Midland Counties’ Almanac Advertiser, The


  • Anonymous (both issues held)

Publication credits:

  • None given


  • [For 1861] (undated but date inferred from internal evidence). (Pages 104-5 partly glued together at a central spot; need professional separation.) [126 pp]
  • [For 1862] (undated but date inferred from internal evidence). [156 pp]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • 1861 issue: Part of a half-leather volume with paper-covered boards.
  • 1862 issue: Part of a half-leather volume with paper-covered boards (leather slightly scuffed at extremities of spine and outer corners of boards).
  • 1862 issue: no title is present since the original paper covers are missing. But it is presumed, from an advertisement on first page for Wm. R. Newcomb, Midland Counties’ Steam Press and Wholesale Paper Warehouse, High-st., Stamford, to be ‘The Midland Counties Almanac Advertiser’ or the present year’s equivalent



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  1. Hi There, I am researching my Newcomb family from Stamford in particular William Robert Newcomb (4th great grandfather) in the Lincolnshire directory it states he is the publisher of this almanac (hence my googling and finding this page.)

    • Hi Simone,

      How absolutely delightful to get your message about your family connection to the publishers of this almanac! I’m sure if you have seen the almanac itself you’ll agree it’s a mine of fascinating local history. If not, I hope you will.

      The two successive issues in my collection are there purely by the chance of someone having bound them up at the time with astrological almanacs from the same years, and these bound volumes having been among a lot I then purchased in the United States a few years ago. So they have been across the ocean and back again. Although my collection is currently in storage while between homes, I shall unearth these copies again eventually.

      Are you resident in another country? And have you had the chance to visit Stamford? There might be local archives there with a lot of information in them, or in another library in Lincolnshire.

  2. Williams son Stanley moved to New Zealand which is where our family remains. (Actually a number of his sons came to New Zealand, one in Chile, South Africa – but all appear to have been told of our connection to Lincolnshire) I am planning on visiting Stamford and have been focused on researching as much as possible prior to my visit.

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