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    This mailbox is only accessible from my home computer and not from mobile devices while I am away working. I check it at least once a week, however. For more urgent enquiries, you can also email me directly on solger75 [at] – which I typically check at least twice a day.

    NB: I do not respond to sales approaches from companies trying to sell SEO, backlinks or website development services – there is no budget for any such work, and the website is managed by me alone, with occasional technical support from my elder brother. Please do not contact me requesting product placement postings on this website either – it’s not a commercial advertising space, and will be kept strictly to use as an astrological information resource.

    Philip Graves [librarian and Astrolearn website manager]

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    1. I congratulate you on your initiative and dedication. You will have created a fine resource for research. Astrology interests me for its influence on art and literature. I have written several books on the history of the Tarot, the most recent being , which deals more with symbolism and involves Manilius. I continue to research the subject. If you would like to have the book, send me a mailing address.

    2. Ronald, thank you for your comments. I have just sent you an email to the address you registered under on the site previously, and trust you will receive it safely.

    3. I have also tried the contact form and it doesn’t seem to work. Is there another way to reach you?

    4. Trying to find a color image of the cover of “Astrology Guide” from May-June 1942…

      Hi, I am assisting in a project to colorize an old magazine stand photo from 1942. In the photo, there is a copy of “American Astrology” (of which a color image of the cover has been found) and another partially-visible magazine that might be the “Astrology Guide” from May-June 1942.

      I see that you list a copy of this issue in your holdings. Is is possible that you could e-mail me a picture of the cover of that May-June Astrology Guide issue?


      Matt O’Connor

    5. I am seraching for back issues of Dell Horoscope Magazine date 1960 to 2004. Can this site provide copies of all those editions?

      • To Stuffedbabyalligator, I’ve just found your contact form message and emailed you back, but the server rejected your cited email address at a domain ending in .ent, so I tried changing the ending to .net and sending the same email again. If you haven’t received it, please write back here.

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