Books on Astro-Meteorology and Astrological Weather Prediction in the Library

Astro-meteorology has a long history, and the library contains numerous books and almanacs that allude to it, as well as some more general books on the history of weather prediction in different eras and a few more obscure publications that are hard to define without looking at them more closely.

Disclaimer: I can’t vouch for the usefulness of the traditional rules, as it is not an area I’ve researched or practised. Nor can I say whether or not they are of any real practical value for weather forecasting today given the tremendous computer-assisted power of weather forecasting projected from current weather patterns around the world at the disposal of meteorologists today, but they remain of historical interest to many, and of experimental research interest to dedicated enthusiasts.

Astro-Meteorology Sources

Part One: Books (Alphabetically sorted by Author and Title)

[Al-Baqqar, Abu ‘Abd Allah]; ed. Guesmi, Chedli; Samso, Julio[1] ‘[De Diversis Artibus: Collection de Travaux de l’Académie Internationale d’Histoire des Sciences[2], Tome 103 (N.S. 66):] Astrometeorología en al-Andalus y el Magrib entre los Siglos VIII y XV: El Kitab al-amtar wa l-as’ar (“Libro de las Lluvias y de los Precios”) de Abu ‘Abd Allah Al-Baqqar (fl. 1411-1418)’[3] Brepols Publishers n.v., Turnhout, Belgium, 2018

Al-Kindi; ed. / tr. Bos, Gerrit and Burnett, Charles ‘[The Sir Henry Wellcome Asian Series[4]:] Scientific Weather Forecasting in the Middle Ages – the Writings of Al-Kindi:  Studies, Editions, and Translations of the Arabic, Hebrew and Latin Texts’ Kegan Paul International Limited, London WC1B / 61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY, 2000

Alexander of Aphrodisias; tr. / ed. Lewis, Eric; app. Sorabji, Richard ‘[The Ancient Commentators on Aristotle[5]:] On Aristotle Meteorology 4’[6] Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd., The Old Piano Factory, 48 Hoxton Square, London N1, 1996

Anderson, Katharine ‘Predicting the Weather: Victorians and the Science of Meteorology’[7] The University of Chicago Press, Chicago / The University of Chicago Press, Ltd., London, 2005

Anonymous (38) ‘Des Lahrer Hinkenden Boten: Hundertjähriger Haus- und Volkskalender – Enthält die Erklärung und Deutung aller astronomischen und astrologischen Zeichen und Dinge, die im Kalender stehen, sowie viele wohlbedachte Wetter- und Bauernregeln und landwirtschaftliche Verrichtungen für alle Monate des Jahres – Gültig für das ganze 20. Jahrhndert’’ Moritz Schauenburg in Lahr, 1921

Anonymous (44) ‘Wie man das Wetter einer Stadt bestimmen kann[8]’ No publisher or place stated, undated

Ball, Richard, Student in Astrology and Physick ‘Astrology Improv’d: Or, a Compendium Of the whole Art of that most Noble Science. In Five Parts Wherein I. The many Errors of other Writers upon this Subject are corrected. II. Necessary Rules, Figures and Judgment upon every House, for the better understanding of Horary Questions. III. Astrolo-Physical Judgments upon Diseases, and the best Method of curing them by Herbs; with variety of Receipts Alphabetically digested. IV. True Judgments upon Nativities, and Elections relating to Buying, Selling, Gaming, Racing, Travelling, Love, Marriage, &c. V. A New and most certain Way how to know and judge the Inclination of the Air, and Alteration of the Weather at all Seasons. The like not to be found in any other Author ’ The Second Edition, very much enlarg’d – Printed by G. Parker for A. Bettesworth, at the Red-Lyon in Pater-Noster Row, London, 1723

Barbault, André; intr. Ambelain, Robert ‘Astrologie Météorologique[,] suivie de Contribution à l’Astrologie Agricole’ Éditions Niclaus, 34, Rue Saint Jacques, Paris (5e), 1945

Benjamine, Elbert ‘Chart Your Future: Instructions for Charting and Reading Major Progressions, Minor Progressions, Transit Progressions, Mundane Cycle Progressions, Weather Chart Progressions, and the Positions and Aspects of the Planets in the Sky, on The Church of Light Aspectograph’ The Church of Light, Los Angeles 53, California, 1949

Braun, Joseph ‘So wird das Wetter: Der bekannte “Wetterpfarrer” erklärt sine Methode der langfristigen Wettervorhersage’[9] Falken Verlag GmbH, 6272 Niedernhausen / Ts., 1981

Buchanan, J. R., M. D. ‘Periodicity: the Absolute Law of the Entire Universe Long Known to Control All Matter – Now revealed as The Law of All Life – And the Periods Discovered, Showing: 1. The course of every life from birth to death. 2. When to prepare for success, and when for failure. 3. When to toil and when to rest for health. 4. How to avoid or overcome misfortune. 5. How every life affects other lives. 6. Whom to seek and whom to avoid in marriage, friendship and business. 7. Counsel as to parents and children. 8. Warnings to patients and physicians. 9. Influence of moon and planets on tides, weather, vegetation, earthquakes and life. 10. Warnings that may protect life and property. 11. Plain rules to find your own years, months and days for success or failure, health or sickness. 12. Destiny of Nations shown in the history of the United States. 13. Dangers of the next eighteen years. 14. Personal experience as examples. 15. Demonstration in the life of Napoleon Bonaparte’ A. F. Seward & Co., 3620 Rokeby Street, Chicago, Illinois, unclearly dated

Cusset, Christophe, ed. ‘[Centre Jean Palerne: Mémoires XXV:] La Météorologie dans l’Antiquité: Entre Science et Croyance – Actes du Colloque International Interdisciplinaire de Toulouse, 2-3-4 mai 2002[10]’ Publications de l’Université de Saint-Etienne, 35 rue du Onze-Novembre, 42023 Saint Etienne, 2003

Dupeyron, Georges ‘Prévoir le Temps et les Séismes par l’Astrologie’ Cédra, Lyon, 1995

Ebertin, Reinhold, ed. ‘[Sonderheft der “Kosmobiologie:] Kosmobiologische Wetterkunde Heft I[11]’ Ebertin-Verlag, 708 Aalen / Württ, undated

Farnell, Kim ’The Little Book of  Astro-Meteorology’ Kim Farnell, no place stated, 2019

Foster, W. T. ‘Sun Spots and Weather’ Sacred Science Library, no place stated, 2005

Gadbury, John ‘Nauticum Astrologicum; or, the Astrological Seaman; Directing Merchants, Mariners, Captains of Ships, Ensurers, &c. How (by God’s Blessing) they may escape divers Dangers which commonly happen in the Ocean. Unto which is added A Diary of the Weather for XXI Years together, Exactly observed in London, With Sundry Observations thereon. Being the Posthumous Work of John Gadbury, late Student in Physick and Astrology’ [Second Edition] – Printed for George Sawbridge, at the Three Golden Flower-de-luces in Little Britain, London, 1710

Galán, Félix Esquitino; and Conde, Marisa G. ‘Astro-Cabañuelas: Método autodidáctico para la previsión del tiempo meteorológico[12]‘ Samarkanda Ediciones, c/ Beatriz de Suabia, 94, 41005 Sevilla, undated

Gehlken, Erlend ‘[Cuneiform Monographs[13], Volume 43:] Weather Omens of Enuma Anu Enlil – Thunderstorms, Wind and Rain (Tablets 44-49)’ Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2012

Goad, [John] ‘Astro-Meteorologica, or Aphorisms and Discourses of the Bodies Coelestial, Their Natures and Influences. Discovered From the Variety of the Alterations of the Air, Temperate, or Intemperate, as to Heat or Cold, Frost, Snow, Hail, Fog, Rain, Wind, Storm, Lightnings, Thunder, Blasting, Hurricane, Tuffon, Whirlwind, Iris, Chasme, Parelij, Comets their Original and Duration, Earthquakes, Vulcano’s, Inundations, Sickness Epidemical, Maculae Solis, and other Secrets of Nature. Collected from the Observation at leisure times, of above Thirty years; by J. Goad.’ Printed by J. Rawlins, for Obadiah Blagrave at the Black Bear in St. Pauls Church-Yard, over against the Little North-door, London,  1686

Green, H. S. ‘[Alan Leo’s Astrological Manuals, No. 14:] Weather Predicting by Astro-Meteorology’ (inner title) / ‘[Alan Leo’s Astrological Manuals, No. 14:] Weather Predicting by Astro-Meteorology – Rules for Forecasting the Weather’ (front board) – ‘Modern Astrology’ Office, Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, E. C. / L. N. Fowler & Co., 7 Imperial Arcade, E. C., London, 1912

Grimm, A. M. ‘[Astrologische Universal-Hamonien, Sonderdruck Nr. 22:] Astrologisches Wetter-Lehrbuch (Astrometeorologie) – Sie lernen aus Quartals- und Neumond-Horoskopen das Wetter erkennen. Wenden Sie diese Regeln auf Ihr Geburtshoroskop an, so erfahren Sie, ob die Gesamt-Tendenz Ihres Lebens sozusagen unter der Prognose: “Sturm” oder “Schön Wetter” verläuft!’ Verlag Baumgartner, (20a) Warpke-Billerbeck (Hann.), unclearly dated

Helm, Carl ‘Astrometeorology (the long-range forecast of low-pressure cells)’ [Self-published], no place stated, November 1973

Johnson, Maxwell O., B. C., M. S., Ch. E. ‘Cycles in Weather and Solar Activity’ Stated First Edition – Paradise of the Pacific Press, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1950

[Knauer, Abtes Mauritius[14]]; tr. / ed. Heimeran, Dr. Ernst ‘Echter hundertjähriger Kalender – Aufgefunden und nach dem eigenhändigen Konzept des Abtes Mauritius Knauer von 1652 und den ältesten Handschriften zum ersten Male vollständig herausgegeben, verdeutscht und für das 20. Jahrh. erläutert – Mit 11 historischen Abbildungen’ (inner title) / ‘Echter 100jähriger Kalender – Vollständiger astrologisch-meteorologischer Text mit den unverfälschten Wettervorhersagen –  Auf das Jupiterjahr 1952/3’ (front cover) – 23.-25. Tausend – Im Ernst Heimeran Verlag in München, 1952

Kugler, Franz Xaver, S. J. ‘Sternkunde und Sterndienst in Babel. Assyriologische, Astronomische und Astralmythologische Untersuchungen: II. Buch: Natur, Mythus und Geschichte als Grundlagen Babylonischer Zeitordnung, Nebst Eingehenden Untersuchungen der Älteren Sternkunde und Meteorologie. I. Teil. Mit Zwei Figuren-Talen’ (cover title) / ‘Sternkunde und Sterndienst in Babel. Assyriologische, Astronomische und Astralmythologische Untersuchungen:  II. Buch: Babylonische Zeitordnung und Ältere Himmelskunde’ (first inner title page) / ‘Natur, Mythus und Geschichte als Grundlagen Babylonischer Zeitordnung Nebst Eingehenden Untersuchungen der Älteren Sternkunde und Meteorologie. Mit Drei Figurentafeln und Zahlreichen Keilinschriftlichen Beilagen[15](second inner title page) – Aschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Münster in Westfalen, 1909 (cover date) / 1909/10 (dates to both inner title pages).

Kugler, Franz Xaver, S. J. ‘Sternkunde und Sterndienst in Babel: Assyriologische, Astronomische und Astralmythologische Untersuchungen: II. Buch: Babylonische Zeitordnung und Ältere Himmelskunde. II. Teil’ (first title page) / ‘Sternkunde und Sterndienst in Babel. II. Buch: Natur, Mythus und Geschichte als Grundlagen Babylonischer Zeitordnung Nebst Eingehenden Untersuchungen der Älteren Sternkunde und Meteorologie.  II. Teil. Mit Zahlreichen Keilinschriftlichen Beilagen[16](second title page) – Aschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Münster in Westfalen, 1912

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne ’Medieval Meteorology: Forecasting the Weather from Aristotle to the Almanac’[17] Cambridge University Press, University Printing House, Cambridge CB2, 2020

Le Brodeur, René ‘Traité d’Astrométéorologie Pratique: l’Art de Prévoir le Temps au Fil des Saisons’ L’Auteur, Grand-Mère, Qc, Canada, 2006

Lehoux, Daryn[18] ‘Astronomy, Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World: Parapegmata and Related Texts in Classical and Near-Eastern Societies[19]’ Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 / New York, 2007

Matthews, Carl ‘Experiments in Astrometeorology: New Concepts in Astro-Meteorology’, 2008

McCormac, Billy M., Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory; Seliga, Thomas A., Atmospheric Sciences Program, the Ohio State University ‘Solar-Terrestrial Influences on Weather and Climate: Proceedings of a Symposium / Workshop held at the Fawcett Center for Tomorrow, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 24-28 August, 1978[20]’ D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht, Holland, 1979

McCormack, George J. and Brendel, Heinz ‘[Sonderheft der “Kosmobiologie”, 38. Jahrg. 8/1971:] Kosmobiologische Wetterkunde Heft 2: Astronomische Wettervorhersage in Theorie und Praxis[21]’ Ebertin-Verlag, Aalen, [1971]

McCormack, George J. ‘Long-Range Astro-Weather Forecasting: a Private, Comprehensive Technical Instruction Course’ (title page title) / ‘Astrotech Weather Guide’ (running headline title) – Sacred Science Library, no place stated, 2005

McCormack, Geo. J. ‘A Textbook of Long Range Weather Forecasting’ (title page title) / ‘Astro-Meteorology Guide to Long Range Weather Forecasting’ (inner title) / ‘Astrotech Weather Guide’ (running headline title) – [Self-published], 39-25 Wenoah Drive, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, 1947

Morin de Villefranche; tr. Hiéroz, Jean, Ancien élève de l’École Navale ‘L’Astrologie Mondiale et Météorologique de Morin de Villefranche: Traduction Intégrale du XXVè Livre de l’Astrologia Gallica: “Des Constitutions Universelles du Ciel”’ Les Éditions Leymarie, 42 rue Saint-Jacques, Paris Ve, 1946

Morin, Jean-Baptiste; tr. Holden, James Herschel, M.A., Fellow of the American Federation of Astrologers ‘Astrologia Gallica Book Twenty-Five: the Universal Constitutions of the Caelum’ First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, 2008

Nodon, Albert, Officier de l’Instruction publique; Docteur ès Sciences, Ingénieur-Chimiste; Ex-adjoint à l’Observatoire d’Astronomie physique de Paris; Membre correspondant de l’Académie royale des Sciences de Barcelone; Président de la Société astronomique de Bordeaux ‘Essai d’Astrométéorologie et ses Applications à la Prévision du Temps’ Gauthier-Villars et Cie, Éditeurs, Libraires du Bureau des Longitudes, de l’École Polytechnique, 55, Quai des Grands-Augustins, Paris, 1920

Pearce, Alfred J. ‘The Text-Book of Astrology – Vol. II: Mundane Astrology, Astro-Meteorology, Medical Astrology, Elections, and Horary Astrology. Tables of “Houses” for Chichester, Manchester, Ottawa and Melbourne’ Printed and Published by Cousins and Co., 6, Helmet Court, (338) Strand, London, 1889

Pearce, Alfred J. ‘The Weather Guide-Book: a Concise Exposition of Astronomic-Meteorology’ Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 4, Stationers’ Hall Court, E. C., London, 1864

Pöllner, Otto ‘[Astrologische Bibliothek Band VII:] Mundan-Astrologie. – Die »Mundan-Astrologie« ist der interessanteste, auch für den Gegner durch die Wucht der Tatsachen am meisten überzeugende Zweig dieser uralten Wissenschaft. Sie umfaßt die »Politische Astrologie«, die »Meteorologische Astrologie« usw. Mit Hilfe dieser astrologischen Technik lassen sich Voraussagungen über Völkerschicksale, Elementarereignisse u. a. machen’ Astrologisches Verlagshaus / Dr. Hugo Vollrath, Leipzig, undated

Raman, B. V. ‘Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes’ Seventh Reprint – UBS Publishers’ Distributors Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi etc., 2005

Ring, Ken ‘Predicting the Weather by the Moon’ Gothic Image Publications, Glastonbury, Somerset, 2000

Riske, Kris Brandt ‘Astrometeorology: Planetary Power in Weather Forecasting’ Stated First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, 1997

Riske, Kris Brandt, M.A. ‘Predicting Weather Events With Astrology’ Stated First Printing – Llewellyn Publications, A Division of Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN, 2014

Salmon, William, Professor of Physick ‘Horae Mathematicae, seu Urania. The Soul of Astrology: Containing that Art in all its Parts. In Four Books. Illustrated with the Names, Numbers and Natures of the Faces of the Signs, the Planets, Nodes, Aspects and Houses: the setting of a Figure: Explication of Terms of Art: Refutation of Planetary hours, Deep, Pitted, Lame and Azimene Degrees: The Doctrine of Nativities, shewing all the ways of Rectifying, Directing and giving Judgment thereon, from Regiomontanus, Argol, Kepler, Morinus and others, deduced from a Consideration of the Signs, Aspects, Nodes, Houses, Planets and Fixed Stars, as they are related by Position, Direction, Transit and Revolution: The Radical Solution of all manner of Demands, Radical Elections; the Resolution of all Horary Questions; the Method of Annual Judgments, Monthly Observations, Judgments on Eclipses, Comets, Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, Aphelions of the Erraticks, Meteorologick Predictions, And a Demonstration of the Aspects of the Planets; Together with the various ways of finding the Planets and Fixed Stars Rising, Southing and Setting, by new Tables, never before Published. The Via Nova Genetliaca, Or Our New way of Managing Nativities, and finding out all their several Directions, by Inspection only, without Trouble or Calculation, being most consentaneous to Nature, Reason and Truth. The whole Work a new thing, the like never yet extant’ Printed by Tho. Dawks, his Majesties British Printer, at the Blew-Anchor, at the West End of St. Pauls, London, 1679

Samsó, Professor Julio ‘[Collecció Homenatges[22], 31:] Astrometeorología y Astrología Medievales[23]’ Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, 2008

Saxby, S. M., Esq., R.N.[24] ‘Saxby’s Weather System or Lunar Influence on Weather’ Second Edition – Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, London, 1864

Schaffler, Josef, Major a. D. ‘Die elektro-magnetische Strahlung der Himmelskörper als Hilfsmittel für die Wettervorhersage’ Linser-Verlag, Berlin-Pankow, 1925

Schafler, Josef, Major a. D. ‘Weltall-Elektrizität und Wetter: Eine populärwissenschaftliche Betrachtung über die Ursachen der Wetterbildung’ (inner title) / ‘Weltall-Elektrizität und Wetter: Die Schwersten Sturme des Jahrhunderts, Hochwasser-Katastrophen, Wetterstürze und Ihre Kosmischen Ursachen’ (cover title)  – Verlag Moritz Stadler, Villach, 1953

Scofield, Bruce ‘A History and Test of Planetary Weather Forecasting: A Dissertation Presented by Bruce Scofield, Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, May 2010 – Geosciences’ University of Massachusetts – Amherst ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst[25], Open Access Dissertations, unclearly dated

Sezgin, Fuat ‘[Geschichte des Arabischen Schrifttums[26], Band VII:] Astrologie – Meteorologie und Verwandtes bis ca. 430 H’ E.J. Brill, Leiden, Netherlands, 1979

Sibly, Ebeneezer, Astro. Philo. ‘An Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology. Part the Third, Containing the Meteorological Part of Uranology; with Certain Rules for prejudging the Revolutions of every Part of the habitable World. General Effects of Great Conjunctions, Eclipses, Comets, Blazing Stars, and other Extraordinary Phenomena: with the Art of Calculating Eclipses, Tides, and Weather, For any Number of Years to come. The Whole Illustrated by a Figure of the Sun’s Ingress into the Sign Aries; and by a Revolutional Figure of the Commencement of the American Empire’, bound with ‘An Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology. Part the Fourth. Containing the Distinction between Astrology, and the Wicked Practice of Exorcism. With a General Display of Witchcraft, Magic, and Divination, Founded upon the Existence of Spirits Good and Bad, and their Affinity with the Affairs of this World’ [Ballantrae Reprint], no place stated, undated

Simmonite, William Joseph, A.M., Professor of Mathematics, Astrology, Astronomy, Meteorology, and the Classics ‘The Astro-Philosopher and Meteorologist’, Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., Stationers’ Hall Court, London, undated[27].

Simmonite, William Joseph, A. M., Professor of Mathematics and Astro-Philosophy  ‘[Astro Tables] Mathematical and Astronomical Tables, for the use of Students of Astro Mathematics, for the Practical Astronomers, Astrologers, and Astro-Meteorologists; with an Introduction, Containing an Explanation and Use of the Tables’, Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., Stationers’ Hall Court, London, undated

Steiger, Brad ‘A Roadmap of Time: How the Maxwell / Wheeler Weather-Energy Cycles Predict the “History” of the Next 25 Years’ Prentice-Hall, Inc., Eaglewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1975

Tice, John H. ‘Elements of Meteorology Part II: Meteorological Cycles[28]‘ Meteorological Research and Publication Company, Saint Louis, 1875

Zain, C. C. ‘XV: Weather Predicting’ Church of Light, Los Angeles, California, unclearly dated


Part Two: Periodicals (chronologically sorted)

The Prophetic Almanack; Or, Annual Abstract of Celestial Lore: Calculated, from the AEra of Human Redemption, for the Year 1825: Being the First After Leap-Year, And the Sixth of the Reign of His Majesty George IV: Which, Besides Registering and Explaining The Periodical Phenomena of the Heavens, and Ominous Tendency of Particular Configurations of the Planets, Contains Salutary Precepts and Comments on the same; with Prognostications of the Weather throughout the whole Year: Including Also New Tables of Memorable Events, And an Improved Tide-Table; A Batch of Recreations in Astronomy for the Year; With all the Useful Tables and Contents of the Common Almanacks; and A Poetic Vagary on the Way of the World: To all which is prefixed A Commentary On Ezekiel’s Lamentation Over Tyre: The whole being calculated to prepare Mankind for The Coming of Christ’s Kingdom upon Earth

The Prophetic Almanack; Or, Annual Abstract of Celestial Lore: Calculated, from the Era of Human Redemption, for the Year 1826: Being the Second After Leap-Year, And the Seventh of the Reign of His Majesty George IV.; Which, Besides Registering and Explaining The Periodical Phenomena of the Heavens and Ominous Tendency of Particular Configurations of the Planets, Contains Salutary Precepts, and Comments on the same; with Prognostications of the Weather throughout the whole Year. Including Also New Tables of Memorable Events, And an Improved Tide-Table; With all the Useful Tables and Contents of the Common Almanacks; and A Poetical Pasquinade, Entitled, Dry Rubs For Divers Delinquents. To all which is prefixed, A Look at Ezekiel’s Vision of the Holy Waters, Which Brings to View A Spiritual Spa for Gangrene Souls

The Prophetic Messenger / Raphael’s Almanac for 1827-1854; 1856-1861; 1865; 1876-1879; 1881; 1883; 1885-1895; 1897-1900; 1902-3; 1905-1913; 1916; 1918-1953; 1955-7; 1959-1960

Proceedings of the Meteorological Society, During the Session 1838-1839

The Horoscope: A Miscellany of Meteorology, The Celestial Science of Astrology, and Literature. Illustrated with Engravings (1841)

Zadkiel’s Almanac, and Herald of Astrology, for 1841; Containing an Increased Number of Predictions of the Warlike Events Now at Hand; Accounts of the Weather in England, and of Storms, &c. Abroad; Review of Book on Astrology, &c.

Zadkiel’s Almanac for 1851-1862; 1865-6; 1869-1895; 1897-1901; 1905-1919; 1921-1925; 1930-1931… Containing the Rising and Setting, &c. of the Sun, Moon and Planets; With Numerous Novel and Necessary Tables; Predictions of the Weather… (also available, some years before 1851 without ‘weather’ mentioned in the extended title)

The Scientific and Literary Messenger. Devoted to Astro-Meteorology, Astronomy, Predictory Astronomy, Astrology, Geology, Botany, Chemistry, and Phisical Sciences  – eight issues bound as one, 1842

Catastrophe Mundi, the Effects of the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, For 200 Years to come. The Meteorologist and Catastrophe Mundi; or, the World’s Fate for 1844

Dr. Simmonite’s Meteorologist, and Daily Account of the Weather: Predictions of Epidemic Diseases, the World’s Fate in 1852, and a complete Almanack for 1852; 1855; 1856; 1681; 1862

Orion’s Prophetic Guide, and British Weather Almanac, for the year 1856; 1858; 1861; 1862; 1865; 1866; 1869; 1870; 1872; 1874; 1875; 1876; 1877; 1878; 1879; 1881; 1883; 1884; 1885; 1886; 1887; 1888; 1890; 1891; 1892; 1893; 1894; 1895; 1897; 1898; 1899; 1904; 1905; 1906; 1907; 1917

Merlin’s Prognostications for 1872: Containing Many Strange and Wonderful Predictions Respecting Monarchs, Nations, &c., and the Weather. Numerous articles on Astrologers and Astrology, Magic, Spiritualism, etc., etc.

Zuriel’s Voice of the Stars / Scottish Prophetic Messenger for 1872: Predictions of the Events, Probable Weather, &c., that will occur during the year 1872

Urania: a Monthly Journal of Astrology, Meteorology, and Physical Science (Jan. – Sep. 1880)

Signs of the Times. a Monthly Almanac and Miscellany of Astro-Meteorology, the Celestial Science of Astrology, and the Arts, Sciences, and Literature Generally; Containing Horoscopes of Eminent Personages, and Practical Hints and Salutary Precepts Founded on the Zodiacal Positions and Configurations of the Planetary Bodies – 61 irregularly published issues (1884-1891)

Pearce’s Almanac for the year 1889 – Containing – Voice of the Stars, Forcasts of the Weather, Aspects of the Sun, Moon and Planets, and Numerous Useful Tables. Computed for the Meridian of Washington, D.C.

The British Astronomical Weather Almanac and Chart 1892 – Based on the Author’s paper on ”Forecasting the Weather,” in the Bulletins of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Belgium – For Landed Proprietors, Farmers, Gardeners, Sailors, Fishermen, and the Public generally

Zadkiel’s Almanac and Ephemeris for 1923, Being the Thirteenth Year of His Majesty’s Reign, Containing Astronomic Phenomena, Forecasts of Weather and Storm-Periods, General Predictions, Nativities of Eminent Persons. Voice of the Stars. Eclipses in 1923. Articles on Astro-Meteorology, Gravitation, Velocity of Light, Einstein and Newton, the Moon and Lilith. Times to Begin to Plant and Sow – Greenwich Mean Time Throughout


[1] ‘Edición de Ghedli Guesmi; Introducción, comentario y resumen de Chedli Guesmi y Julio Samsó’

[2] A series of publications collectively edited at this time by Robert Halleux and Erwin Neuenschwander

[3] This volume comprises an edition of the original Arabic text referred to in the title, together with a detailed commentary and summary in modern Spanish

[4] A series of publications edited by Lawrence I. Conrad, Paul Unschuld and Dominik Wujastyk, together with an editorial board of three further members

[5] A series of publications collectively edited at this time by Richard Sorabji, Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of London

[6] A work of ancient Greek philosophy of science

[7] This illustrated scholarly history includes extensive evidence of the use of astrology in 19th century weather forecasting in England and touches on the history of Richard Morrison (Zadkiel I)

[8] Said to be a “Lehrbrief aus der Zeitschrift Welten über uns, Lindenverlag Ottobrunn”. The publication in question is said to be edited by D. Zurlinden – i. e. Dorothea Zurlinden, q. v.; but the identity of the author of this article is not specified, and might or might not be her

[9] This weather-forecasting work appears to include quite extensive astro-meteorological content, to judge from a glance through the table of contents

[10] A collection of 28 essays by many different scholars, including Wolfgang Hübner and Béatrice Bakhouche.

[11] Contains one essay by Dr. med. G. Ritter. The others are anonymous or attributed to Ebertin

[12] A manual of astro-meteorology based on Galán’s lifetime experience as an astro-meterological forecaster.

[13] A series of publications collectively edited at this time by T. Abusch, M. J. Geller, S. M. Maul and F. A. M. Wiggermann

[14] Moritz or Mauritius Knauer, Abbot of Langheim from 1649 to 1664

[15] With separate title page to [p. 1]: “Astronomisch-historische Voruntersuchungen. Erster Teil: Die astronomischen Grundlagen der babylonischen Chronologie. I. Schwierigkeiten der Babylonier, eine wissenschaftliche Chronologie zu begründen. II. Die astronomische Ausrüstung der babylonischen Chronologen. III. Erörterung der Präzessionsfrage”. With separate title page to p. 33: “Astronomisch-historische Voruntersuchungen. Zweiter Teil: Astronomisch-astrologische und philologische Würdigung der älteren (assyrischen und babylonischen) Literatur. I. Lösung des Problems der ,Platonischen Zahl’. Ihr angeblich babylonischer Ursprung und ihr vermeintlicher Zusammenhang mit der Präzession der äquinoktien. II. Wahre Bedeutung der vermeintlichen Mondlängen-Tafeln K. 90 und 80-7-19, 273. III. Stellung des Mondes zur Sonne vor, während und nach der Opposition. IV. Kritik der assyrischen und babylonischen Berichte über Mond- und Sonnen-finsternisse. V. Bericht eines assyrischen Astrologen an seinen König (III R 51 n. 9). VI. Babylonische Planetennamen. Merkur (GUD.UD) = Marduk-Stern als Glück (Fruchtbarkeit) verheißender Neujahrsstern. VII. Merkwürdiges über Sternnamen. VIII. Babylonische Schätzung von Fixstern-Distanzen. IX. Meteorologische Beobachtungen”. With separate title page to p. 131: “Die altbabylonische Zeitordnung mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Königreichs Ur. Erster Teil: Religionsgechichtliche Grundlagen: Der altbabylonische Götterkreis und die hierarchische Stellung der altbabylonischen Herrscher. I. Der altbabylonische Götterkreis. II. Das Königtum von Gottes Gnaden. III. Königtum und Priestertum. IV. Die Vergöttlichung der Könige. Zweiter Teil: Zeitgeschichtliche und natürliche Grundlagen: Jahresformeln und Kalenderwesen. I. Die Königsliste BE, A, XX, I n. 47 R. II. Jahreszählung. III. Namen und Reihenfolge der Monate. IV. Datierung. V. Jahresanfang. VI. Schaltung. VII. Charakter des Kalendermonats und Kalenderjahres. VIII. Geschäftsjahr. IX. Anhang: Die Symbolik der Neunzahl”

[16] With separate title page to [p. 203]: “Weitere Beiträge zur Vorbabylonischen Chronologie. Untersuchung der historischen und technischen Zeitordnung unter Lugal-an-da und Uru-ka-gi-na, Fürsten von Lagas (ca. 2700 v. Chr.)”. With separate title page to p. 229: “Zeitordnung unter der Ersten Dynastie von Babel (2225-1926 v. Chr.)”. With separate title page to p. 255: “Festlegung des Alters der Ersten Dynastrie von Babel und des damaligen mittleren Jahresanfangs auf Grund gleichzeitiger astronomischer und juridischer Dokumente nebst Anhang über Messungen von Fixsterndistanzen aus angeblich derselben Zeit”

[17] This work includes three chapters, spanning pp. 110-172, whose titles expressly refer to astrometeorology

[18] Described on the dj rear flap as “Senior Lecturer in Roman History, Classics, and Ancient History at the University of Manchester”

[19] Said to be the product of a decade’s worth of ongoing revisions of the author’s Ph.D. thesis, originally presented at the University of Toronto in 1996. The first 143 pages are given over to a study entitled “Parapegmata and Astrometeorology”.  A catalogue of extant parapegmata (i.e. ancient sources on astronomically-based weather prediction) follows from pp. 147-216. The main bulk of the book from pp. 217-491 presents English translations (in all cases) and in many cases also ancient Greek editions of relevant sources

[20] A compendium of 35 papers presented at the workshop described, by different scholars, preceded by a chapter on conclusions from the workshop, written by the editors of the volume.

[21] This volume contains separate essays by McCormack and Brendel

[22] An internal series of publications within those produced by the University of Barcelona. The series editors are not expressly stated here, but a preliminary note referring to the series is soigned by Emilia Calvo, Mercè Comes, Miquel Forcada, Roser Puig and Mònica Rius, who would appear in this context to be likely candidates for the role

[23] A compendium of fourteen studies by the author previously published in assorted academic journals and boks. Seven are on astro-meteorology and the other seven on general astrology. The paginations used in the original places of publication have been retained

[24] An extended list of credits follows in smaller print: Principal Instructor of Naval Engineers H.M. Steam Reserve; Late of Gonville and Caius College, Cambrige; Author of ‘Calculation and Projection of the Sphere,’ ‘The Study of Steam and the Marine Engine,’ etc.

[25] The eccentric name of a publications department within the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

[26] A series of publications collectively edited by Sezgin, who is also the individual editor of the present volume

[27] The included advertisements suggest a date of circa 1847

[28] On planetary influences on weather; the only part published: plans to subsequently publish a retrospectively installed Part I on general meteorological principles after the event appear to have been abandoned)

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