Bibliography of Astrology Page 95:
Jennings – Johnston

Jennings, Eleanor ‘[Aquarian Astrology Series[1]:] Values in Astrology’ The Aquarian Press, 1719 Ravenna Boulevard, Seattle / Printed by University Publishing Company, Seattle, 1926. Original oversized card covers (chipped at overhanging margins and markedly at upper inner and outer corners of front cover). (Light chipping to upper outer corners of first few leaves within.) [6] + [p. 7] + [pp. 9-11] + [pp. 13-19] + [pp. 21-57] + [pp. 59-72] + [1] + [3 pages of advertisements]

Jensen, L. J. ‘Astro-Cycles and Speculative Markets[2]’ Lambert-Gann Publishing Company Inc., Washington, unclearly dated[3]. Cloth (light wear to foot of spine) in dj. [3] + [pp. v-viii] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 3-17] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 21-3] + [pp. 25-8] + [2 pages of maps] + [pp. 31-41] + [1] + [pp. 43-4] + [1] + [pp. 46-93] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 97-113] + [2] + [pp. 116-8] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 121-142]

Jensen, L. J., Editor, Liggett Stock Market Service & The Business Outlook ‘Major Trends in American Economics from 1492 to 1950 – an Analysis and a Forecast’ George E. Liggett and Associates, Kansas City, Missouri, 1935. Slightly oversized card covers (light wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of covers). Staplebound pamphlet. Contents printed in typescript throughout. [2] + 20 + [2 pages of advertisements]

Jensen, Magnus ‘Everybody’s Astrology’ [Self-Published], Libra Cabin, Camino, Calif., 1922. Original card covers (wear to top of spine; moderate wear to foot of same and along parts of spine surface; 1cm tear to upper inner corner of front cover). Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + [pp. 3-46] + [2 pages of illustrations]

Jensen, Magnus ‘The Sky Dial’ Libra Cabin Print-shop, Camino, Calif., undated[3a].  Pamphlet signed ‘Author’s Compliments’ to upper margin of front page. This copy held in original envelope sent to purchaser Lenora Conwell of Hollywood[3b], bearing author’s printed stamp. Illustrated volvelle-based device on cardstock printed with tables, accompanied by pamphlet headed ‘The Sky Dial Instructions’. Pamphlet: No covers. 8pp

Jensen, Phebe; intr. Chapman, Alison A. ’Astrology, Almanacs, and the Early Modern English Calendar’ Routledge, 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 / 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY, 2021. Matt paper-covered boards (light wear to some extremities of spine hinges and some outer corners of boards). Contents printed on slightly glossy paper throughout. [1 leaf] + [2] + [1 leaf] + [pp. vii-xxiv] + 13 + [1 leaf] + [pp. 17-43] + [pp. 44-5 of plates] + [pp. 46-93] + [8 pages of colour plates] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 97-136] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 139-178] + [8 pages of colour plates] + [pp. 179-322]

Jeremias, Dr. Alfred, Pfarrer der Lutherkirche zu Leipzig ‘[Der alte Orient: Gemeinverständliche Darstellungen[4],  1. Jahrgang Heft 3:] Hölle und Paradies bei den Babyloniern’ Zweite verbesserte und erweiterte Auflage mit 10 Abbildungen, 3.-7. Tausend – J. C. Hinrichs’Sche Buchhandlung, Leipzig, 1903. Publisher’s advertising flyer headed “Babel-Bibel-Literatur” laid in. Original paper covers. Contents printed in gothic script throughout. [Front cover backed with advertisements] + [2] + [pp. 3-43] + [1] + [rear cover featuring 2 pages of advertisements]

Jerome, Lawrence E. ‘Astrology Disproved’ Prometheus Books, 1203 Kensington Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 1977. Cloth (moderate wear to foot of spine and lower outer corners of boards; light wear to tops of spine hinges and upper outer corners) in dj (moderate wear to top of spine and tops of flap-folds; light wear to feet of flap-folds). [3] + [1 leaf] + 35 + [pp. 37-41] + [pp. 43-51] + [pp. 53-60] + [pp. 63-7] + [pp. 69-113] +[pp. 115-9] + [pp. 121-130] + [16 pages of illustrations] + [pp. 131-189] + [pp. 191-201] + [pp. 203-213] + [pp. 215-225] + [pp. 227-233]

Jerome, Lawrence E. – see also under Bok, Bart, above

Jessen, Sophus ‘Grenzen der Astrologie – Mit drei Abbildungen’ Verlag: Sophus Jessen, Berlin W 30, 1928. Original card covers (light chipping to top of spine). Sub-surface staples through inner margins. [1] + [pp. 2-3] + [pp. 5-49] + [pp. 50-2 of illustrations] + [pp. 53-61] + [Imprimatur]

Jessen, Sophus ’Die Problematik der Astrologie: Eine Kritik astrologischer Methoden – Mit Abbildungen und Tabellen’ Hallig-Verlag G.m.b.H., Berlin-Wilmersdorf 1, 1929. Original thin card covers (5 mm chip lost from top of spine; light tearing to foot of rear hinge). [4] + [pp. 5-64]

Jillson, Joyce ‘Joyce Jillson’s Lifesigns’ Stated First Wallaby Books Printing – Wallaby Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, September 1983. Card covers

Jiménez, Aurelio Pérez and Caballero, Raúl, eds. ‘Homo Mathematicus: Actas del Congreso Internacional sobre Astrológos Griegos y Romanos (Benalmádena, 8-10 de Octubre de 2001)[5]’ Primera edición – Universidad de Málaga / Charta Antigua, Distribución José Luis Jiménez Editorial, Avda. de Barcelona 40-8oD, 29009 Málaga, 2002. Textured cloth (light wear to feet of spine hinges) in dj (light wear to top of rear flap-fold and part of top edge of rear cover). [1 leaf] + [2] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 9-50] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 53-71] + [pp. 73-91] + [pp. 93-141] + [pp. 143-153] + [pp. 155-175] + [pp. 177-203] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 207-225] + [pp. 227-273] + [pp. 275-315] + [pp. 317-383]

Jocelyn, John ‘Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac’ The Naylor Company, Book Publishers of the Southwest, San Antonio, Texas, 1966. Cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine and most outer corners of boards; wear to lower outer corner of front board) in dj (2 cm separation to foot of rear hinge; 6 mm to foot of front hinge; 3cm to foot of frontflap-fold; 2 cm to foot of rear flap-fold; slight chipping to extremities of spine hinges and of flap-folds). [1 leaf] + [2] + [p. v] + [p. vi] + [pp. ix-xvii] + 211

Jocelyn, John ‘What the Stellar Script Reveals Concerning the United States of America and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’ The Aquarian College, 1552 President Street, Brooklyn, New York, 1940. Large-format paper covers (front cover detached and lightly chipped at periphery; rear cover lightly chipped at periphery). Bound by staples driven through inner margins. Printed on single-sided leaves of typescript throughout. [2 leaves] + [leaves 1-10] + [leaves 1-8] + [leaves 1-4] + [leaves 1-10]

Jocelyn, John and Beredene ‘The Stellar Script Part I[6]’ The Aquarian College, St. John’s Place Station, Brooklyn 13, N.Y., 1947. Large-format thin card covers (separation down whole of lower half of front hinge, top two inches of same, and a 4cm  central portion of same; 2cm chip lost from centre of spine; 5mm separation to extremities of rear hinge; five horizontal tears across spine; name and telephone number inked to rear cover). Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves of typescript throughout. [2 leaves] + [leaves 1-3] + [leaves 1 (2) – 3 (2)] + [leaves 1 (3) – 5] + [2 leaves] + [leaves 1 (4) – 3 (4)] + [leaves 1 (5) – 7] + [leaves 1 (6) – 3 (6)] + [2 leaves] + [leaves 1 (7) – 2 (7)] + [leaves 1 (8) – 5 (3)] + [leaves 1 (9) – 3 (8)] + [2 leaves] + [leaves 1 (10) – 6 (2)] + [leave s 1 (11) – 5 (5)] + [leaves 1 (12) – 7 (2)] + [leaves 1 (13) – 5 (7)] + [leaves 1 (14) – 9]

Johari, Harish; tr. Rauhut, Heidegret ‘Numerologie in Verbindung mit Tantra, Ayurveda und Astrologie: ein Schlüssel zum Verständnis menschlicher Verhaltensweisen’ Sphinx Verlag, Basel, Switzerland, 1994. Card covers. (Inked underlining to first 23 pages.) 270pp

Johfra; tr. Mols, Herman G. ‘Astrologie Tierkreiszeichen’ V.O.C.-Angel Books, Amsterdam, 1981. Cloth in dj. [2 leaves] + [71] pp

[John of Garland]; ed. Wilson, E. Faye, Wellesley College ‘[The Medieval Academy of America Publication No. 45:] The Stella Maris of John of Garland – Edited, Together With a Study of Certain Collections of Mary Legends Made in Northern France in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries’ Published Jointly with Wellesley College by The Medieval Academy of America, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1946. Original cloth with gilt-stamped spine, in old plain dj (1 cm tear to top edge of front cover; small chip lost from outer edge of same) bearing hand-pencilled title label to spine. [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. v-ix] + [pp. xi-xii] + [2 leaves] + [pp. 3-73] + [2 pages of tables] + [p. 76] + [2-panel fold-out chart] + [pp. 77-86] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 87-96] + [plate] + [pp. 97-224]

John of Seville – see under Abu Ma’Sar; and Ioanne Hispalensi Hispano Astrologo, above

Johndro, L.  Edward; ed. Ziegler, Dr. Adrian M. ‘The Astrological Dictionary and Self-Reading Horoscope’ Edited and re-published by Dr. Adrian M. Ziegler, Pres. Astrologers International, Ltd., 1962[7]. A4-sized card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. Contents printed in typescript. [Front cover backed with advertisements] + 24 + [rear cover backed with advertisements]

Johndro, L.  Edward, Assistant Electrical Engineer American Elementary Electric Company 1914-15[;] Electrochemical research Michigan Zinc Coat Company 1917-17[;] Graduate National Radio Institute ‘The Earth in the Heavens: Ruling Degrees of Cities, How to Find and Use Them’ Doherty Pub. Co., San Bernadino, California, 1929. Cloth (wear to extremities of spine and outer corners of boards). [4] + [pp. v-vii] + [1] + 151

Johndro, L.  Edward ‘The Earth in the Heavens: Ruling Degrees of Cities, How to Find and Use Them’ Samuel Weiser Inc., 734 Broadway, New York, N. Y. 10003, 1970[8]. Edition stated limited to 750 copies. Cloth (light wear to extremities of spine and upper outer corner of front board) in dj (minimal chipping to top of spine; light wear to extremities of flap-folds). [4] + [pp. v-vii] + [1] + 27 + [pp. 28-49 of tables] + [pp. 50-151]

Johndro, L. Edward; intr. Morrison, Al H. ‘A New Conception of Sign Rulership’ American Federation of Astrologers, 6 Library Court, S.E., Washington, D.C., 1971[9]. Large-format textured card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. Contents printed in dual columns. [1 leaf] + 7 + [pp. 8-11 of diagrams] + [pp. 12-30]

Johndro, L.  Edward, Assistant Electrical Engineer American Elementary Electric Company 1914-15[;] Electrochemical research Michigan Zinc Coat Company 1917-17[;] Graduate National Radio Institute ‘The Stars: How and Where They Influence’ [Doherty Pub. Co., San Bernadino, Calif.] (original printed publication details covered over by remains of partly scraped-away ‘Llewellyn Pub… 8921 Noti… Los Angeles 34’ sticker, which in turn has been fully covered over by later ‘The Aries Press, 208 N. Wells St., Chicago 6, Ill., U.S.A.’ sticker), 1929. Cloth. [3] + [Frontis.] + [p. v] + [pp. vii-viii] + 120

Johndro, L. Edward ‘War or Peace? A Mathematical Analysis of the Astrological Evidences of War with Japan’ The Quality Print Shop, Rochester, N. Y., 1911. Copy A with former ownership stamp of astrologer Alice Q. Reichard to front cover, and the hand-inked ownership signature of astrologer Ralph Kraum to the inside of same. Pre-release original flyer[10] for an anticipated book by the author that is not believed to have been published in that form, ‘The Dynamic Angles of Geographic Positions (The Mathematics of Mundane Astrology)’, laid in at front. Two copies. Copy A: Original paper covers (heavily separated down spine, but holding beneath staples). Copy B: Original paper covers (light wear to extremities of spine). (Trace of damp-staining to outer margins from pp. 35-44, far from text.) Both copies: Staplebound pamphlet. [4] + [2 pages of graphs] + [1 leaf] + [8] + [pp. 7-19 of charts] + [pp. 20-24 of tables] + [pp. 25-44]

Johnson, Anna P. ‘Iconoclasm; or, Astrology of the Bible’ No Publisher Stated, 1877. Original paper covers (1 cm chip lost from foot of spine). [2] + [pp. 3-50]

Johnson, Clark B. and Withers, Dale E. ‘A Different View’ Stated First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., 6535 South Rural Road, Tempe Arizona, 1986. Glossy card covers

Johnson, Janet Bowman and Adams, JoAnn ‘The Fated Presidents: a Case Study of the Jupiter-Saturn Effect’ Stated First Printing – American Federation of Astrologers Inc., 6535 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ, 2006. Large-format card covers. Staplebound pamphlet. [2] + [pp. 3-33]

Johnson, Kathleen ‘Celestial Bodies: an Astrological Path to Total Health’ Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster Inc., New York, N.Y., 1987

Johnson, Ken, Th. D. ‘The Pre-Flood Origins of Astrology’ No publisher or place stated, 2014. Card covers. 105pp

Johnson, Kenneth ’Mansions of the Moon: the Lost Zodiac of the Goddess’ Archive Press, Hawaii, 2002

Johnson, Kenneth ‘Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos’ Lucita Publishing, Sunnyvale, CA, 2011

Johnson, Kenneth – see also under Guttman, Ariel, above

Johnson, Louise ‘Character Creates Destiny’ First Astrological School of the Air, Radio K.N.X., Hollywood, Calif., undated[10a]. Large-format unbound[10b] sheets. Contents printed in typescript on single-sided leaves of orange paper throughout. Comprises:

  • Lesson 1. [Leaf 1] + [1 leaf] + [leaves 3-6] + [1 leaf] + [leaf 7]
  • Lesson 4. [Leaves 1-9]
  • Lesson 5. [Leaves 1-3]
  • Lesson 6. [Leaves 1-6]

Johnson, Louise ‘Character Creates Destiny. – Mail Order Course of Lessons in Astrology’ First Astrological School of the Air, Radio K.N.X., Hollywood, Calif., undated[11]. Large-format paper covers. Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed in typescript on single-sided leaves of orange paper throughout. Comprises:

  • Lesson 1. [2 leaves] + [leaves 3-6] + [2 leaves] + [leaf 7]
  • Lesson 2. [leaves 1-9]
  • Lesson 3. [leaves 1-9]
  • Lesson 4. [leaves 1-9]
  • Lesson 5. [leaves 1-3]
  • Lesson 6. [leaves 1-6]
  • Lesson 7. [leaves 1-4]
  • Lesson 8. [leaves 1-3]
  • Lesson 9. [leaves 1-6]
  • Lesson 10. [leaf 1]
  • Lesson 11. [leaves 1-2]
  • Lesson 12. [leaves 1-4]
  • [Unnumbered lesson.] [leaves 1-3] + [2 leaves] + [leaf 6] + [1 leaf]
  • Outline of course. [1 leaf]

Johnson, Louise, Interpreter of Cosmic Law ‘Starlight’ [Self-Published], Hollywood, California, 1934. This copy signed by author to ffep, with her address pencilled beneath.  Card covers. [2] + [pp. 5-86] + [1]

Johnson, Louise ‘Who Started It All?’ Louise Johnson, 550 N. Lucerne Blvd., Los Angeles, undated[12]. Oversized large-format card covers (some chipping to outer edge and lower outer corner of front cover; some peripheral tearing to covers). Bound by staples through inner margins. Contents printed on single-sided leaves throughout. Text contents in typescript. 7pp

Johnson, Margaret, ill. McDermott, Jessie and Hayden, E. P. ‘The Procession of the Zodiac: Twelve Month-Poems by Margaret Johnson; Twelve Month-Drawings by Jessie McDermott’ D. Lothrop and Company, Franklin and Hawley Streets, Boston, USA, 1886. Original cloth (wear to extremities of spine; moderate wear to outer corners of boards; light wear to rear spine hinge; minor cracking to upper part of front inner paper hinge). Contents printed in sepia ink throughout. (Separation after second ffep; after p. 24; after p. 32; after p. 48, but cords strong beneath).  [Frontis.] + [2] + [plate] + [pp. 7-8] + [plate] + [pp. 11-12] + [plate] + [pp. 15-16] + [plate] + [pp. 19-20] + [plate] + [pp. 23-4] + [plate] + [pp. 27-8] + [plate] + [pp. 31-2] + [plate] + [pp. 35-6] + [plate] + [pp. 39-40] + [plate] + [pp. 43-4] + [plate] + [pp. 47-8] + [plate] + [pp. 51-2] + [2 leaves of plates]

Johnson, Maxwell O., B. C., M. S., Ch. E. ‘Cycles in Weather and Solar Activity’ Stated First Edition – Paradise of the Pacific Press, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1950. Original cloth (moderate wear to extremities of spine hinges; light wear to outer corners of boards). (Former owner’s inked annotations and occasional underlinings to title page and pp. 184-5.) Printed on slightly glossy paper throughout. [2] + [pp. iii-iv, of which iii has printed Errata slip adhered to blank lower margin] + 224

Johnson, Ned ‘It’s About Time, and Other Astrological Explorations’ Mortco, 1977

Johnston, Sarah Iles and Struck, Peter T., eds. ‘[Religions in the Graeco-Roman World[13] Volume 155:] Mantikê – Studies in Ancient Divination’[14] Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2005. Matt paper-covered boards (light wear to top of rear hinge and outer corners of rear board). [4] + [1 leaf] + 49 + [pp. 51-97] + [pp. 99-120] + [pp. 121-6 of tables] + [pp. 127-165] + [pp. 167-231] + [pp. 233-315] + [pp. 317-322]


[1] The internal advertising makes apparent that the planned series was directed by a Dr. Charles A. Logan of Fairhope, Alabama, assisted by Jennings. Six further titles were slated for subsequent release, including two by Jennings and two by Logan, but I’m not aware of any evidence that any of them was ever published in practice

[2] This book is a compilation of his two 1930s-era pamphlets on financial astrology, ‘Major Trends in American Economics’ (q. v., below) and ‘Astro-Economic Interpretation’ (not in this collection), together with a shorter, obscure work from 1961 entitled ‘Market Charts’ (likewise). The compilation was edited by Jensen himself, his foreword being dated September 1977 

[3] Dated 1978 to title page, but this is clearly a later undeclared reprint

[3a] US copyright records suggest March 1938, which is supported by postage date stamped on the envelope retained with this copy: ‘Mar 29, 1938’

[3b] An active figure in the astrological community in her day, said to have been involved with the West Coast Convention of Scientific Astrologers in 1943

[4] A series of publications collectively edited by the Vorderasiatischen Gesellschaft

[5] A collection of 21 essays by different scholars including W. Hübner, J.-H. Abry, J. Halbron[n], G. Bezza, and the editors of the present volume

[6] A compilation of four one-page and fourteen multi-page articles with a spiritual focus on astrology. The articles have been previously separately issued over an extended period; and the authors note that the idea to prepare the volume began 12 years previously (thus presumably in or around 1935) but that the first article had already been written before that

[7] After the original edition of 1933

[8] Appears an unaltered reprint of the 1929 edition

[9] Republished thus. Previously reprinted in In Search magazine in 1958. Library records indicate that the first edition was published in San Diego, California, in 1934

[10] The flyer gives Johndro’s then address a 211 Central Building, Rochester, N. Y., but it has been corrected in pencil to San Bernadino, Calif.

[10a] A disbound partial copy, formerly in the possession of Catherine Thompson, of a different, apparently later printing of the complete course shown below. The paragraphs have been reset and some text altered, in addition to the subtitle “Mail Order Course of Lessons in Astrology” having notably been removed, as compared with the original edition

[10b] There is clear evidence of a former staple binding having been removed

[11] Presumed to date from the early 1930s  from the fact of the paper matching that of other Louise Johnson materials from 1932

[12] The accompanying advertisement for an annual for 1937 strongly indicates a publication date of late 1936

[13] A series of publications edited at this time by H. S. Versnel, D. Frankfurter and J. Hahn

[14] A collection of ten essays by nine different scholars including the editors. They concern non-astrological forms of divination but present valuable intellectual context for ancient Greek divinatory practices.

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