Godfather of Modernity: the Alan Leo Legacy Volume 1 – Early Astrological Journals 1890-1912

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Godfather of Modernity:

the Alan Leo Legacy Volume One –

Early Astrological Journals, 1890-1912.


This DVD focuses on the astrological journal issues edited or co-edited by Alan Leo in the first 22 years of his career. It includes:


All 60 issues of ‘The Astrologer’s Magazine’ edited by Alan Leo jointly with Frederick Lacey from August 1890 to July 1895;


The first 205 issues of ‘Modern Astrology’ edited by Alan Leo from August 1895 to December 1912. These were issued monthly except for four Decembers when it was not published (see below);


The first two (of four published) issues of ‘The Astrologer’s Annual’, a short-lived publication that was issued instead of ‘Modern Astrology’  in December 1905, 1906, 1907 and 1908 only, and has proven extraordinarily difficult to source second-hand, as a result of not having been included in the typical bound volumes of ‘Modern Astrology’ magazine.


Thus, in all, the DVD contains 267 of the first 269 issues of periodical publications edited or co-edited by Alan Leo. This is as much as would fit on one DVD in the high quality settings used.


It is Graves’ hope that these 267 publications collectively will make for fascinating historical source material for historians of astrology, science and society, as well as for astrologers themselves. The follow-up DVD, ‘Itinerant to Eternity’, is now ready and contains all issues of Modern Astrology published from 1913 through to October 1938.


Beyond this, a third and final Alan Leo DVD will also be produced, containing his books and pamphlets, as well as those of his wife Bessie Leo, and others published by Modern Astrology Office.


Astrolearn, Sweden, November 2014

Enquiries: solger75 [at] gmail.com

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