7. Astrology Links to Astrological Software and Report Sales Companies

AIR Software – Web site of veteran American astrologer, horary specialist and astrological researcher Alphee Lavoie, offering sales of a host of astrological software programs developed by Alphee together with Sergey Tarasov, as well as the professional astrological counselling services of Alphee and Carole Lavoie

Astrodienst – Main part of the web site of one of the market leaders in computerised astrological report sales, headed by Alois Treindl and based in Switzerland. The site includes an exceptionally useful and versatile free astrological chart calculation resource (see Extended Chart Selection under ‘Free Horoscopes’), as well as busy forums, and a variety of articles (mostly reproduced from other printed sources), in addition to the educational resources separately linked from Part 4 above

Astrolabe – Main part of the web site of one of the leading astrological software companies in the United States, established in 1979. Headed by co-founder and Uranian astrology enthusiast Gary Christen, it offers various commercial astrology software titles including the popular Solar Fire, to which it claims to have recently purchased the rights from Esoteric Technologies (q. v. below), and computerised astrological reports

Astrolog – Long-established free astrology program of Walter D. Pullen, a popular favourite in the early days of the web and still going strong

Astrowin Astrology Software – Long-established resource of Allen Edwall, offering several free-of-charge astrology programs he has developed over the years, including old-favourite Astrowin, which has long had its fans as an alternative to Astrolog. His site also includes a few introductory articles on cosmodynes and a blog

Astrowow – Professional astrological reports sales portal of Adrian Ross Duncan, aimed at the general public

Aureas – French astrological publisher and software developer, headed by Francis Santoni, in business since the early 1980s. Produces the programs Astro-PC and Infociel, among others. Limited versions of the site are available in English, Italian and Spanish; but we recommend the main French version for the full range of books on offer

Cosmic Patterns – The astrological software company headed by David and Fei Cochrane. One of the world’s leading astrological software providers, home to the programs Sirius, Kepler and Pegasus, which can be customised with the addition of a wide range of separately sold prewritten astrological report programs licensed for report sales to clients. Personalised reports based on these programs are also retailed directly to the general public at low cost via sister site Star Guidance

Equinox Astrology – Robert Currey’s long-established shop for personal astrological reports

Esoteric Technologies – Australian software company headed by Stephanie Johnson, with the technical help of Zane Stein. Developed the popular commercial astrological software programs Solar Fire and Solar Writer. Online training in the use of these programs is offered by trainer Rhonda Buttery

Zodiac Logiciels d’Astrologie – Astrological software company of Belgian astrologer André van der Linden, producing the commercial programs Zodiac and Ouranos


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