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Bibliographie de l’Astrologie

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This global index serves as the entry portal to our astrology library catalogue.


  1. Astrology books by author, A – Durst
  2. Astrology books by author, Dutt – Kugler
  3. Astrology books by author, Kühr – Röbkes
  4. Astrology books by author, Robson – Z, + dictionaries
  5. Journals and Magazines, English-language
  6. Almanacs, English-language
  7. Journals and Magazines, French-language
  8. Almanacs, French-language
  9. Journals and Magazines, German-language
  10. Almanacs, German-language
  11. Journals, Italian
  12. Journals, Spanish-language
  13. Journals, Dutch
  14. Astrology Lectures, Tapes, CDs, DVDs & Collectibles
  15. Navigating the Astrology Library Catalogue
  16. About this Astrology Library Catalogue
  17. Donating to our Astrology Library



Navigating the Astrology Library Catalogue

This page is a linking index to the component parts of the catalogue of the holdings[2] of books and periodicals in all languages in the private astrological library that we maintain.

To navigate around our astrology bibliography, please click the relevant link under ‘Contents’ above to go to the subdivision of the index that is appropriate to your current search.

Each subdivision now opens on its own separate page.

From there, you will find all the links to the final content pages of this astrological library catalogue that belong to the category you have chosen to browse, e.g. English-language journals or German almanacs.

Each sub-index-page also contains a link marked ‘Index’ towards the top to return you to this global index page from which you may choose other categories to browse.



About this Astrology Library Catalogue

This catalogue is a labour of love and a perpetual work in progress whose development is fitted in around other commitments.

The astrology library that it describes exists as a single collection in our private ownership and management to this day.

It is added to periodically as and when funds allow, but these are limited to spare personal income from employment and occasional modest donations by generous astrologers, historians and other benefactors from the general public.

Please therefore kindly allow plenty of time for the further gradual development of the catalogue as and when new acquisitions can be afforded.



Donating to our Astrology Library

Your donations of funds to extend the physical book holdings of the archive, and correspondingly the completeness of this bibliography, are warmly invited. I, Philip Graves, hereby solemnly guarantee that 100% of donations using either of the buttons beneath, or the one at the top of the page, will be ploughed directly back into relevant book purchases that will then be catalogued here. Thank you for considering donating!

Do you have issues or volumes of the astrology magazines or astrological almanacs featured in our library catalogue that the library lacks, and that you may wish to sell or donate? Or do you perhaps have issues or bound volumes of certain other titles that are not yet represented in our library at all?

Alternatively, perhaps you have scarce books that the collection lacks altogether, lacks in the edition you have, or has but only in defective or damaged condition whereas yours are complete and undamaged? 

Or are you the author of a new book published this new century that the collection thus far lacks, and you wish to have included in this bibliography?

In all these cases, please do contact Philip on solger75 [at] or solger [at], or using the Contact Us form provided, to let him know what you have. Offers of donations are warmly welcomed, and he will pay shipping costs on articles of sufficient interest.

If you are in the Americas, a U.S. mailing address is available. Our direct address in Europe may be more suitable if you live elsewhere.

Even if you do not have scarce books or journals to donate, you can also help build the archive by directly donating funds, which will be used in their entirety to make additional purchases of carefully chosen relevant books and journals that will then also be catalogued here.

Thank you for your interest in helping build the archive! It is our long-term vision to turn it into a permanent and accessible repository of astrological history and knowledge, of service to astrologers, historians, scientists and other researchers worldwide.



[1] NB: This bibliography is not public domain. All parts of the bibliography, including the index, contents and HTML programming, are strictly copyright-protected. They may not be copied, in part or in whole, for use in any web site, database, publication, or file, commercial or non-commercial, or otherwise reprocessed, without the express prior authorisation of the director of Astrolearn, Philip M. Graves, who wrote and formatted the text, and programmed and developed the online resource. The bibliography is the product of time-consuming original research from costly sources. Thank you for respecting our copyright. 

Of course, you may however cite the bibliography as a source of information with an appropriate link to the particular page on which the material to which you wish to make reference was found.

[2] Much gratitude to the late Dave Roell, and to the very much still-living Austin Coppock and Rhonda S. Shuman, for their past successive invaluable offers of help taking delivery of books within the United States and forwarding them on internationally as consolidated shipments. These kind folk have helped in no small way to build the collection into what it is today.

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