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Presentations of Vintage Astrology Books

This page serves as a linking index to photograph albums[1] providing outline presentations in the form of galleries of digital images of some of the highlights of our archive’s collections of antiquarian astrology books[2] and vintage astrology magazines, with the intention of being generally instructive on the literary history of astrology.

Alan Leo’s Astrological Text Books

Alec Stuart

Alvidas (Henry Clay Hodges)

American Astrology Magazine covers

The Aquarian Age: sources

Andrea Argoli

Astrolearn DVD Artwork

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD disc designs

Astrologers (Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger feature)

Astrologische Bibliothek

G.-L. Brahy – Astro-Dynamique – Editions

L. D. Broughton – contemporary criticism

Dr. Nicholas Campion

Charles E. O. Carter – works

Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum – outline (unfinished)

Paul Choisnard tribute (Revue Belge d’Astrologie)

Henry Coley

G. W. Cunningham defence of astrology

Le Domigraphe-CAF de Jean Niclot

Pierre Duhem – Le Système du Monde – outline

Fakir Chandra Dutt

Ély Star – art covers

Cyril Fagan on the horoscope of Christ (American Journal of Astrology)

Friedrich Feerhow

Firmicus Maternus – edition comparison

French astrological journal first issues

John Gadbury

Llewellyn George

Henry J. Gordon

Graves Astrological Archive, January 2010 (bookshelves)

Graves Astrological Archive, August 2012 (bookshelves)

Graves Astrological Archive, September – December 2018 (overview)

Graves and AA Archive astrology library rooms before and after renovation

H. S. Green – The Horoscope in Detail, in detail

Alfred Max Grimm

Hamburg School – works

John Hazelrigg

(Dell) Horoscope magazine – early covers

Horoscopes of leaders (Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger features)

Indian Astrology books, older printings

H. C. James – Histoire de l’Astrologie (La Vie Mystérieuse)

Richard Kirby / John Bishop – The Marrow of Astrology – editions

Karl-Ernst Krafft

William Lilly

Conrad Moricand

Frank Earl Ormsby – editions

John Partridge

Maurice Privat

William Ramesey

Henrich Rantzau

Research Gladiator (obscure astrology magazine)

Vivian E. Robson

Francis Rolt-Wheeler

Alexander Ruperti – the Dane Rudhyar connection

Fritz Saxl

Gustav Schwickert – Fritz Werle original correspondence

Henri Selva – Le Déterminisme Astral


Viktor Stegemann

Richard Svehla

Alexander Thom

Carl Payne Tobey

W. J. Tucker

Varaha Mihira

Johannes Vehlow

Charles Virolleaud

Willis Whitehead vs. Ernest S. Green (Star of the Magi)

Wynn (Sidney K. Bennett) vs. Bart Bok


About Astrolearn Astrology Book
Photographic Digital Image Collection

This digital image collection presenting historical astrology books and magazines in photographic page scans is sourced exclusively in the original printings of the books that belong to our library.

The images were carefully scanned by us in full colour, and as photographs are not in the public domain. Please do not use them on your website or otherwise in connection with any promotional or commercial activities without our express prior approval. Thank you for respecting our photographic copyright.

All these photograph albums were temporarily hidden from public view while the archive was in transit.

The astrology book digital image collection was restored to open view in late February 2017.


How to Navigate the Photo Albums

To access the album you want, simply click on the link to it within the list above in this index page. The first page of that album will then start to load. Please be patient while the pictures are downloaded, since we do not use an expensive, fast server.

The pictures are now set in twin columns of 25 photographs each per page. Thus, there will be 50 displayed per page, if an album has 50 or more in total.

On February 25th 2017, the default display settings were changed to allow for this new format. You should find that the present uncropped and generous-sized thumbnails make for much clearer viewing at first glance than the previous default settings that put 200 tiny thumbnails on each page.

Once the thumbnails have loaded, it is further possible to click each individual thumbnail for a much larger display of just image. This is advisable if you want to read the text on the page without eyestrain.

Please note that at the bottom of each set of 50 thumbnails, for albums that contain more than fifty pictures, you will find a set of links to navigate to later pages in the album. If you enjoyed the first fifty, please don’t neglect to click ‘2’ and see the rest!

There is also an optional slideshow setting that can be engaged by clicking the link marked ‘Slideshow’ towards the top of each photo album.

In slideshow mode, one larger picture displays at a time. Every ten seconds, it is replaced by the next one in the album you are viewing, cycling through the album automatically at that rate. It may be possible to jump to the next picture faster by clicking the current one.

The default small display size limit for the astrology book pictures using the slideshow mode was also overridden on February 25th 2017 to allow for the present much more satisfactorily-sized viewing mode. We hope that the contents of this resource are now more readily enjoyable than previously!

Once you have finished browsing any one album, simply click ‘Images’ on the main navigation menu to return to this index page.

Two of the links in the index above are directed to albums presenting the Archive as a shelved library at two past dates. However, for security and privacy reasons, access to these albums is presently restricted to password-access only by pre-approved request until further notice. Please do not ask for approval unless we may verify your status as a trustworthy bona fide researcher via failsafe sources. It may help if we are already well-acquainted. Thank you for your understanding!


[1] Please note that many of the photograph albums here were originally put together for casual social media presentation purposes before optimal scanning protocols had been realised (as used on commercial Astrolearn DVD and CD products) in the late summer of 2013. In many cases, inferior adaptive compression technology was used instead of the lossless compression used on Astrolearn discs. The result is some choppiness to the shading of text and images in the affected albums. Your tolerance of these visual shortcomings here is kindly requested.

In the future, it is hoped to bring some of these albums up to date with new sources, and further to massively expand the range of presentational albums included on Astrolearn and linked from this page. Your requests are welcome. You may use the bibliography as a guide to what is potentially available to present. Please allow time for the further development of the presentations here.

Another feature that may be introduced and linked from this page in the future will be audio and video presentations. Again, your requests and suggestions are welcome.

If you find any images that are incorrectly rotated or otherwise faulty, or have questions arising from any of them, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

[2] NB: All original photography including scan photography of out-of-copyright printed sources is strictly copyrighted by Philip M. Graves and may not be reproduced in any other setting without his express prior permission.

Some works whose covers, tables of contents, title pages and prefaces / forewords are pictured may also still technically be under copyright for their authors or publishers. We have studiously avoided reproducing the main content of works known to be copyrighted today, but have endeavoured to illustrate some in outline without doing so, as well as reproducing occasional articles from magazines published before 1950, for educational purposes.

In the event that you believe yourself to be or represent the current copyright holder to any such inclusion, and you object to the minimal educational use made of the work in question as included in one of these albums, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may come to an amicable resolution of whatever issue may be of concern. Please note that we may seek to establish the authenticity and correctness of any such claims before taking action to remove content, but that we shall abide by the law and take appropriate action where it is duly called for. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation!


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