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[1] For full details of each of the available books, please click on the individual titles spread across five pages in the store catalogue linked above. We shall be working on adding more provided that there is sufficient demand.

The previously operational DVD store is provisionally closed owing to the supplies and equipment needed to fulfil orders being out of service following international relocation. We have been advised that many new computers no longer contain DVD drives and compatibility issues have therefore precluded some customers from purchasing the DVDs. The individual files on the DVDs have therefore all now been made available as paid downloads without the need for postage instead.

[2] Because of social distancing regulations linked to the current novel coronavirus pandemic and the need for visitors to the library to be closely supervised and monitored, combined with delays to the removal of packaging from books acquired during the pandemic as a result of restrictions to access to the applicable local municipal recycling centre, personal visits are discouraged before summer 2021. In the meantime, you can still contract Graves to undertake remote research on your behalf subject to time availability.

[3] Please note that as of 2021, there are not currently any features of the website that are members-only. This will change in the future as more features are added. Also note that registered email addresses will be rejected by anti-spam software protecting the site if they are at domains commonly used by spambots, including,,, and If you normally use one of these email addresses, please register for an alternative email address to use in connection with your membership ofAastrolearn or write to Philip [solger75 [at]] to request a manually processed exception to the spam filtering, indicating your genuine interest in the astrological content of the website.

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  1. Hello Philip,
    I have some astrology and Catherine Victoria Thompson material on eBay. #s 202048590966, 362094531877, 202050370492, and 362096552624. Please let me know if you have received this. It would be nice to be in contact again.
    Best regards, Ron O’Callaghan

  2. Hi Years ago I bought “An Introduction To The Judgment of The Starres” by C. Dariot
    The holder it came in says its a Treatise on Astrology 17th/18th Century Back Cover Missing

    Anyway I would be interested in selling it but would like a valuation first so I know what to ask. Is this something I could pay you to do, If so [please let me know.


    Chris Peneguy

    • Hello, Chris!
      Just found your message now.
      I’d be glad to look at pictures so I can give you a ballpark idea of value. There would be no charge for this. I’d need to establish which edition and what printing it is.
      The dating on the holder is curious, since there was no 18th century edition so far as I’m aware, only 16th and 17th century ones.
      You can email pictures to me directly at solger75 [at] if wished.
      Thank you,

  3. Is this the same Phillip I co-managed a large MSN group with, traded books with Was aka Chironsmonad and I still have autograph KTB book & more
    Got some catch up to do & some to talk about starting w/declination
    Would be nice to be in contact again

    • Hi James, yes, it’s me, and I certainly remember you very well. I’ve been offline in Sweden most of the last week, just back again. So nice to hear from you again. Have often wondered what happened to you since we you were last active on the old group. Look forward to catching up more soon!

      • Sorry Philip for taking so long, hi Christopher.. I checked back about a week later and no change then life happens and I forgot til now .. I remember thinking this might be months before I might see a reply lol
        This would be alot simpler via gmail vs a board that doesn’t alert
        ~ jmdsg4
        Happy Holidays to you and yours

  4. Sorry Philip for taking so long, hi Christopher.. I checked back about a week later and no change then life happens and I forgot til now .. I remember thinking this might be months before I might see a reply lol
    This would be alot simpler via gmail vs a board that doesn’t alert
    ~ jmdsg4
    Happy Holidays to you and yours

  5. Dear Philip,

    May i know the proper way to reach you, the contact form is not working well. Thanks !


  6. Hi Philip my wife told me about you and a comment exchange from around 5 years ago regarding American Astrology magazine set and I don’t recall but I think at the time I didn’t have the money to purchase the set from that year.

    I have money and I’m looking to buy if you have them available still or know of someone who does?

    Thanks and talk soon

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