KT Boehrer’s Unpublished Works
– August 27, 2010

In the ‘Order Form’ at the back of the second edition (1998) of her acclaimed book ‘Declination, the Other Dimension’, the late KT Boehrer indicated that she was expecting to have ready for shipping by the end of that same year no fewer than five further books, with a sixth due in February 1999. Their titles were to be:

1. The Gauntlet: A Learning Tool
2. Stellium Quarterly Revisited
3. Hither and Thither: An Anthology of Articles
4. The Definitive Pre-Natal Epoch
5. Out-of-Bounds & Void of Course
6. Declination Interpreted

It seems apparent from the titles of books 5 and 6 in particular that her first book on Declination was regarded by KT as little more than an introduction to what would have been at least a trilogy of works on the subject.

While I do not know for certain that none of the above works ever made it into print, I have never seen a copy of any of them, so I fear that not a single one was published, but if anyone knows otherwise please do set the record straight.

Anecdotally speaking, I once knew a member of the N.C.G.R. who was such a fan of KT and her work that, having personally corresponded with her and obtained a signed copy of her book ‘Declination’ while she was still alive, he came to regard it as one of his most keenly prized possessions after her untimely passing.

For several years from the early 2000s onwards, ‘Declination’ was (as I clearly recall, having tried but failed to order a copy new around the summer of 2001 or possibly 2002) unobtainable new or used from any source. At some point, my friend reported to me, he had been offered $500 for his signed copy, but had turned this offer down. If nothing else, this goes to show how highly valued her work has been within certain elements of the astrological community. It’s just a shame that so much of the rest of it has never seen the light of day or at best been restricted to old magazine issues that are themselves impossible to obtain new or used. (Ever tried looking for an extensive run of back-issues of Stellium Quarterly? You’d be lucky!)

I find it intriguing that KT also seems to have had a research interest in the pre-natal epoch, a topic that was very much in vogue in the days of E. H. Bailey and Sepharial. I wonder where she took it?

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