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5. Journals and magazines, English-language: (219)

A. A. F. Leader (Astrological Association of Florida)

Above & Below: Quarterly Almanac and Journal of Astrology

Adept, The

AFA Bulletin

AFA Convention Program

AFAN Newsletter

AMBIX: Journal of the Society for the Study of Alchemy and Early Chemistry

American Astrological Student, [The]

American Astrology

American Astrology Digest

American Federation of Astrologers Yearbook

American Journal of Astrology

Anubis / Out of the Silence

Apollon: the Journal of Psychological Astrology

Aquarian Agent, the

Aquarius Rising

ARAM Periodical


Archaeoastronomy: Supplement to Journal for the History of Astronomy

Archai: the Journal of Archetypal Cosmology

ASCendant, The: Journal of the Astrological Society of Connecticut

Ascendant, The: a Quarterly Magazine for Astrologers

Ascendant, The: The Official Journal of the Association for Young Astrologers

Aspect (Irish Astrological Association)

Aspects: a Quarterly Astrological Magazine

Association for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts Journal, The




Astro-Psychological Problems

Astro Talk

Astrolite, The: Articles on Practical Astrology

Astrologer, The (1)

Astrologer, The (2)

Astrologer’s Annual, The

Astrologer’s Apprentice, The

Astrologer’s Magazine, The

Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany, The (1)

Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany, The (2)

Astrologers’ Forum

Astrological Association Newsletter, The

Astrological Bulletin (Nixon)

Astrological Bulletin, The (Theodossiou)

Astrological Bulletina, The

Astrological Critic and Review, The

Astrological Journal, The

Astrological Magazine, The

Astrological Quarterly Review

Astrological Review, The

Astrology and Medicine Newsletter

Astrology and the Occult Sciences

Astrology Forecast Magazine

Astrology Guide

Astrology – How It Affects Your Life

Astrology Now

Astrology Researcher

Astrology: the Astrologers’ Quarterly

Astrology Today (New York)

Astrology Today (South Africa)

Astrology under Scrutiny

Astrology West

Astrology – Your Daily Horoscope

Astronomy & Astrology Review, The

Altanta Astrologer, The

Australian Astrologers Journal

Babylonian Sky Observer, The

Bland’s Astrology, with Supplement

Borderland: a Quarterly Review and Index

British Journal of Astrology, the / Old Moore’s Monthly Messenger

Broughton’s Monthly Planet Reader and Astrological Journal

CAO Times

Career Astrologer, the

CHTA: Center for Humanistic & Transpersonal Astrology

Coming Events

Conjuror’s Magazine, The


Constellations, The


Cosmecology Bulletin

Cosmobiology International

Cosmobiology Journal

Culture and Cosmos

Current Astrology


Delineator, The


Dublin Astrologer, The


Edinburgh Astrologer, The

Everyday Astrology

F. A. A. Journal, The

Faculty of Astrological Studies Newsletter

Fate & Destiny

Fate and Fortune

Fraternity News, The

Future, The

Geocosmic News / Magazine

Gnostica / Gnostica News


Hazelrigg’s Astrological Almanac / Herald

Heliogram: the newsletter of the NCGR Helio S.I.G.

Horary Practitioner, The

Horary Times

Horoscope, The (1)

Horoscope, The (2)

Horoscope (Dell)

Horoscope Guide (Connecticut / New Jersey)

Horoscope Guide (Pennsylvania)

Horoscope of the Stars

Horoscope Screen Album

Illustrated Astrology

Impractical Astrologer, The

In Search

Infinity Astrological Magazine

International Astrologer, [The]

International Astrology Magazine

International Journal of Divination and Prognostication

Journal for the History of Astronomy

Journal of Astrological Studies

Journal of Geocosmic Research

Journal of Geocosmic Research Monographs

Journal of the National Astrological Association

Journal of Research of the American Federation of Astrologers

Journal of Skyscape Archaeology

Journal of the Seasons


Macoy Astrological Digest

Matrix Journal

Matrix Magazine

Mercury Hour

Merriman Market Analyst, The

Modern Astrology (1)

Modern Astrology (2)

Mountain Astrologer, The

Mutable Dilemma, The

NASO Journal

National Astrological Journal (1)

National Astrological Journal (2)

NCGR Journal / Geocosmic Journal

NCGR Memberletter

NCGR Research Journal

New Age Interpreter

New Astrologer

New Astrology

New Frontier, The

New York Astrologer, The

Numerology Quarterly

[Occult and] Biological Journal, The

Occult Guide

Occult Review, The

Personal Astrology


Planet Watch

Planets and People


Popular Astrology

Popular Astrology and Astrological Bulletin

Practical Astrology


Primary Directions & History of Astrology, The


Prophetic Messenger, The



Research Gladiator

Rising Sign

Rising Star, The

Rose Dawn’s Modern Astrology

SAFAC Newsletter

Science and Astrology (1)

Science and Astrology (2)

Science of Prenatal Astrology, The

Scientific and Literary Messenger, The

Seattle Astrologer, The

Seed for Greater Living

Seer, The


Signs of the Times


Skeptical Inquirer, [The] / Zetetic [The]

Sphinx, The

Spica: a Review of Sidereal Astrology

Spirit of Partridge, The

Star Lore

Star Lore and Future Events

Star of the Magi

Star Tech

Stars and Planets

Stellar Ray, The

Stellium Quarterly: an Astrological Journal

Straggling Astrologer, The

Student Astrologer

Sybil Leek’s Astrology

Talisman, The

Time and Tide

Today’s Astrologer

Today’s Astrology

Tools of the Trade

Torch, The

Traditional Astrologer, The


Twentieth Century Astrologer, The

Twin Cities Motivator


Uranian Forum

Uranus (Astrological Lodge)

Weekly Horoscope, The

Welcome to Planet Earth

Whitman’s New World Astrology

World Astrology Magazine

Wynn’s Astrology Magazine

Year Book of the American Academy of Astrologians

Your Astrology Magazine (New York / Philadelphia)

Your Astrology Magazine (Connecticut)

Your Everyday Horoscope and Astrology

Your Personal Astrology Magazine

Yourself Magazine

Zetetic Scholar

Zolar’s Official Horoscope Magazine

Non-Astrological Esoteric Magazines (Miscellaneous)



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