In Search

Full title:

  • In Search: an International Astrological Quarterly (all issues)

Editor: Jayne, Charles A., Jr. (all issues)

Publication credits:

  • Astrological Research Associates, New York, N. Y (all issues held)


  • Volume I No. 1, Spring 1958
  • Volume I No. 2, Summer 1958
  • Volume I No. 3, Autumn 1958
  • Volume I No. 4, Winter 1959
  • Volume II No. 2 [sic], Spring 1959
  • Volume II No. 2, Summer 1959. (Rear cover detached and chipped)
  • Volume II No. 3, Autumn 1959
  • Volume II No. 4, Winter 1960
  • Volume III Nos. 1 and 2, Spring & Summer 1960
  • Spring 1961
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  1. Hello, Ammon! I’m sorry I didn’t spot your message before today.
    All the issues shown on this page are present in the library already as original issues, so we’re only missing those after Summer 1960 at this point in time, but I’d be interested to know the condition of your Spring 1958 copy. I could then check the condition of the one we have to see if yours is materially better. And if not, In Search is still an important journal and I’m sure there will be a market for it.
    Thank you,
    Philip Graves (Astrolearn librarian)

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