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[1] The DVD shop is presently temporarily closed owing to the supplies and equipment needed to fulfil orders being in storage during relocation  and the establishment of new premises, expected mid-2018. Please await further announcements.

[2] The CDs are outsourced to on-demand manufacturing and direct distribution facilities in the United States. Production copies of the first eighteen titles have been received and tested by us, and images and product pages are linked from the CD page in this site.

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  1. Hello Philip,
    I have some astrology and Catherine Victoria Thompson material on eBay. #s 202048590966, 362094531877, 202050370492, and 362096552624. Please let me know if you have received this. It would be nice to be in contact again.
    Best regards, Ron O’Callaghan

  2. Hi Years ago I bought “An Introduction To The Judgment of The Starres” by C. Dariot
    The holder it came in says its a Treatise on Astrology 17th/18th Century Back Cover Missing

    Anyway I would be interested in selling it but would like a valuation first so I know what to ask. Is this something I could pay you to do, If so [please let me know.


    Chris Peneguy

    • Hello, Chris!
      Just found your message now.
      I’d be glad to look at pictures so I can give you a ballpark idea of value. There would be no charge for this. I’d need to establish which edition and what printing it is.
      The dating on the holder is curious, since there was no 18th century edition so far as I’m aware, only 16th and 17th century ones.
      You can email pictures to me directly at solger75 [at] if wished.
      Thank you,

  3. Is this the same Phillip I co-managed a large MSN group with, traded books with Was aka Chironsmonad and I still have autograph KTB book & more
    Got some catch up to do & some to talk about starting w/declination
    Would be nice to be in contact again

    • Hi James, yes, it’s me, and I certainly remember you very well. I’ve been offline in Sweden most of the last week, just back again. So nice to hear from you again. Have often wondered what happened to you since we you were last active on the old group. Look forward to catching up more soon!

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