The Zodiack or Prophetick Almanack & Kalendar

Editor: Anonymous (sole issue held)

Publication credits:

  • Printed and Published by Alf Cooke, “Colour Printer to Her (Late) Majesty the Queen,” Leeds

Full title and holdings (sole issue held)[1]:

  • The Voice of the Stars. – The Best and Most Scientific Astrological Almanack in the World . – The Zodiack or Prophetick Almanack & Kalendar Containing a Complete Kalendar for 1902, with the Phases of the Moon as Well as the Events of Each Month Justly Precalculated. A Portrait of Their Most Gracious Majesties The King and Queen, As They Appeared on Their Thrones at the Opening of Parliament, And a List of the Royal Family: Instructions conerning the inner meaning of Christian Names. The Grand Hieroglyphic for the Year 1902, And in addition A Separate Hieroglyphical or Mysterious Picture For Each Several Month of 1902. A warning concerning the Diseases most prevalent in each month of the year. Postal Information and Ready Reckoner. Some Invaluable Hints for Housewives. A Guide to Wealth and Wisdom – And the Symptoms of All Diseases, With Other Valuable Information Complete for the Small Sum of One Penny

Binding format and Presentation Notes:

  • Original string-bound pamphlet (sole issue held)


[1] The 1902 issue held also appears to be the only one to have survived in institutional library records, being held by both Oxford and Cambridge University Libraries. It is not known whether any other issue was published

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