Astrologer, The (1)

Full title:

  • The Astrologer. Composed of 12 Monthly Parts Treating on the Science of Astrology, Medical Botany, etc. – Contains Lessons on the Science, Comments and Remarks by Various Authors, Household and Medical Recipes, Birthday Information, Letters from Correspondents, together with a Fund of Useful and Valuable Information, much of which cannot be found in any other Work (all vols.)


  • Powley, P.[1], Professor of Astrology and Medical Botany, all issues
  • Powley, 1 Salisbury Gardens, Park Avenue, Hull (cover credit, December 1889 issue)

Publication credits:

  • Foulsham, 4, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill, E. C., London (all issues)[2]


  • Volume I No. 1, July 1887. 24pp
  • Volume I No. 2, August 1887. [pp. 25-48]
  • Volume I No. 3, September 1887. [pp. 49-72]
  • Volume I No. 4, October 1887. [pp. 73-96]
  • Volume I No. 5, November 1887. [pp. 97-120]
  • Volume I No. 6, December 1887. [pp. 121-144]
  • Volume I No. 7, January 1888. [pp. 145-168]
  • Volume I No. 8, February 1888. [pp. 169-192]
  • Volume I No. 9, March 1888. [pp. 193-216]
  • Volume I No. 10, April 1888. [pp. 217-240]
  • Volume I No. 11, May 1888. [pp. 241-264]
  • Volume I No. 12, June 1888. [pp. 265-284]
  • Volume II No. 1, July 1888. 24pp
  • Volume II No. 2, August 1888. [pp. 25-48]
  • Volume II No. 3, September 1888. [pp. 49-72]
  • Volume II No. 4, October 1888. [pp. 73-96]
  • Volume II No. 5, November 1888. [pp. 97-120]
  • Volume II No. 6, December 1888. [pp. 121-144]
  • Volume II No. 7, January 1889. [pp. 145-168]
  • Volume II No. 8, February 1889. [pp. 169-192]
  • Volume II No. 9, March 188. [pp. 193-216]
  • Volume II No. 10, April 1889. [pp. 217-240]
  • Volume II No. 11, May 1889. [pp. 241-264]
  • Volume II No. 12, June 1889. [pp. 265-284]
  • Volume III No. 1, July 1889. 24pp
  • Volume III No. 2, August 1889. [pp. 25-48]
  • Volume III No. 3, September 1889. [pp. 49-72]
  • Volume III No. 4, October 1889. [pp. 73-96]
  • Volume III No. 5, November 1889. [pp. 97-120]. (Former owner’s red-inked note to upper margin of p. 120.)
  • Volume III No. 6, December 1889. [Front cover featuring table of contents] + [pp. ii-iv of advertisements] + [pp. 121-144] + [pp. v-viii of advertisements]
  • Volume III No. 7, January 1890. [pp. 145-168]
  • Volume III No. 8, February 1890. [pp. 169-182] + [single-sided double-page illustration] + [pp. 183-192]
  • Volume III No. 9, March 1890. [pp. 193-216]
  • Volume III No. 10, April 1890. [pp. 217-237] + [1 page of advertisements]
  • Volume III No. 11, May 1890. [pp. 239-262]
  • Volume III No. 12, June 1890. [pp. 263-284]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Volume I, Volume II, Volume III Nos. 1-4 and Volume III Nos. 6-12 bound without original individual issues covers, together with Fate and Fortune (q. v. below), in a single volume with cloth front board and spine and paper-covered rear board (both boards detached; heavy wear to outer corners of front board, lower outer corner of rear board and bottom edge of rear board)
  • Vol. III No. 6 additionally held as original separate issue. Staplebound pamphlet
  • Each constituent nominal volume prefixed with separate title page backed with small illustration, followed by printed index comprising pp. 3-4, followed by bound-in old hand-inked additional index on lined paper
  • Each constituent nominal volume continuously paginated thereafter from pp. 1-284. In Volume I, the demarcation between issues is less than apparent but can reasonably be deductively estimated along the lines suggested above; in Vols. II and III, the demarcation is either expressly stated or unambivalently clearly apparent
  • Sole copy of Vol. III No. 5, Nov. 1889, held as part of a separate bound volume in (edgeworn) half leather with marbled paper-covered boards. This vol. also contains duplicates of all other issues in Vol. III of the present title, and is likewise bound with the complete four-issue run of Fate and Fortune. Uniquely, it is also bound with Sepharial’s Astrological Judgement on the Great Eclipse of 1889’, q. v. under books


[1] ‘Compiled by’ according to title pages to Vols. I and II; ‘Compiled and edited by’ according to title page to Volume III. Powley’s personal address is given on the original front cover of another copy I have seen of the Dec. 1889 issue as 1, Salisbury Gardens, Park Avenue, Hull.

[2] Another copy I have seen of the June, 1890 issue, with its original front cover, lists Foulsham as a distributor alongside several others: Star Publishing Co., 19, Wilkinson Street, Birkenhead; The Occult Publishing Co., 120, Fremont Street, Room 55, Boston, Mass.; Chas. H. Bamford, 87, Little Collins Street East, Melbourne, Australia; Sir R. Bear, 5, Park Street, Sydney, Australia; Mr. E. Hall, General Post Office, Sydney, Australia; and Mr. J. W. Jones, 35E, First South St., Salt Lake City (America). The overall publication credit on this cover is given to: The Occult Publishing Co. of Great Britain, 5, Savile Street, Hull. Powley’s personal address at this time is given as Waterworks Street, Hull.

These details notably differ from those on the December 1889 issue to hand, whose front cover credits only the publisher (Foulsham) at 4, Pilgrim Street, Ludgate Hill, London, together with Powley’s personal address, which at that time is 1, Salisbury Gardens, Park Avenue, Hull, indicating that he was to move within Hull within six months of that date.

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