Edited by Edward Snow

Astrology-World – Conserved defunct former site of Peter Hill, as captured in 2005 by the Wayback Machine. A well-known site in its day. The articles section features 19 articles by well-known astrologers, while another section is dedicated to Ascella Publications, the astrological reprints company Hill had purchased from Deb Houlding.

Astropro – A unique collection of technical articles and astronomical tables by astrologer Richard Nolle

Ben Dykes – Resource of the leading medieval astrology scholar and translator. Includes several articles and information about his huge corpus of translated medieval texts. He is developing a taught course in medieval astrology but it is not yet ready

Bibliography of the history of astrology – David Juste’s exceptionally comprehensive and well-organised listing of books and scholarly journal articles on the history of astrology at the Warburg Institute website, updated continually

Bill Herbst – A collection of the past articles of the thoughtful and experienced modern astrologer, hosted on his professional web site. While many are on ephemeral mundane topics, a good number of more timeless educational articles is also included

Cafe Astrology – Annie Heese’s extremely extensive elementary educational resource, offering hundreds of free-to-view explicatory articles and delineations in clear and simple language

Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie – Patrice Guinard’s scholarly resource on the history and philosophy of astrology since 1999

Chrissy Philp – British philosopher and philanthropist to the world of astrology. Her site includes a good number of thought-provoking essays and articles on topics connected with astrology and its philosophy

Constellations of Words – Anne Wright’s very extensive educational resource on the fixed stars, long established on the Internet, formerly at another domain

Cosmic Patterns Astrology & Tutorial Videos – Collection of over sixty free-to-download tutorials, interviews and other educational videos produced by different astrologers

Cosmo Critic – Scholarly article-hosting resource of Garry Phillipson and Kirk Little

Dane Rudhyar Audio Archives – A collection of free-to-download MP3s of vintage speeches by the late Dane Rudhyar and Alexander Ruperti. Give fascinating insights into the history of astrology in the 20th century

Darkstar Astrology – Site of professional consultant astrologer Marina Macario. Includes a host of free-to-view information on the nuts and bolts of astrology, as well as details of her professional reading services

David Cochrane – A collection of his articles on astrology, including valuable ones focused on scientific research

David Cochrane YouTube channel – A large collection of his excellent educational video tutorials on astrology and on the use of Cosmic Patterns software programs

Donna Philosophica – Site of American professional consultant astrologer, astrology teacher and astrological podcast presenter Donna Woodwell. Includes links to over forty past episodes of her informative podcast “The Dead Astrologers’ Society”

Evolving Door Astrology – Resource of Canadian professional consultant astrologer Wendy Guy. Includes a beginner-friendly dictionary of astrology and articles on the zodiac signs

Field of Omens – A collection of three academic papers by Geoffrey Cornelius, hosted on his personal website, together with a link to one of his articles on divination

Grande Conjonction – Resource of eminent French astrology scholar and historian Jacques Halbronn, including over 100 of his articles on astrology as well as many other essays, and a summary of his astrological library catalogue, specialising in French publications

Heaven Astrolabe – Italian Renaissance astrology scholar Margherita Fiorello’s resource, featuring many articles based on the close study of old texts

Horary.com – Traditional horary astrology resource of Carol Wiggers, not recently updated but still contains much valuable information

How Does Astrology Fit Into the Modern World? – A further collection of articles by Robert Currey, whose main focus is the scientific controversies around astrology. A valuable counterpoint to sceptical arguments

Kaldu – Resource of Arthyr Chadbourne, focused on the application of Babylonian astrology techniques in the modern day. Includes several free-to-view introductory articles and sales of educational resources

Khaldea – Extensive educational resource of experienced modern astrologer Michael R. Meyer. Includes the Rudhyar Archival Project (a collection of reproduced articles by the late Dane Rudhyar) and an excellent free-to-view ephemeris

Kim Farnell – Home page of the much-published British astrological historian, including a dozen of her articles on astrology and historical biography

Learn Astrology Free – Elementary educational resource of Hank Friedman, featuring 57 instructive articles on western astrology and 33 on vedic astrology, as well as lists of recommended books for beginners

Matrix Software Astrology Articles – An archive of some 195 articles by many different astrologers including Bernie Ashman, John Ballantrae, Kt Boehrer, Arthyr Chadbourne, the late Stephanie Jean Clement, Michael Erlewine, Clarke Fountain, the late Jeff Jawer, Trish MacGregor, Tadd Mann, the late Marion March, Ray Merriman, Richard Nolle, George Noonan, David Perkins, Frank Piechoski, Bill Sheeran, Marcia Starck, Celeste Teal, Bil Tierney, and John Townley

Medical Astrology and Diagnosis – Classic 12-part essay by the late John Kirk Robertson, whose bibliography (Part 13) is worth its weight in gold. This site was lost upon his death, but has been conserved thanks to the Wayback Machine

Medicine Garden – Resource of experienced and kindly medical astrologer Eileen Nauman, featuring a selection of archived articles on various astrological and complementary health-related topics

Michael Erlewine articles – Personal home page of the veteran American astrologer, gathering many of his past articles on astrology and philosophy

Michael Erlewine e-books – Generous offering of free PDF downloads of numerous books written by the developer of Matrix Software, hosted within its web site. Also includes links to five recent educational videos on astrological and esoteric topics

Michaël Mandl – The professional website of experienced Belgian consultant astrologer and astrological author Michaël Mandl features an extensive collection of themed birth data. It also includes a list, mostly with integral links to transcripts, of hundreds of his articles that have been published in the astrological magazine press over many years, and a separate archive of his articles published directly on the website, mostly in French

Modern Vedic Astrology – The website of Christopher Kevill, featuring several informative and well-written introductory articles on the topic its name suggests

Natural Astrology – A collection of twelve educational articles by Bruce Scofield

Nina Gryphon – Resource of a dedicated young and very bright researcher and teacher of traditional astrology, including a chronologically-presented archive of her recent educational articles and podcasts, of which she is a prolific producer. Site also includes a calendar of her lecture and webinar appearances and details of her professional consultation services. Her previous site hosts her older book reviews, interviews and articles (spanning 2005 to 2015), five podcasts, and six further articles

One Reed – A nested collection of educational articles by Bruce Scofield and Valerie Vaughan, within the website of a niche publishing house

Planetos – Veteran American astrologer Ken Irving’s small site dedicated to the scientific investigation of astrology, featuring several articles

Radical Astrology – Site of Irish professional astrologer and philosopher Bill Sheeran. Includes his theoretical and practical astrological articleswith separate section on Philosophy and Astrology and a series entitled What Is Astrology? in which he argues against any scientific basis to astrology. Also includes a valuable collection of articles on the history of Irish astrology, and details of his consultation services

Ray Grasse – Experienced and deeply humane American professional consultant astrologer, esoteric philosopher and composer. Site includes a page of links to eighteen of his past published articles on astrology and philosophy, as well as details of his astrological services and links to his music

Sky Writer – Experienced modern astrologer Donna Cunningham’s site, featuring hundreds of her articles on astrology, many of them instructive on the basics. The site is something of a maze, its contents being presented in chronological order, but using the Categories menu on the sidebar allows more focused searching to astrologically instructive articles, though it may still be necessary to navigate through several pages of archives

Skyscript – An excellent traditional astrology resource run by Deborah Houlding since 2002, featuring learned articles and serious forum discussions

Solunars – Resource on western sidereal astrology administered by experienced sidereal astrologer Jim Eshelman. Presented in an interactive message board format, but many instructive articles and answers to questions have been posted in the boards

StarIQ Article Library – Extensive archive of educational and journalistic articles contributed by respected professional astrologers within the site of Rick Levine and the late Jeff Jawer, which is aimed at the general public. Articles span 1999-2010 but are more concentrated in the earlier period.

Stars and Stones – Home page of British traditional astrologer and astrological historian Peter Stockinger. Includes some important historically focused articles

Tara Astrology – Archived web site (2007 version) of the late Irish astrologer Maurice McCann, Renaissance astrology specialist and historian of early modern astrology. Includes an extensive technical glossary of astrological terminology, and a dozen of his historical articles. The site was lost on his untimely death, but has been largely conserved by the Wayback Machine. The older ‘Ourworld’ version of his site (Oct. 2003) is here and includes some articles not found in Tara Astrology

Treehouse Mountain – Older site of popular Uranian astrologer and asteroid and medical astrology researcher Martha Lang-Wescott, including six articles, seven case studies and five lessons, as well as details of her books. Her newer site is here and offers a huge quantity of educational materials on a monthly subscription basis 

Uranian Institute – Beginning Lessons in Uranian Astrology – Educational resource of veteran Uranian astrologer Ruth Brummund together with L. Blake Finley, available in four languages. There is no index page, so to proceed from lesson to lesson it is necessary to navigate from the relevant links at the end of each page. Finley’s site[6] also hosts a properly indexed archive of articles and links from the late 1990s. He has further teamed up with Aureas (q. v. in Section 7 below) to offer a Special Uranian Astrology software program.

Western Sidereal Astrology – Website of sidereal astrology teacher and writer Kenneth Bowser. Includes a collection of articles by the late Cyril Fagan

Ye-Stars – Website of the late Diana Rosenberg, retaining several articles on her specialist topic, the fixed stars; her deleted lengthy introduction to the constellations is archived here

Zodiac X-Files – A nested collection of several technical and interpretative astrological articles by Hellenistic astrologer Curtis Manwaring



[4] Although astrologers tend to be easily upset by sceptics, there is no doubting their considerable contributions to the search for scientific truth and useful critiques of the flaws of existing astrological research; and this site is included quite deliberately in the interests of intellectual balance. That is not to say that we implicitly endorse every (or indeed necessarily any) sceptical position expounded in the site in question; but surely there is wisdom in the time-honoured dialectical method that champions the synthesis of thesis and antithesis as the road to knowledge; in learning from the broadest possible consideration and attempted reconciliation of contradictory positions and views. An abiding aim of Astrolearn is to be scholarly; to inform, to present, to foster both awareness and critical thinking, but not to pass judgement on beliefs, though we reserve the right to criticise and correct misinformation and ignorance where it comes to our attention.

[5] NB: the links to some of these resources from the home page do not work since they are routed to a defunct mirror site, but the correct ones are found on the Sitemap page. It is also worth noting that the site as a whole is not well-recorded on the Wayback Machine, so when it finally disappears, it will probably be largely lost for ever from the Internet

[6] Caution: Some of the links from his main home page lead to politicised points of view on mundane astrological topics that may be distasteful or shocking to some readers. We have therefore avoided directly linking to it, though it is easy to find. Proceed only at your own discretion if you will; we take no responsibility for leading you there.


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