Astrology Books and Papers by 26 Authors added in 2022

First entry, March 9th, 2022: 2022 has begun relatively slowly as a result of the need to save for essential works on the house. Much more still needs to be saved for, and taking into consideration the coming cost of living crisis occasioned by the sixfold increase in wholesale gas prices alongside a rapid rise in wholesale electricity prices since just twelve months ago, it is expected that the total number of books afforded this year will be a small fraction of those in each of the past three years. There are times for rapid collecting, and times for consolidation of what has been acquired already; and 2022 will be a year of consolidation. However, selective acquisitions will continue as far as spare means allows, with a focus particularly on second-hand rarities and, where affordable at all, essential new academic books. Books by 26 authors have been received so far this year, but many of these were already ordered from the USA in November and December 2021, and have been received and catalogued since as a result of onward consolidated international shipping being held back to the new year. Not all the books received so far are strictly astrological, with a few being other esoteric works by notable astrologers, for instance Descriptive Mentality by Holmes Whittier Merton, who also wrote Heliocentric Astrology and Solar Mentality under his pseudonym of Yarmo Vedra.


2022 book acquisitions by author, A-Z:

Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius (2021)

Bailey, Alice A. (1951)

Bohan, Gideon and Burnett, Charles, eds. (2021)

Boll, Franz (1910; 1911)

Carey, Dr. George W. (1919)

Colville, W. J. (1911 * 2)

Councel, Paul (1940)

Desmoulins, J.; Ambelain, R. (undated, c. 1937)

Exel, Jerry (1971)

Eyre, Thos. S. (1907)

Ferguson, Sibyl (1969)

Finey, Michele (2022)

Guenzi, Caterina (2021)

Heiduk, Matthias (2021 * 2)

Hughes, Edw. M. (1976)

King. Dr. Chancey D. (1969)

Merton, Holmes W. (1899)

Nayanar, E. R. (1951)

Raman, Bangalore Venkata (1966)

Rudhyar, Dane; Johnson, Forrest Judge (1976)

Schmalz, J. B. (1900)

Sepharial (undated, c. 1898)

Taub, Martha P. (copyrighted 1981 = c. 1985)

Williamson, Ray A., ed. (1981)

Wykes, Alan (1969)

Yadav, Nupurnima (2022)


All the books concerned have been integrated into the live catalogue. Please follow the links to the four-part A-Z books index from for their titles and full catalogue records, bearing in mind that the names of authors by whom no books were previously held will not be shown in the index, but their books will nonetheless appear in the correct alphabetical position in the relevant catalogue pages. 

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