Current Astrology


  • Holze, Walter H. (Fall 1943)
  • Meyer, Charles F. and Vorel, Irys (Oct. 1949 – Jan. 1951)

Publication Credits:

  • Harle Publications, Inc., 29 Worthington St., Springfield 3, Mass. / 215 Fourth Ave., New York 3, N. Y. (all issues held)


  • Volume 2 Number 4, Fall 1943. (Chipping to upper outer corner of front cover; 1.2 cm chip lost from rear cover; separation to bottom inch and top cm of front hinge and to top 2cm and bottom cm of rear hinge; several short tears to outer edge of rear cover; short tear to outer edge of front cover and first 44 pages within, not touching text.; slight chipping to upper outer corners of a few internal pages.)
  • Volume 8 Number 5, October – November 1949
  • Volume 9 Number 4, August – September 1950. (Light chipping to foot of spine.)
  • Volume 9 Number 6, December 1950 – January 1951. (Light chipping to lower outer corner and part of bottom edge of front cover.)
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