1. Astrology Links to Organisations, Associations and Conferences

American Federation of Astrologers – A long-established American astrological organisation offering professional certification, and home to the world’s largest recorded astrology library. Publishes a periodic Journal of Research (currently edited by Demetra George), and issues a slim printed newsletter to members once every lunar month. Also has served as an astrological publisher of many book titles since around 1970. Site includes a large astrological bookshop

Association for Astrological Networking – Organisation dedicated to promoting a positive media image for astrology and astrologers. Also offers a mentoring programme, and awards scholarships to successful applicants from within its member base

Astro Investigators – A collective statistical astrological research project, founded by Alphee Lavoie

Astrologisk Museum – An institution in Denmark with a focus on public education in the history of astrology. It includes a modest library whose main aim is to comprehensively collect and preserve Danish-language writings on astrology

Astrological Association of Great Britain – Leading British organisation, established in the late 1950s. Produces multiple publications including Correlation, which is dedicated to the scientific perspective upon astrology; the bimonthly Astrological Journal, in continuous publication since 1958; and Astrology & Medicine Newsletter

Astrological Lodge of London – Probably the longest-established astrological organisation in the English-speaking world today. Has published its journal Astrology Quarterly (founded by Charles Carter) almost uninterruptedly since 1926. Meets regularly in London, and runs an annual history of astrology lecture event there

Brotherhood of Light – Organisation formerly developed by and still closely associated with the late Elbert Benjamine, a.k.a. C. C. Zain

Centre d’Organisation des Méthodes d’Astrologie Conditionaliste – Organisation founded by veteran French astrologer and intellectual Jean-Pierre Nicola, representing a distinctive, modern approach to astrological philosophy and interpretation

Cielo e Terra – Italian organisation dedicated to the study of classical astrology, founded by the late Giuseppe Bezza and Marco Fumagalli

Continuum – the Jim Lewis Foundation – Site run by a trust established by the late Jim Lewis to promote the practice of the technique of Astro*Carto*Graphy that he developed. Includes a host of articles on the subject, as well as links to externally hosted ones. The trust is administered by experienced American astrologer and astrological writer Karen McCauley

Fedération des Astrologues Francophones – French professional body with a distinct and controversial modernising agenda that is binding upon its members, denigrating the use of astrology for predictive purposes and establishing it essentially as a secondary aid to client counselling. Includes page of links to the websites of members, some of whom also offer courses

Federation of Australian Astrologers – Main astrological organisation serving Australia

International Society for Astrological Research – A modern astrological organisation active since the late 1960s. International by design and in its membership, but with headquarters in the United States. Publishes three journal issues per year in either electronic or (for an additional charge) printed format, available exclusively to members

Kepler Conference – Home page of a recently instituted annual astrological research conference

Kosmobiologische Akademie – German organisation representing Reinhold Ebertin’s methods (cosmobiology), headed to this day by his son Baldur (born 1933). Holds annual conferences

National Council for Geocosmic Research – A modern American astrological organisation and educational institution, offering multiple levels of professional certification and issuing a couple of substantial journal issues per year, included automatically in memberships but also available for separate sale to non-members after a period of time

Northwest Astrological Conference – An annual lecture conference held in Seattle, Washington, originally organised by the late Maggie Nalbandian. Many archived lecture recordings from past years are available for purchase from Astrologyetal, the shop formerly run by Maggie and now operated by her son Gregory

Österreichisch Astrologische Gesellschaft – Leading Austrian astrological organisation, claiming to be the oldest astrological organisation in the world (established 1908). Currently headed by Brigitte Strobele; Wolfgang Tomsits is vice-President. Formerly published the serious astrology journal Tradition und Fortschritt der Klassischen Astrologie (later renamed Qualität der Zeit). Offers a programme of astrological education

Philosophical Research Society – Organisation founded by the late Manly Palmer Hall

Recherche en Astrologie par des Méthodes Scientifiques – Organisation dedicated to scientific research into astrology, formerly animated by the late Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch. Has previously published the scientific astrological research journal Les Cahiers du RAMS. Francis Santoni and Yves Lenoble are the surviving founders. It is not currently active, but is appealing for members.

Research Grants for the Critical Study of Astrology – Privately funded British body sponsoring scientific astrological research. Overseen by Pat Harris, editor of Correlation

Sabian Assembly – Organisation founded by the late Marc Edmund Jones. Website includes some useful resources

State of the Art Astrology Conference – An annual lecture conference organised by experienced and compassionate Canadian professional astrologer and popular astrological author Donna Van Toen; the details are hosted within her web site

Urania Trust – British organisation dedicated to supporting education in astrology

Uranian Society – Uranian Astrology interest group founded in 1980, whose current President is Liane Thomas Wade. The site offers sales of 29 downloadable audio lectures


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