ARAM Periodical (History of Astrology special issue only)


  • Abouzayd, Dr. Shafiq (sole issue held)

Publication credits:

  • ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, The Oriental Institute, University of Oxford, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 / Peeters, Bondgenotenlaan 153, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium (sole issue held)


  • Volume 24 (2012): Neo-Aramaic Dialects and Astrology in the Ancient Near East[1]


[1] The lectures presented in this volume are drawn from two conferences held at the Oriental Institute at the University of Oxford: “Neo-Aramaic Dialects”, 06-08 July 2009 and “Astrology in the Ancient Near East”, 08-10 July 2010. Eleven papers from the first conference (non-astrological), comprising pp. 1-174, are followed by fifteen from the second (astrological), comprising pp. 175-539. The authors of the papers in the astrological section include Dr. Nicholas Campion, Helen R. Jacobus, and a team comprising Dr. Rosalind Park and Bernard Eccles, along many others

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