6. Astrology Links to Publications, Publishers, Books, and Bookstores

Astroamerica – Conserved former site of the late Dave Roell, who passed away in July 2014. Essentially a large online astrological bookshop notable for its proprietor’s unabashedly critical reviews of many of the books he stocked; but Roell also served as a reprinter of a range of classic astrological texts under his Astrology Classics imprint, which remains in distribution via print-on-demand. This archive includes the well-organised Subject Index for his shop and many of his weekly newsletters that ran from March 2009 to July 2014

Astro Computing Services – Well-established American company producing computerised astrological reports; also a publisher of astrology books since the early 1980s. The site includes a shop

Astrologyetal – Astrological and esoteric bookstore of Gregory Nalbandian, operating from Seattle

Astronova – Leading German astrological bookstore, run by Reinhardt Stiehle

Considerations Magazine – Free-to-view online archive of scans of every issue published of this serious astrology magazine run for many years by Ken Gillman but co-founded by the late Axel Harvey

Culture and Cosmos – Home page of the journal for the study of cosmology in culture, founded by Nick Campion. It appears twice a year, or in some cases as a single much larger double special issue

Dell Horoscope – Home of the American popular astrology magazine in continuous publication since October 1935. Overseen by charming long-serving editor Ronnie Grishman

Digital International Astrology Library – Patrice Guinard’s collection of web-links to scanned historical astrological texts, chiefly those hosted on university websites

Éditions Spiritualité Occidentale – French astrological publishing house, the joint venture of Denis Labouré (q. v. under ‘Devenir-Astrologue’ in Section 3 above) and Marc Neu; site also serves as a shop for Monsieur Labouré’s many excellent books

Flare Publications – British astrological publishing house founded and directed by Frank Clifford, offering some very worthwhile titles; has been rapidly expanding its range of publications in the 2010s, with more planned

Hexagon In Full Effect – Site of youthful American astrological magazine publisher Matt Savinar, representing his publication (new in 2015) Hexagon Astrology Magazine, which is distinguished by its style-conscious, sassy and witty values

Infinity Astrological Magazine – Recently launched collectively-authored originally online-only publication, with issues from September 2018 also available in limited print runs. Directed by well-studied young Serbian astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić, who is a mundane specialist and also offers professional astrological consultations through her personal site

Journal for the History of Astronomy – Important quarterly peer-reviewed journal in continuous publication since 1970, featuring frequent articles and book reviews of relevance to ancient astrology. Original editor Michael Hoskin retired at the end of 2014 after 45 years, and it is now edited by James Evans. Available by subscription in print (by special request of the publisher) and online formats

Journal of Skyscape Archaeology – New peer-reviewed academic journal edited by Fabio Silva and Liz Henty, founded in 2015, available by subscription in print and online formats

Linda Reid – Book sales page of the Australia-based experienced astrologer, offering three printed books and a further title in e-book form; a dear friend and a wise soul, Linda was until recently an active teacher of astrology who ran the Canopus Academy, but has now retired

London Astrology Shop – Barry Street’s astrology shop, trading for many years both online and as a real bricks and mortar store

Loop! Multilingual online astrology newspaper of German astrologer Susanne Riedel

Midheaven Books – Web archive for London-based astrologer John Etherington’s long-established Internet shop for astrology books, now closed down

The Mountain Astrologer – Leading independent American astrology magazine dedicated to serious articles on astrology, founded and directed by Tem Tarriktar

The Mutable Dilemma – Complete article text archive from this former magazine edited by the late Zipporah Dobyns from 1977-1999, presented at the site of her daughter Maritha Pottenger

Project Hindsight – Homepage of the historical astrological translations project headed by Robert Schmidt and Ellen Black. Notable for the numerous preliminary translations of Hellenistic and medieval astrological texts that they published between 1993 and 2001. They have since turned their attention exclusively to the Hellenistic period. The first volume of a planned permanent thirty-volume series entitled “The Astrological Record of the Early Sages” appeared in 2009. The remainder of the series has been delayed while Schmidt completes his research. Its eventual appearance remains eagerly awaited

Revelore Press – New esoteric publishing house directed by Dr. Jennifer Zahrt together with a team of scholarly collaborators. Publishing interests include magical traditions, esoteric philosophies and occult fictions, as well as astrology

Rubedo Press – Scholarly esoteric publishing house directed by academic historian Dr. Aaron Cheak. Publishing interests include historical, academic and research-focused astrological books, in addition to those concerned with other esoteric disciplines

Sophia Centre Press – Website of the publications arm of the Sophia Centre, q. v. above

Sophia Centre Student Journal – A free-to-view online publication featuring submissions by students and graduates of the above M. A. course. Currently edited by Rod Suskin. Hosted by the web site of the Sophia Project which serves as a collection of links to all related sites

Uranian Astrology Books – Shop of experienced and pleasant Uranian astrologer Penelope Bertucelli, leading distributor and retailer of Uranian astrology and cosmobiology books in the United States. The site also includes about ten scanned articles by different authors under the ‘News and Insights’ banner

Wessex Astrologer – Margaret Cahill’s site, leading publisher and retailer of astrological books in the United Kingdom, and European distributor of The Mountain Astrologer


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