Twentieth Century Astrologer, The

Full title:

  • The 20th Century Astrologer (Aug. – Dec. 1898)
  • The XXth Century Astrologer (Jan. 1899)


  • [Astor][1] (all issues held, implictly)

Publication credits:

  • Astrologer Publishing Company, St. Paul Building, New York (all issues held)


  • Volume 2 No. 1 August 1898
  • Volume 2 No. 2, September 1898
  • Volume 2 No. 3, October 1898
  • Volume 2 No. 4, November 1898
  • Volume 2 No. 5, December 1898
  • Volume 2 No. 6 January 1899


[1] The identity of the editor is apparent chiefly from his office, in private advertising of his within the journal, being at the same address as the office of the publication. He is also the subject, in one issue, of a generous third-party report on a trip to his office for an astrological consultation. His first name is not yet known, but I seem to recall seeing the initials ‘J. D’. in front of it in one of the issues.

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