Important Notice, January 15th 2022:

It has come to light that since our recent migration to new hosting, we have not received any contact form messages since December 8th, 2021. Nor are they stored in the system. Our IT support person is currently on holiday and is not expected to return until January 26th, 2022. Until this has been resolved, please instead send enquiries by direct email to Philip Graves (librarian) at [email protected].

Thank you for your understanding!



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    1. I congratulate you on your initiative and dedication. You will have created a fine resource for research. Astrology interests me for its influence on art and literature. I have written several books on the history of the Tarot, the most recent being , which deals more with symbolism and involves Manilius. I continue to research the subject. If you would like to have the book, send me a mailing address.

    2. Ronald, thank you for your comments. I have just sent you an email to the address you registered under on the site previously, and trust you will receive it safely.

    3. I have also tried the contact form and it doesn’t seem to work. Is there another way to reach you?

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