Ladies Birthday Almanac

Editor: Anonymous (sole issue held)

Publication credits:

  • Published by the Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tennessee (sole issue held)


  • For the Year 1899 (pub. 1898). Original paper covers (covers and all pages chipped at upper outer corners, and severely torn at upper inner corners with some chipping but most of the torn corners still hanging on; front cover chipped at lower outer corner and slightly torn and worn to part of text near inner margin). Staplebound pamphlet. (Small insect bore-hole in outer edges of all leaves from p. 7 to end, not affecting text.) [Front cover printed on both sides with content] + [pp. 3-32 inc. printed rear cover]

Note regarding contents:

  • Every other page of this publication, which ran for many years, is advertising for medical remedies; the relevant content, however, is potted monthly weather forecasts whose grounding is not apparent but is presumed astro-meteorological, and lunar ephemeris data



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