The Planetary Hours

Full title:

  • The Planetary Hours and the Soli-Lunar Calendar [xxx] For North America – A recovery of the ancient soli-lunar calendar of the Chaldean astrologers (sole issue held)

Editor: none declared[1]

Publication credits: none present


  • Last half of 1938. This copy signed ‘Joe and Thyrza Jones’ to front cover and ‘Thyrza Escobar’ to first inner page, with former label of First Temple and College of Astrology to front cover. [Front cover backed with content] + [20] + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Small, narrow-format staplebound pamphlet (sole issue held)


[1] However, the advertising on the inside of the rear cover is all for publications by L. H. Weston, strongly indicating that he was the publisher; the likelihood that he was also the editor would seem high

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