Bibliography of Astrology Page 103:
Koch-Westenholz – Koppenstätter

Koch-Westenholz, Ulla ‘[CNI Publications[1] 19:] Mesopotamian Astrology: an Introduction to Babylonian and Assyrian Celestial Divination’ The Carsten Niebuhr Institute of Near Eastern Studies / Museum Tusculanum Press, Njalsgade 92, Copenhagen S, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1995. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine; light wear to outer corners of boards; spine sunned). Contents printed on glossy paper throughout. [1 leaf] + [5] + [pp. 9-185] + [pp. 187-205] + [pp. 207-223]

Kochunas, Brad Hiljanen ’The Astrological Imagination – Where Psyche and Cosmos Meet’ iUniverse, Inc., 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN, 2008[1a]. Outwardly glossy card covers

Kohlhauf, K. ‘[Astrologische Bücherei:] Die 12 Monate des Solar, mit einigen Tabellenverzeichnissen zu vielfältiger Benutzung – Besonders zur Erklärung des Profektions-Horoskopes für Jahresauslegung verwendbar’ Otto Mütterleins Verlag (F. Schneider), München, 1922. Original paper covers (2-inch separation to top of spine; 1 cm to foot of same; large chip lost from lower outer corner of rear cover; a few short edge tears to front cover). Staplebound pamphlet. Contents printed in gothic script throughout. [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-10] + [pp. 11-12 of tables] + [pp. 13-20]

Kokott, Herta ‘Dein Schicksal im Zyklus der nächsten Jahre’ Verlag H. A. Kokott, Berlin SW 68, 1933. Strip of card printed with astrological sign glyphs laid in, apparently as issued. Original pictorial card covers. (2-inch tear to bottom edge of leaf comprising pp. 29-30, crossing some text.) [7] + [pp. 9-56] + [7] + [10 pages of tables] + [6 pages of advertisements] + [1] + [rear cover backed with tables]

Kokott, Herta ‘Sternenmacht und Liebesleben: Astrologische Betrachtungen über Liebe, Ehe und Freundschaft’ 1. – 10. Tausend – Verlag H. A. Kokott, Berlin N. 54, 1925. Original paper front cover (split in three, with only the central portion still being attached to book via spine, and three-inch horizontal tear to the central portion); original paper rear cover (detached; remainder of front cover and spine paper, and whole of rear cover, separately conserved within former owner’s makeshift card wrapper). Remainder of book bound by staples through inner margins. (Former owner’s short red marginal line to p. 11.) [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 5-96] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Kokott, [Herta] ‘Sternenmacht und Liebesleben: Wer Passt zu Wem? Astrologische Betrachtungen über Liebe, Ehe und Freundschaft’ 3. Auflage – Helmut Gros Fachverlag, Berlin NW40, 1951[2]. Original plain card covers integrally bonded to paper dj at spine (some moderate chipping and light tearing to top and bottom edges of dj; 1 cm separation to both extremities of rear flap-fold; 1-inch tear to foot of rear dj cover). (Former owner’s red marginal lines to pp. 58-62; 68; 145-6; 149-150.) [4] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-152]

Kolev, Rumen ‘[Publications of the Foundation for Finnish Assryiological Research No. 7 / State Archives of Assyria Studies[3] Volume XXII:] The Babylonian Astrolabe – the Calendar of Creation’ The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, Helsinki, 2013. This copy signed by Kolev to ffep in dedication to Graves, Varna, 16 Jan. 2014: “May he be granted illumination into the secrets of the Astrology from the Golden Epoch and be happy forever”. Cloth (light wear to some extremities of spine hinges and lower outer corners of rear board). [1 leaf] + [4] + [1 leaf] + [p. ix] + [pp. xi-xxii] + 24 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 27-99] + [1] + [pp. 101-181] + [p. 183] + [pp. 185-298]

Kolev, Rumen ‘The Babylonian Astrology & Astronomy: Basic Concepts’ Astro-Research Center “Zenith”, 2000

Kolev, Rumen ‘Primary Directions I: Directions to MC, IC, ASC. & DESC.’ Astro-Research Center “Zenith”, undated[4]

Kolev, Rumen ‘Primary Directions II: Classic Placidian Interplanetary Directions: Directions to House Cusps; Interplanetary Conjunctions; Mundo Parallels; Mundo Rapt-Parallels; Zodiacal Directions’ Astro-Research Center “Zenith”, undated[5]

Kolev, Rumen ‘The Primary Directions of Regiomontanus and William Lilly’ Astro-Research Center “Zenith”, Seattle, USA, undated[6]. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [Front cover backed with advertisements] + 57 + [pp. 58-60 of advertisements] + [rear cover featuring annotated illustration, backed with advertisements]

Kolev, Rumen – see also under Gauricus, Lucas; and Hermes Trismegistus, above; and under Regiomontanus, below

Kollerstrom, Nick, M.A. Cantab. ‘Astrochemistry: A Study of Metal-Planet Affinities’ Emergence Press, 75 Sutton Court Road, Chiswick, London W4, 1984. Glossy card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + [1 leaf] + [iv] + 49

Kollerstrom, Nick ’The Gauquelin effect, Reloaded’ No publisher or place stated, undated [2019]. Matt card covers (light wear to lower outer corners). (This copy formerly owned by Geoffrey Dean and with his yellow highlighting of selected words on pp. 5-7, 9, 21, 26, 36, 86, 88, 97, 100, 105, 155, 214, 229-232; red-inked corrections to footnotes on pp. 154-5, and inked commentary on a post-it note adhered to upper margin of p. 155.)

Kollerstrom, Nick, Ph.D ‘Interface: Astronomical Essays for Astrologers[7]’ Ascella Publications, 3 Avondale Bungalows, Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield, Notts. NG18, 1997. A4-sized card covers (5mm tear to outer edge of front cover; upper outer corner of rear cover starting to split into two layers), with cloth-tape spine. (Former bookseller’s sticker adhered to rear cover.Main text contents printed in dual columns. [1] + [pp. 2-3] + [pp. 5-7] + [pp. 9-92]

Kollerstrom, Nick ‘The Metal-Planet Relationship: a Study of Celestial Influence’ Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Garberville, California, 1993

Kollerstrom, Nick and O’Neill, Mike ‘The Eureka Effect’ Stated Third Edition – Urania Trust, 396 Caledonian Road, London N1, 1996. Cloth. [2] + 78

Koltuv, Barbara Black, Ph. D. ‘The Book of Lilith’ [Seventh Impression] – Nicolas-Hays, Inc., Berwick, Maine, unclearly dated[8]

Komorowska, Joanna ‘Vettius Valens of Antioch: an Intellectual Monography’ Ksiegarnia Akademicka, ul. Sw. Anny 6, 31-008 Krakow, 2004. Card covers. [1 leaf] + [6] + [pp. 9-479] + [imprimatur]

Konrad, Greg ’Keys to Freedom and Harmony through your Astrological Aspects’ Stated First Edition – Ivory Publishing, Denver, Colorado, 1985. Matt card covers

Konstantinov, Dr. M. ‘L’Astrosociologie Mondiale: L’humanité nouvelle dans la lumière de l’Astrosociologie cosmique’ Les Éditions Omnium Littéraire, Paris 9e, 1972

Koolman, Margaret ‘Soul Purpose Astrology: How to Read Your Birth Chart for Growth & Transformation’ Second Edition – Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2002

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Aspects Magnified: All Major & Minor Aspects Synthesized Using the Process of Magnification’ Mohan Enterprises, Roch., N.Y., copyrighted 1978[9]

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Degrees of the Zodiac Magnified’ Mohan Enterprises, Roch., N.Y., copyrighted 1976[10]

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Lunar Nodes’ Mohan Enterprises, Roch., N.Y., copyrighted 1977[11]

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Mathematical Astrology’ American Federation of Astrologers, 6 Library Court S. E., Washington, D. C., 1974[12]. Large-format textured card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [4] + ii + 105

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Moon Mansions’ Mohan Enterprises, Roch., N.Y., copyrighted 1974[13]

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Precise Progressed Charts’ Mohan Enterprises, Roch., N.Y., copyrighted 1976[14]

Koparkar, Mohan ‘Retrogrades’ Mohan Enterprises, Roch., N.Y., copyrighted 1980[15]

Koppejan, Helene & Willem ‘The Zodiac Image Handbook: the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn’ Element Books Limited, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1990

Koppejan, Helene & Willem ‘The Zodiac Image Handbook: the Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius’ Element Books Limited, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1990

Koppejan, Helene & Willem ‘The Zodiac Image Handbook: the Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces’ Element Books Limited, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1991

Koppejan, Willem; comp. van Woelderen-Koppejan, Helene ‘Esoteric Astrology: A selection of his lectures and teaching’ Real Israel Press, 1995. This copy hand-signed by compiler to title page in presentation to a Don Campbell, Easter 1996. Card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + [pp. 3-22] + [duplicate of leaf comprising pp. 21-2] + [pp. 23-48] + [duplicate of leaf comprising pp. 47-8] + [pp. 49-68]

Koppenstätter, Ed. ‘Astrognostikon: Ein astrologischer Schicksalsspiegel für Jedermann – Beilage: Astrognostikon-Kalender 1926 6. Jahrgang – Zeigt die günstigen und kritischen Jahre, Monate und Tage des ganzen Lebens in astrologisch einwandfreier Form Ohne astrologische Vorkenntnisse sofort ablesbar’ Verlag Ed. Koppenstätter, Benediktbeuern (Bayern), 1926. Folded small sheet entitled “Spezielle Erklärung zur Handhabung des Astrognostikons”, filled in with seemingly personalised typed data in gaps in the text[16], laid in.  Original card covers (top and bottom 5mm of spine chipped away; 2 cm separation to top of rear hinge, with further tear across spine; upper and lower inner corners of rear cover, and lower outer corner of same, slightly chipped). Subsurface staples through inner margins. (Former owner’s coloured pencil shadings to table data on pp. 43-6.) [2] + [pp. 3-41] + [1] + [pp. 44-6 of tables] + [1] + [pp. 48-62] + [1] + [pp. 64-74] + [4 pages of advertisements] + [1[17]] + [pp. 2-15] + [1 page of advertisements] + [bound-in 12-panel fold-out including some partly coloured[18] diagrams]

Koppenstätter ‘Astrologisches Laienbrevier: Die Lehre von den Aspekten und Transiten als Nachtrag zu Ed. Koppenstätters Astrognostikon allgemeinverständlich dargestellt’ Verlag Ed. Koppenstätter, Ried / Post Benediktbeuern, 1923. Small flyer in facsimile typescript for another book by the author laid in. Original paper covers (front cover detached, with large chip lost from upper inner margin and further tears and slight chipping to inner margin; rear cover chipped at upper and lower inner corners and slightly at top edge and at foot of outer margin, with 3 cm tear to top edge and minor tearing to bottom edge). Internally string-bound pamphlet (binding strained). (Leaves comprising pp. 9-16, i-iv and v-viii still joined at top edges; 9-12 and 13-16 also joined at outer edges: need separating. 1 cm tear to outer edge of final leaf.) [3] + [pp. 4-16] + [pp. i-vii of tables] + [bound-in 4-panel fold-out of mostly partly coloured[19] diagrams]

Koppenstätter, E. ‘Praktische Astrologie: Nachweis Ihrer Erfolgreichen Verwendbarkeit im Lotteriespiel’ E. Koppenstätter Selbstverlag, München 23, Clemensstr. 75, 1920. Original thin card covers (heavy tearing and chipping to spine; binding completely split between pp. 26 and 27 and again before final leaf of advertisements: needs professional repair) (Former owner’s red marginal line to pp. 20 and 26.) [6] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 9-37] + [2 pages of advertisements]

Koppenstätter, Ed. ‘Wer Gewinnt in der Lotterie? Eine astrologische Studie – Heft 1[20]‘ Eduard Koppenstätter, Verlag, Benediktbeuern (Oberbayern), 1926. 4-panel fold-out table entitled “Datenangaben der Geburts-Horoskope” laid in[21]. Also laid in, author’s original small 4-page advertising flyer for various publications. Original thin card covers (separated down lower half of spine and top 8mm). Staplebound pamphlet (covers loose from lower staple). (First two internal leaves to p. 4 and pp. 13-16 disbound.) [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] +  [pp. 3-12] + [pp. 13-16 of tables] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Koppenstätter, Ed. ‘Wer Gewinnt in der Lotterie? Eine astrologische Studie Heft 1’ Verlag Ed. Koppenstätter, Benediktbeuern (Oberbayern), 1926, bound with ‘Wer Gewinnt in der Lotterie? Eine astrologische Studie [Heft 2]’ Verlag Ed. Koppenstätter, Benediktbeuern (Oberbayern), 1927, bound with ‘Wer Gewinnt in der Lotterie? Eine astrologische Studie [Heft 3]’ Verlag Ed. Koppenstätter, Eltville a/Rhein, 1929. Author’s original double-sided 3-panel promotional brochure and an original typed letter from the author to Fritz Werle dated 5. März 1946, plus a carbon copy on translucent paper of one in response from Werle dated 9.3.46, laid in. Parts of a vol. in later half pebbled cloth[22] (light wear towards extremities of spine hinges and to lower outer corner of front board) with paper-covered boards. Heft 1: (2cm tear to inner margin of folding table at end.) [Original card front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [pp. 3-16] + [4-panel folding table]. Heft 2: [2] + [pp. 3-52] + [five 2-panel folding diagrams]. Heft 3: [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 5-64]


[1] An abbreviation of Carsten Niebuhr Institute Publications, being a series of publications related to the Ancient Near-East, edited by Paul John Frandsen, D.T. Potts, and Aage Westenholz

[1a] A print-on-demand publication; this copy printed 2021

[2] DNB records show that the second edition was published in 1933 by Okkultes Verlagshaus H. A. Kokott. See above for the first of 1925

[3] A series of publications directed by Simo Parpola

[4] Presumed from the late 1990s or early 2000s

[5] Presumed from the late 1990s or early 2000s

[6] Presumed from the late 1990s or early 2000s

[7] A colletion of ten essays by the author, several of them on historical topics

[8] Dated 1986; but this is presumed to be the date of the original printing, of which this is a much later reprint

[9] This copy purchased new in early 2000s. Highly likely to be a much later undeclared reprint, although the possibility remains of a very large original print run resulting in residual unsold stocks a quarter of a century later.

[10] This copy was purchased second-hand. This title was no longer available from the AFA by the early 2000s. The true printing date of this copy is unknown. It might be the original edition, but bookseller records also indicate an edition dated 1976 published by New Leaf Distributing Company. Unless this denotes the same edition, one of them must be a later reprint

[11] This copy purchased new in early 2000s. Highly likely to be a much later undeclared reprint, although the possibility remains of a very large original print run resulting in residual unsold stocks a quarter of a century later.

[12] Evidently the original printing in view of the publisher’s address

[13] Ibid.

[14] Ibid.

[15] Ibid.

[16] After “Geboren:” at the top has been typed “23.August 1923”, for example

[17] The title page to the advertised Astrologikon-Kalender 1927, which accounts for the following separately paginated set of pages

[18] In print, thus as issued

[19] In print

[20] The “Heft 1” label is found only on the front cover, not on the internal title page

[21] It belongs to the book and was probably originally bound in

[22] Further bound with the I. and II. Teil of Prof. Dr. Johannes Riem’s “Die Astrologie und wir”, q. v.

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