Contribution to the bibliography of astrological periodicals
– September 11, 2010

Here is the first instalment in an alphabetical shortlist of chiefly English and French-language astrological periodicals published from 1790 to 2010 of which I have obtained examples, with a limitation of the years in which publication commenced and ceased shown as exactly as possible based on sources to hand. In many cases I have left question marks where the dating is unknown to me. Any more precise dating information would be much appreciated. Some German periodicals are also included but my knowledge of the literature in this language is very limited.

This shortlist also excludes at present all publications of which I have yet to obtain examples but hope to in the future.

It also excludes the Journal for the History of Astronomy with its Archaeoastronomy supplement, since strictly speaking this is not an astrological publication, though it is very interesting.

Further, it presently also excludes almanacs since they are a minefield of data in themselves and one with which I have yet to fully get to grips.

Finally, I have excluded the long-running Indian publication ‘The Astrological Magazine’ since I have only a single issue and thus feel ill-equipped to discuss it.

I’d be very interested in extending this shortlist into a more complete book-length historical account in the long-term, to include all titles and not only those of which I have examples to hand. Such an account can only be as complete as available copies for inspection allow; and serious research trips to a variety of libraries in the United States as well as the British Library would be necessary to that end, and it might take quite a few years of part-time work to complete. If any publisher of astrological literature or historical astrological material is interested in the possibility of working with me on such a project, I’d welcome hearing from you.

Further, if anyone stumbling on this list through an Internet search or otherwise has copies he or she may wish to dispose of to a good research cause, I’d be very glad to hear from you. My contact email is listed on Skyscript if you look for it.

All titles are monthly except where otherwise indicated by terms such as ‘weekly’, ‘quarterly’, ‘year book’ etc.

If this generates sufficient interest I shall continue with further instalments at a later time. Because a complete A-Z would fill up a lot of space, I thought it best to offer just a taster for now.

All corrections and additional information would be more than welcome.

20th Century Astrologer, The (until December 1898) / XXth Century Astrologer, The (from January, 1899), ed. Astor, J. D. 1897-1899. Astrologer Publishing Company, New York.

Above & Below: Quarterly Almanac and Journal of Astrology, ed. McRitchie, Kenneth D.. 1985 – ? (last year for which I have an example is 1989). Ontario, Canada.

Adept, The (various subtitles, but with astrology always involved, sometimes alongside monism), ed. White, Fredrick. 1898-1921. Minneapolis.

American Academy of Astrologians, Year Book of the, ed. Hazelrigg, John, 1917-1918. Hermetic Publishing Company, New York

A(merican) F(ederation) (of) A(strologers) Bulletin 1938 – 1971. Later issues at least at Washington D.C.. Have yet to examine the electronic reproductions of the earlier ones, recently released by the A.F.A..

(American Federation of Astrologers) Today’s Astrologer 1971 – present (still publishing)

American Federation of Astrologers, Journal of Research of the Irregularly published, August 1982 – present (still publishing). Sometimes quarterly, sometimes twice per year, sometimes not in several years before resuming. Tempe, AZ

American Federation of Scientific Astrologers Yearbook Irregularly published, sometimes annually, more often once every two years, from circa 1939 to at least 1954.

American Astrology, ed. Clancy, Paul G. (initially), 1933 – ? (believed still published until the early 2000s, though I only have examples until 1946). Clancy Publications, Inc. (initially)

Anubis (until May 1903) / Out of the Silence (from June 1903), ed. Voisin, F. L. J. 1902 to at least December 1903. St. Lawrence, Jersey

Apollon: the Journal of Psychological Astrology, ed. Moore, Dermod. Irregularly published, 1998 to 2001 (six issues in total). Centre for Psychological Astrology, London

Aquarian Agent, The (to 1975) / Astrology ’76: the New Aquarian Agent (in 1976) / Astrology ’77: the New Aquarian Agent (in 1977), etc., ed. Weingarten, Henry. ? – ? (believed approx. 1970 to 1983 or later). Irregularly published, sometimes once in two months, sometimes quarterly, etc., becoming less frequent from 1976 onwards. Astrology Services International, Inc., New York, NY

The ASCendant: Journal of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. Issues I have from 1987-9 have several editors listed. Presumed from volume numbering circa 1977 to at least 1989 and very probably far beyond – perhaps still publishing? Quarterly. Wethersfield, CT.

The Ascendant: a Quarterly Magazine for Astrologers, ed. Hazen, Mars (in the early issues I have at least). 1992 – at least 1995. Approx. quarterly. Oregon Astrological Association, Portland, OR.

Aspects: a Quarterly Astrological Magazine, ed. March, Marion D.. Circa 1976 to at least 2000. Quarterly. Aquarius Workshops, Inc.

Astralis, ed. Charvet, Maurice. 1982 to 2003 (issue No. 49). Approximately quarterly at first, becoming increasingly irregular. Publication suspended after issue No. 49 but open to possibility of resumption. CEDRA

Astrolabe, ed. Charvet, Maurice. ? (approx. 1975?) to 1982. Presumed quarterly but I have only one issue to hand, from the final year. Groupe d’Études et de Recherches en Astrologie Scientifique et Humaine

Astrologer, the, Composed of 12 Monthly Parts Treating of the Science of Astrology, Medical Botany, etc., ed. Powley, P. 1887-1890. W. Foulsham, London

Astrologer’s Apprentice, The, ed. Frawley, John. 1996-? (believed mid-2000s). Interval of publication unknown. Steeds Road, London (early issues at least).

Astrologer’s Magazine, The, eds. Leo, Alan and Lacey, Frederick. 1890-1895. Lugard Road, London.

Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany, The, ed. Lemoine, Charles. 1794-? (still publishing several years later, as shown by the University of London’s library records; but all issues beyond the first six months are very rare since only the first six months were apparently sold in bound form in substantial quantity). W. Locke, London

Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany, The, ed. Vaughan Williams, Edward. 1857-? (unrelated to the above despite the identical name; have only a later undated selected compendium to hand, which does not include the original issue covers).

Astrologia Restaurata: Fachmagazin für Klassische Astrologie, ed. Bergbauer, Bernhard. 2005-2008. Approx. quarterly. Lüfingen

Astrological Association Newsletter, ed. Farnell, Kim (1993 or earlier to 1995); Campion, Nick (1996). ? – 1996. Caledonian Road, London N1.

Astrological Bulletina, The, ed. George, Llewellyn. Circa mid-late 1908 to December 1920 (as a monthly); bimonthly from the start of 1921; quarterly starting some time between May 1921 and 1926 and continuing thus until April 1946; annually from July 1946 to circa 1953. Publication then ceased. Llewellyn College of Astrology and Publishing Company, Portland, Oregon (early issues until at least 1921); Llewellyn Publishing Company, Los Angeles, Calif. (from some time before 1926 to 1934 or after); Llewellyn Publications Ltd., Los Angeles, Calif. (from some time before 1938 until publication ceased)

Astrological Critic and Review, The, ed. Bailey, E. H.. Circa 1949 to some time after September 1957. Approx. quarterly.

Astrological Journal, The, ed. Rodgers, Mrs. Joan (initially); Addey, John; Matthews, Zach; Collin-Smith, Joyce; Lilly-Harvey, Suzanne; Ridder-Patrick, Jane; Campion, Nick; Harvey, Charles; Elliot, Roger; Heath, Robin; Jones, Prudence; Ross-Duncan, Adrian; Patilas, Gerasime; Green, John (subsequently). 1959 to present (still publishing). Quarterly until Spring 1986 issue; had settled into its present bimonthly format by September 1986. The Astrological Association, Marylebone Rd., London N. W. 1 (initally); various other addresses since.

Astrological Review, The, ed. Hayes, David; Townley, John; Townley, Christine; Ad-hoc Committee, an (!); Cahill, Virginia, etc.. Dates very unclear since volume numbering seems to hark back to the initial year of publication of the Journal of the National Astrological Association (q.v. under National below), which was 1929. On further investigation, the University of Pennsylvania’s library records seem to verify its existence between 1929 and 1935, suggesting that the coincidence of its commencement of publication with another important astrological quarterly in the United States may be just that; but no later records beyond this until the 1970s. Its continuous existence thus remains to be proven. So provisionally, let us say 1929-1935 or later, and 1971 or earlier to 1978 or later. Any definite advance on these figures would be welcome. Quarterly in the 1970s; University of Pennsylvania records indicate irregular publication, sometimes monthly, from 1929-35. The Astrologers’ Guild of America, Inc., New York.

Astrologie, ed. Boudineau, André. 1934-8. Biannual in 1934; annual 1935-8. Chacornac Frères

L’Astrologie Moderne: Organe Mensuel du Centre International d’Astrologie, ed. Barbault, André. October 1952 (or earlier?) to April – May – June 1955. Irregular appearance and scatty numbering system with volume numbers relating to the years of existence of the parent organisation while the issue numbers pay no regard to them and are mostly continuous starting with No. 1 in October 1952 and continuing cumulatively to No. 14 (the last issue I have). It is unclear whether or not there was a previous series of issues under a uniform volume number before October 1952.

Astrologie, Die: Monatschrift für theoretische und angewandte Astrologie, ed. Becker, Wilhelm. Presumed from volume numbering circa 1919 to some time after 1930. Only one issue to hand from the latter year. Astrologischer Verlag Wilhelm Becker, Berlin-Steglitz

Astrologique: le Magazine de l’Astrologie Contemporaine, ed. Nicola, Jean-Pierre. 1976 – ? (monthly from May 1976; last example I have is No. 6, October 1976). Les Éditions des Trois Frères, S.A.R.L., Paris

Astrologue, l’, ed. Barbault, André (initially); Braire, André (presently). 1968 – present (still publishing). Quarterly. Les Éditions Traditionnelles, Paris.

Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, ed. Sellar, Wanda. ? – present (still publishing). Presumed from about 1992, but I have just one example from 1997. The Astrological Association.

Astrology Now, ed. Tyl, Noel. 1975 to 1977 or later. Monthly until No. 10, January 1976, drifting to quarterly from No. 11, March 1976. Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN

Astrology: the Astrologer’s Quarterly, ed. Carter, Charles E. O. (initially); Davison, Ronald C.; Cornelius, Geoffrey; Edwards, Michael; Campion, Nicholas; Hill, Peter; Farnell, Kim; Newman, Paul F.; Patilas, Gerasime; Smith, Adam; Sella, Wanda; Simms / Chandler, Claire; Dorren, Gill[ian]; Schnitzer, Helene; Trenoweth, Alex (subsequently). 1926 to present (still publishing). Quarterly with the exception of occasional irregularities (has sometimes temporarily suspended or reduced its frequency of publication only to resume again within a year or a few years).

Astrology Researcher, ed. Gillen, Jack. ? (presumed circa 1977) – ? (1981 or later). Only one example from 1981 to hand whose dates suggest a biannual appearance.

L’Astrosophie, ed. Rolt-Wheeler, Francis. 1929 to some time after March 1940 (as a monthly); some time before 1951 to mid-1957 (as a bimonthly); published irregularly from 1958 until an uncertain date.

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  1. In the course of our annual Used Book Sale I have come across several very old publications from the NAA, as well as from the AFA and NCGR. Included is a Journal of the National Astrological Association from November, 1929. I hesitate to sell these items at the usual 50 cents or less, in case they are of higher or historical value. If these items are of interest to you, please contact me at the address below. Thank you – Many Blessings.

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