Almanach Astrologique, Scientifique, Astronomique, Physique, Satirique, Anecdotique, etc.[1]

Editor: Anonymous (both issues held)

Publication credits:

  • Pagnerre, Éditeur, 18 rue de Seine, Paris (both issues held)


  • 9e Année, 1856. (Torn at spine.) 182pp + [8 pages of advertisements] + [pp. 191-2] + [1 page of advertisements]
  • 10e Année, 1857. 185pp + [pp. 186-190 of advertisements] + [pp. 191-2] + [1 page of advertisements]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • Very small-format paperbacks in original paper covers


[1] A satirical mid-19th century title, mockingly parodying belief in astrology and other forms of fortune-telling while attempting to guide readers towards a love of modern science.

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