KT Boehrer’s Unpublished Works
– August 27, 2010

In the ‘Order Form’ at the back of the second edition (1998) of her acclaimed book ‘Declination, the Other Dimension’, the late KT Boehrer indicated that she was expecting to have ready for shipping by the end of that same year no fewer than five further books, with a sixth due in February 1999. Their titles were to be:

1. The Gauntlet: A Learning Tool
2. Stellium Quarterly Revisited
3. Hither and Thither: An Anthology of Articles
4. The Definitive Pre-Natal Epoch
5. Out-of-Bounds & Void of Course
6. Declination Interpreted

It seems apparent from the titles of books 5 and 6 in particular that her first book on Declination was regarded by KT as little more than an introduction to what would have been at least a trilogy of works on the subject.

While I do not know for certain that none of the above works ever made it into print, I have never seen a copy of any of them, so I fear that not a single one was published, but if anyone knows otherwise please do set the record straight.

Anecdotally speaking, I once knew a member of the N.C.G.R. who was such a fan of KT and her work that, having personally corresponded with her and obtained a signed copy of her book ‘Declination’ while she was still alive, he came to regard it as one of his most keenly prized possessions after her untimely passing.

For several years from the early 2000s onwards, ‘Declination’ was (as I clearly recall, having tried but failed to order a copy new around the summer of 2001 or possibly 2002) unobtainable new or used from any source. At some point, my friend reported to me, he had been offered $500 for his signed copy, but had turned this offer down. If nothing else, this goes to show how highly valued her work has been within certain elements of the astrological community. It’s just a shame that so much of the rest of it has never seen the light of day or at best been restricted to old magazine issues that are themselves impossible to obtain new or used. (Ever tried looking for an extensive run of back-issues of Stellium Quarterly? You’d be lucky!)

I find it intriguing that KT also seems to have had a research interest in the pre-natal epoch, a topic that was very much in vogue in the days of E. H. Bailey and Sepharial. I wonder where she took it?

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  1. I’m Kt’s daughter. In 1997 she came down with cancer of the larynx and after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy eventually had a laryngectomy and further treatment. While the cancer was controlled she never regained her health and strength. I was her caregiver until she died on Jan 3, 2004. Following her request I called the AFA to donate her Astrological library to them. They refused it. I then contacted a newly opened university of Astrology in Seattle, which accepted the offer, sent someone to pick up about 6 or 8 boxes of books and then immediately closed without even giving the estate a receipt for the donation. The books, they said, had never made it to the school. The one thing that I have held onto to this day are all the copies of her own books and writings which she had. There a few copies of her “Declination the Other Dimension” which I was horrified to discover had been republishd by the AFA in 2018, without asking permission of her estate! I also have a large number of copies of her “Propaedeutics of Declination” and “Life Numbers” as well as one copy of “The Simplified Correspondence Course in Rectification” as well as all the copies of the Stellium that remained at her death. These include two almost complete sets, I am not sure whether they (she and my Dad) actually printed Volume V Number 4, which would have been the winter issue of 1980 and believe that Volume VI Number 1, the spring issue of 1981, was the last issue they put out. I have two sets of Volumes I-V^ missing only Volume V Number 4 and six more sets missing more issues.

    Because of her health issues she was never able to produce the other books she had planned instead putting almost all of her energy into getting the second edition of “Declination the other Dimension” published. I’m afraid that is all I can tell you about her later work. The family was greatly saddened during her last years by efforts made by a number of her associates to claim her work and take over control of her publications. It caused her great pain and syphoned off an awful lot of her energy.

    • Hello Susan,

      This is the librarian at the Astrolearn library and manager of this website, who wrote the original blog posting above in 2010.

      Thank you for getting in touch. As you can see from the three other independently posted comments, there is a lot of continuing interest in your mother’s works!

      I sent you an email reply on August 9th but am not sure if you’ve received it, so I’m posting the main parts again here.

      All your mother’s works are certainly of great interest among astrological researchers, and would be welcome at the astrological reference library I manage here in the UK. While it contains originals of ‘Declination: the Other Dimension’ and also now one of ‘Propaedutics of Declination’ (obtained second-hand only earlier this year in fact), it lacks nearly all issues of ‘Stellium Quarterly’ for the time being, and also lacks both ‘Life Numbers’ and ‘The Simplified Correspondence Course in Rectification’. All of these works would be welcome here.

      I addressed the issue with the AFA reprint privately by email as I think it’s safer that way.

      If you could kindly email me back at your convenience on [email protected], that would be much appreciated.

      Best wishes,

      Philip Graves

    • Susan, I’m glad you found this blog post and commented. Thanks for sharing the details of the last years of Kt’s life. I’m sorry to hear there was so much pain and that her life was cut short. We’re grateful for her contributions and she’s had an influence on many astrologers, including me. Thanks for taking care of the last of her writing. Take good care.

  2. To Susan Becker:

    What an extraordinary life story of your mother…I am sitting here at 5:00 am with Venus shining brightly in the eastern skies and wondering how this story has suddenly graced itself across my screen – all quite by accident!

    I hope that the legacy of your parents will be carried forward by a new generation of astrological workers who will share a similar spirit of dedication and integrity so needed in a field such as this. I can’t wait to read “Declination”…

    John Murray PhD

  3. Thanks Susan for sharing this. I much appreciate this.
    I did communicate with your mother on some Yahoo lists for several years, where she taught us a lot about working with declinations and out-of-bounds planets.
    On FB I (with Wendy, a second administrator) have a page called “Astrological Declinations and OOB Objects (In Celebration of Kt).

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