5: Astrology Links to Personal Astrological Websites of Friends of Astrolearn and Other Prominent Astrologers

The following web sites, while not presently being deemed to meet the strict criteria for educational resources required of sections 2-4, are nonetheless worthy and admirable and represent the professional work of trusted friends and acquaintances in the astrological and archaeoastronomical communities, and selected other prominent astrologers. Sites of friends must have a clear astrological or archaeoastronomical theme to qualify for inclusion. Social media pages (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) will on no account be considered.

Abella Arthur – Intuitive Canadian consultant astrologer and tarot reader

Alex Trenoweth – Lively British consultant astrologer and statistical astrological researcher

Alison Chester-Lambert – Professional website of the friendly, outgoing and hospitable British consultant astrologer

Ambient Astrology – Home page of sensitive American consultant professional astrologer and researcher Kate Petty

Ang Stoic – Australia-based professional consultant astrologer

Ask Elka Astrology – Professional home page of American consultant astrologer, nutritionist and alternative therapist Leeat Elka Fleischer

Astrall – English-language site of genial Russian astrologer Marina Rusinova, serving as a marketplace linking professional consultant astrologers to prospective clients. The site is still under development at the time of writing and not yet fully functional

Astro Inquiry – Home page of dynamic and engaging American professional consultant astrologer and dream interpreter Frederick Woodruff

Astro Think – Site of friendly Italian-American professional consultant astrologer and skyscape photographer Gaia Somasca

Astrological Mind – Home page of Australia-based professional consultant astrologer and traditional astrology teacher Eve Dembowski, who teaches with the School of Traditional Astrology, q. v. above

Astrologie Praktijk – Site of genial Dutch professional consultant astrologer and astrology teacher Tienka Atema, who has studied modern psychological, medieval and traditional horary astrology and teaches with the School of Traditional Astrology, q. v. above 

Astrologus – Site of Polish professional astrologer Tomasz Winski. Includes a growing archive of astrological blog postings

Astrology Dating – Astrological matchmaking service of Hilary Young

Astrology Explored – Home page of experienced American professional consultant astrologer and astrological writer Beth Turnage

Astrology Questions and Answers – Professional home page of Scottish consultant astrologer Anne Whitaker

Astrology-Source – Site of American professional consultant astrologer Toni Thomas

Astrology Truth – Web site of Steve Tuffill, a professional consultant astrologer. Included are articles explaining some of the mysteries of astrology, educational articles by guest astrologers Sue Kientz and Zell Bodine, and contributions by students

Astrology With Melody – Home page of professional consultant astrologer Melody Scott Zindell, offering natal, relationship, wedding date and Astro*Carto*Graphy readings

AstroScope Me – Site of experienced Australian professional astrologer Rob Tillett, aimed at the mass public, and produced in collaboration with a team of media astrologers, but is distinguished by the inclusion of a well-produced guide to the fixed stars and a dictionary of astrology

Astrovedas – Site of British professional consultant astrologer Adam Smith, offering both western and vedic astrological readings

Astroxa – Home page of experienced mundane astrologer and astrological researcher Anna-Cristal de Lyon

Babs Kirby – Thoughtful and sensitive experienced British professional consultant astrologer, and astrological author, teacher and lecturer. Offers a range of lectures and workshops on demand to interested groups 

Barbara Goldsmith – Experienced British professional consultant astrologer, counting financial astrology readings among her specialities

Bogdan Krusinski – Polish astrological software developer and writer; this is the English-language version of his web site

Britt Luneborg – American consultant astrologer and astrological blogger, researcher and lecturer. Also sells printed reports

Celestial Insight – Home page of Australian professional astrologer and astrological author Michelle Finey. She offers mentoring and personal coaching, and publishes a monthly forecasting newsletter.

Classic Legend Books – Quirkily designed site officially representing the professional work of best-selling karmic astrology author Martin Schulman. Offers professional astrological consultations with Schulman himself and automated reports; and his classic books narrated in his own voice, or as PDF downloads

David Crook – Sage and popular American consultant professional astrologer and artist. Minimalist home page with his contact details

Deb Houlding – Personal home page of the leading English traditional astrologer. Includes links to several of her articles at Skyscript, q. v.  in the educational resources section (4) above

Debbie Worthington – Consultant astrologer, tarot reader, reiki practitioner and Bach flower essence therapist, operating from Brazil (site is in Portugese)

Diana Brownstone – Experienced and sought-after professional consultant astrologer and columnist, based in New York City

Diane Samsel – Consultant professional astrologer who has studied under Noel Tyl

Ed Tamplin – Experienced and magnanimous Australian professional astrologer and mundane analyst

Eileen Grimes – Experienced professional consultant astrologer and astrological author, also offering mentorship and developing classes

Elemental Cosmos – Site of American professional consultant astrologer Caleb Kent Grayson, who styles himself an Elemental Theorist specializing in theory of astrology and metaphysics of astrology with particular emphasis on an elemental based theory of astrology

Esoteric Astrology – Home page of experienced American professional consultant astrologer Adele Berger Wilson, who also makes astrologically themed jewellery and is an accomplished wildlife photographer

Faye Cossar – New Zealand-born consultant professional astrologer and therapist now resident in Amsterdam, where she runs the Amsterdam School of Astrology (this link was not working at time of writing). Produces a monthly astrological newsletter aimed at business people

Fertility Astrology – Site of British professional astrologer and fertility astrology specialist Nicola Smuts-Allsop

Golden Sun Astrology – Site of South African professional consultant astrologer, workshop leader and mentor Karen James

Heart House Astrology – Site of American intuitive and holistic professional consultant astrologer Helene Cierzo

Heavenly Writing – Site of American professional consultant astrologer Michelle Gould

Hermes Half Hour – Site of experienced American professional consultant astrologer and lecturer Douglas Noblehorse

Hilary Harley – American professional consultant astrologer and reiki practitioner

Janet Markham – Canadian professional astrologer, astrology teacher and aromatherapist

Jenn Zahrt – Scholar of the history of astrology in Germany, Kepler College librarian, professional consultant astrologer, editor, esoteric publisher, and all-round bright spark

Jerry Brignone – Professional consultant astrologer, astrological workshop leader, author and lecturer in Argentina

Jim Shawvan – Widely knowledgeable American consultant professional astrologer

Joyce Lambert – Home page of a thoughtful British professional consultant astrologer

Julian Venables – UK-based professional consultant astrologer with a broad knowledge of traditional and modern techniques

Julie Demboski – Sensitive professional consultant astrologer and analyst of the current astrological weather

Karen Hamaker-Zondag – Personal professional home page of the experienced Jungian psychological astrologer and widely-published popular astrological author. Includes a calendar of her upcoming workshops, lists of her published books and articles (though it does not include the articles themselves), and a detailed professional biography

Kjell Pettersson – Swedish astrological researcher with a special interest in the astrology of the Swedish Royal Family

Kreative Astro-Projekte – Site of German astrologer and producer of astrologically-themed music Yvonne Lech, who has also teamed up with another designer to create a range of astrologically-themed jewellery, and with an illustrator to create an astrologically-themed song calendar – among other fun creative projects

Laura Boomer-Trent – Kind-hearted British professional consultant astrologer and former astrological television presenter; takes a spiritual approach

Leah Whitehorse – Home of a compassionate and experienced English consultant astrologer

Leisa Schaim – American professional consultant astrologer, specialising in natal and electional astrology

Los Angeles Astrologer – Home page of experienced American professional consultant astrologer and numerologist Bill Mayer Montmorency

Lynn Bell – Experienced professional astrologer and lecturer taking a modern psychological approach

Madame Zolonga – Dynamic and witty astrological writer, blogger, speaker and consultant astrologer Lucy Zolonga

Maralyn Burstein – Thoughtful and well-studied American professional consultant astrologer, with knowledge of western, Vedic, Renaissance and Hellenistic astrology

Maricy Vogel – Brazilian professional consultant astrologer, nowadays resident in the United States. Her web site is in Portugese, and she continues to regularly visit Brazil for meetings with clients

Martin Davis – Locality astrology expert, consultant professional astrologer and wise, compassionate human being

Mary Fortier Shea – Experienced professional consultant astrologer and author, specialising in astrological forecasting and electional astrology

Mary Plumb – American professional consultant astrologer, lecturer, and leading reviewer of books and web sites for The Mountain Astrologer. Also offers mentoring and workshops, and editing services

Matthew the Astrologer – Home page of consultant professional astrologer Matthew Currie

Michael Lutin – Experienced and popular analyst of the astrological weather, author, and consultant professional astrologer

Michele Adler – Home page of the experienced American professional astrologer, teacher and author

Michelle Young – Experienced and deeply compassionate western and Hindu astrologer, astrological writer and community manager

Moon Coach – Site of American professional consultant astrologer and tarot reader Silvia Pancaro

Myth Mandala – Home page of professional astrological life coach Heather Renae Horton

Naomi Bennett – American astrologer, lecturer and writer specialising in propagating the methods of the late Carl Payne Tobey

Neeti Ray – Sensitive modern psychological astrologer, based in India but uses western methods

New Age Astrology Magazine – Greek-language site of Greek astrologer Vasilis Papadolia. Features video talks and articles presented in a continuous ream

Nick Dagan-Best – Popular Canadian mundane enthusiast, professional consultant astrologer and lecturer

Pam Thiel – Experienced American professional consultant astrologer, home page

Patrick Curry – Personal professional web site of the celebrated British historian, whose books include two standards on the history of early modern astrology. Site includes lists of his past publications on a host of different subjects, and offers a few of his past published articles on divination for free download

Peter B. Roth – American professional consultant astrologer, spiritual healing counsellor and nutritional advisor

Planetary Calendar – Site of American professional consultant astrologer and astrological calendar publisher Carole Cherry

Pro Astrologer – Site of experienced consultant professional astrologer Frank Piechoski. Also includes a small selection of his archived articles

Raphael Simons – Professional consultant western and Chinese astrologer, Chinese astrology teacher, hypnotherapist, psychic, tarot reader, and best-selling writer on Feng Shui

Read the Stars – Professional home page of American consultant astrologer, life coach and hypnotherapist Judi Vitale

Richard Nolle – Experienced American consultant professional astrologer; this is his professional services and contact page, also within the AstroPro site whose articles page was shown above

Rock Star Astrologer – Site of professional astrological counsellor, tarot reader, reiki master, and jewellery and candle artist Starlene Breiter

Ronnie Dreyer – Vedic astrology teacher and practitioner, and much-published astrological author

Rose Astrology – Home page of American professional consultant astrologer and artist Kathy Rose

Ruling Planets – The main part of Christopher Renstrom’s professional site, aimed at a general public readership

Safari Grey – Professional home page of the brilliant young British classical historian, whose special interests include astral religion, cosmology, magic and divination, and astronomical architecture. She is also an active archaeologist. Examples of her academic papers appear under the heading ‘Blog’ within her site

Sagittarian Mind – Astrological blog of American professional consultant astrologer Jason Fleming, with a strong emphasis on details of birth chart interpretation, thus educationally valuable for beginners. Includes contact details for his professional reading services

Science-Astrology – Astrological blog of Greek astrologer Thomas Gazis, featuring over 100 archived articles (many on historical topics) and mundane analyses

Seeing With Stars – Home page of consultant professional astrologer and Solar Fire software developer Stephanie Johnson; also includes a few articles

Sharon Knight – Sage and experienced British professional consultant astrologer with a leaning towards traditional astrology techniques

Soul Vision Consulting – Home page of professional consultant astrologer and author Eric Meyers. Has begun to teach occasional online classes in his approach, and plans to develop a fuller educational programme in the future

Spiritsong Oasis – Site of American professional consultant astrologer, aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and spiritual counsellor Mary O’Shannon 

Starcana – Professional home page of Suzi Cavallo Dronzek, American intuitive life reader, using astrology and tarot. Her site includes a blog interpreting the current astrological weather

Stephanie Gailing – Consultant professional astrologer, dietician, healthy lifestyle guide and Bach flower essences specialist

Sue Tompkins – British professional consultant astrologer, teacher, and best-selling author

Susie Cox – American professional consultant astrologer, astrology teacher, astrological columnist, and popular astrology author

Svetlana Manukhina – Russian professional consultant astrologer, simple Russian-language site comprising a blog and her contact details

Tad Mann – World-renowned astrological author, lecturer and consultant professional astrologer

Timesmithing – Home page of American professional consultant astrologer Althea Misty Day

Tore Lomsdalen – Norwegian consultant professional astrologer and archaeoastronomical researcher. His site also includes a few original articles and several interviews with astrologers that have been previously published elsewhere

Tucson Astrologer – Home page of American professional consultant astrologer, tarot reader, life coach, hypnotherapist and alternative therapist Nancy Cohen

Unlock Astrology – Site of popular American professional consultant astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds

Victor Olliver – British consultant professional astrologer and astrological journalist. Currently editor of The Astrological Journal, the main publication of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, q. v. above

Virginia Bell – American professional consultant astrologer, astrological columnist and lecturer

Wade Caves – Professional home page of a dedicated young scholar and teacher of Renaissance astrology, detailing his calendar of lectures, webinars and workshops, and his professional horary and electional astrology consultation services. Teaches with the School of Traditional Astrology, q. v. above. Site also includes link to a separate site containing a small number of his articles

William Stickevers – American professional consultant astrologer, offering personal, business, horary, electional and locational readings, and also low-cost automated reports. His site includes an extensive archived blog focused on mundane astrological concerns, including predictions

Zane Stein – Professional consultant astrologer and pioneering researcher of the centaurs in astrology


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