Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany, The[1] (1)

Full Title: (from overall volume title page, dated 1794)

  • The Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany. Consisting of An Easy Introduction to the Celestial Science of Astrology. The Art of setting a Figure to any Time proposed. Signification of the Houses, lanets, Signs, and Aspects. Position, Motion, and Influences, of the Heavenly Bodies. Rules and Examples to Resolve all Lawful Horary Questions. How to calculate Nativities, exemplified by the Genitures of many illustrious Persons. Lives of eminent Philosophers. Singular Prophecies. Chymical Secrets. Medical Prescriptions. Extracts on interesting Subjects, from the Foreign and Domestic Philosophical Transactions. With a Monthly Portion of Lavater’s Physiognomy, embellished with Several Hundred Etchings and Engravings, illustrative of the Science. Volume I of the New Series, and Volume III of the Work


  • [Lemoine, Henry] (all issues, presumed from historical records although not expressly stated and therefore open to some doubt)

Publication credits:

  • Printed for W. Locke, No. 12, Red Lion Street, Holborn, London


  • August, 1793. [2] + [pp. 3-16] + [pp. 9 (2) – 48] 
  • September, 1793. [2] + [pp. 51-6] + [pp. 49-50] + [pp. 51 (2) – 80]
  • October, 1793. [2] + [pp. 83-120]
  • November, 1793. [2] + [pp. 123-168]
  • December, 1793. [2] + [pp. 171-183] + [p. 84 (2)] + [pp. 185-199] + [p. 20 (2)]
  • January, 1794. (Defective: lacks pp. 235-6). [2] + [pp. 203-4] + [p. 105 (2)] + [pp. 206-8][2] + [pp. 229-234][3] + [pp. 237-250]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Single, continuously (though erratically) paginated volume in old half-leather (heavily worn at outer corners; lightly chipped at extremities of spine; both boards detached but front board loosely re-attached with clear tape down inner margins) with paper-covered boards (scuffed and edgeworn). Contents printed in dual columns throughout. (Ex-library copy with occasional innocuous marginal library stamps.) Vol. commences with [1 leaf] (= vol. title page) and ends with [2 pp] = Index.


[1] The continuation of the title formerly known as ‘The Conjuror’s Magazine’, q. v. below. Although only the first six issues under the new title are typically found in bound form, as here, the Harry Price collection at the University of London is catalogued to hold numerous later isolated issues from the following four or so years, uniquely to library records worldwide. Thus it seems clear that publication continued for quite some time after February 1794, but that as a result of the failure to re-issue the later issues in bound form, they have become exceptionally scarce.

[2] Despite the 20-page gap in pagination here, contents are continous. The table of contents refers to pp. 223-8 for the contents found at pp. 203-8.

[3] The leaf that should comprise pp. 235-6 has unfortunately been torn out by a previous reader from this copy, leaving a visible stub as evidence of its former presence

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