Shortlist of astrological surname namesakes and sound-alikes – ever been confused?
– 17 August 2009

So do you know your Michael Mayer from your Michael R. Meyer? Your Elizabeth Teissier from your Elizabeth Tessier?

I thought this might be a bit of harmless fun. There are many easily confused names in astrological literature, mostly surnames with different first names, and in some cases sound-a-likes but nonetheless distinct surnames. See how many of the following you recognise and, from memory, if you can place the books they have written. Going to make this note (exceptionally) public because it’s entirely impersonal and I don’t mind if people forward it around. There are probably others I left out simply because I don’t have their books yet – so please nobody feel offended by any omissions. The big question is: how many of these authors are knowingly related to each other?

If you are an astrologer and some of these names ring no bells, why not look them up? You might just discover something interesting to read.

Adam, C. G. M.
Adams, Evangeline
Adams, Helen J.
Adams, JoAnn
Adams, Paul

Alexander, John
Alexander, Roy
Alexander, Skye

Allen, Don Cameron
Allen, Richard Hinckley

Anderson, Karl
Anderson, Wing
Anderton, Bill (well, close enough!)

Bailey, Alice
Bailey, E. H.

Barbault, André
Barbault, Armand
Barbault, Martine

Barlet, F. Ch.
Barley, Alfred H.

Barrett, Francis
Barrett, Gloria
Barrett, Keven
Barrett, Rev. John

Bennet, Julius R.
Bennett, Ellen H.
Bennett, Judith

Bernard, Anne
Bernart, Leo

Binder, Bettye B.
Binder, Jamie

Brady, Bernadette
Brady, Linda

Brown, David
Brown, Robert, Junr.

Carey, Dr. George Washington
Carey, Hilary M.

Carter, Charles E. O.
Carter, Marguerite

Clark, Charles West
Clark, Vicky Armstrong

Cole, Professor J. A. Abayomi
Cole, Robert

Coleman, Mary
Coleman, Dr. Walter

Collin, Rodney
Collins, F. W.

Craig, James A.
Craig, Katherine Taylor

Cramer, Diane L.
Cramer, Frederick H.

Crane, Joseph
Crane, Rev. Pamela A. F.

Davis, Geraldine
Davis, James
Davis, Martin
Davis, Patricia
Davis, T. Patrick

Davidson, Dr. William M
Davison, Ronald C.

Dean, Geoffrey
Dean, Malcolm

Donath, Emma Belle
Donath, Robert C.

Ebertin, Baldur
Ebertin, Elsbeth
Ebertin, Reinhold

Ferrier, Oger
Ferrière, Ad.

Filbey, John
Filbey, Peter

Flack, Diane
Flack, Rudy

Forrest, Jodie
Forrest, Steven

Francis, James Jason
Francis, Therese

Frawley, Dr. David
Frawley, John

Gauquelin, Françoise
Gauquelin, Michel

George, Demetra
George, Llewellyn
George, Ted

Gibson, Mitchell E.
Gibson, Walter

Gilbert, Adrian Geoffrey
Gilbert, Priscilla M.

Goodman, David, Ph.D
Goodman, Linda
Goodman, Morris C.

Gordon, Ariel
Gordon, Henry J.
Gordon, Rachelle

Grant, Ernest A.
Grant, Catharine T.

Green, H. S.
Green, Jeffrey Wolf
Green, Landis Knight
Greene, Liz

Gundel, Hans Georg
Gundel, Wilhelm

Hall, Judy
Hall, Manly Palmer
Hall, Michelle

Hannan, Charles
Hannan, Lois
Hanon, Geraldine Hatch

Harding, Maria
Harding, Michael

Harvey, Charles
Harvey, Ronald
Harvey, Suzi

Heydon, Christopher
Heydon, C., Astrophilo. (pseud.)

Hill, J. H.
Hill, Judith A.
Hill, Lynda

Hippocrates Junior (ok, so it would take an ignoramus to confuse those two, but still…)

Holden, James Herschel
Holden, Ralph William

Huber, Bruno
Huber, Louise

Hughes, Emylu Lander
Hughes, Mary N.
Hughes, Robert A.

Jacobs, Don ‘Moby Dick’
Jacobs, Judy

James, Alice Holmes
James, Colin, III

Jayne, Charles
Jayne, Vivia

Johnson, Anna P.
Johnson, Janet Bowman
Johnson, Maxwell O.

Jones, Alexander
Jones, J. Allen, Jr.
Jones, Marc Edmund
Jones, Prudence

Kimmel, Eleonora A.
Kimmel, Manfred R.

King, Anna-Kria
King, Chancey D.
King, David A.
King, Teri

Koch, Beth
Koch, Johannes
Koch, Dr. Walter

Koppejan, Helene
Koppejan, Willem

Lamb, Myrna
Lamb, Terry

Larsen, Ludwig B.
Larson, Al
Larson, Peggy

Leo, Alan
Leo, Bessie

Lewis, Sir George Corewall
Lewis, James R.
Lewis, Jim

Lonsdale, Ellias
Lonsdale, William

MacGregor, M. M.
MacGregor, Trish

Macnaughton, Duncan
Macnaughton, Robin

Mann, A. T.
Mann, Nicholas R.

Marr, Alexander
Mark, Alexandra
Marks, Tracy

Marshall, Peter
Marshall, Pierrepont V.

Matthews, E. C.
Matthews, Zach

Mayo, Jeff
Mayo, Margaret

Mayer, Michael
Meier, Shirley Lyons
Meyer, Arnold W.
Meyer, Michael R.
Meyer, Virginia
Meyers, Eric

McCormac, Billy M.
McCormack, George
McCormick, John

Miller, Rev. Alice
Miller, Anistatia R.
Miller, H. Douglas
Miller, Laurel

Moore, Marcia
Moore, Moon
Moore, Thomas

Naylor, P. I. H.
Naylor, R. H.

Negus, Joan
Negus, Ken

Nelson, J. H.
Nelson, Mytha

Newman, Paul F.
Newman, William R.

Oken, Alan
Okin, Brita

Omar of Tiberias
Omarr, Syndey (ok, so I admit that one was silly; nobody would confuse those gents.)

Parker, Ann E.
Parker, Barbara
Parker, Derek
Parker, E. (= Else)
Parker, Richard A.
Parker, Julia

Partridge, A. E.
Partridge, John

Perry, Glenn
Perry, Inez Eudora
Perry, Linda
Perry, Wendell

Pond, David
Ponde, Shil

Pottenger, Maritha
Pottenger, Mark

Powell, F. Montagu
Powell, Ivor
Powell, Robert (A.)

Rao, Dr. Bh. Satyanarayana
Rao, Dr. Jaganath

Raphael (= Smith, Robert Cross)
Raphael (= Cross, Robert Thomas)
Raphael, A. (Albert)

Reid, Chas.
Reid, Linda
Reid, Lori
Reid, Vera W.

Roberts, Ima
Roberts, Peter
Roberts, Press

Robertson, Arlene
Robertson, Marc

Rose, Deanna
Rose, Ed.

Rudhyar, Dane
Rudhyar, Leyla Rael

Ryan, Anne Ryan, Juliann C.

Sampson, Rev. Holden Edward
Sampson, Walter H.

Sargent, Carl
Sargent, Lois Haines

Schwartz, Dov.
Schwartz, Jacob

Sedgwick, John
Sedgwick, Philip

Sibly, Ebeneezer
Sibly, Manoah

Simon, Gerard
Simon, Renée

Smith, Adam
Smith, E. M.
Smith, Dr. Heber J.

Spencer, Duane Edward
Spencer, Katharine Q.
Spencer, Neil

St. Clair, George
St. Clair, John
St. Clair, Marisa

Stella, Tony
Stellas, Constance

Stone, Ken Stone, Pauline

Taylor, C. Tousey
Taylor, Robert

Teissier, Elizabeth
Tessier, Elizabeth

Thompson, C. J. S.
Thompson, Doris
Thompson, R. C.

Tobin, Patty Tobyn, Graeme

Tyler, J. Ross
Tyler, Pamela H.

Vaughan, Richard Blackmore
Vaughan, Valerie

Waite, Arthur Edward
Waite, Herbert T.

Walters, Derek
Walters, J. Donald (Kriyananda)

Weber, Linda
Weber, Peter J.

West, John Anthony
West, Peter

Westin, Leigh
Weston, (Prof.) L. H.

White, Fred(e)rick
White, George
White, Thomas

Williams, Lcdr. David Williams, Gerhild Scholz
Williams, Irwin

Wilson, Edward K, (Jr.) Wilson, James
Wilson, John

Wright, Paul
Wright, Peter William George

Zadkiel (= Richard Morrison)
Zadkiel (= Alfred J. Pearce)

Compiled by Philip Graves, August 17th 2009.

Of course, if I made any mistakes or notable omissions, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I can correct and update this list.

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