Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 13:

Ebn Shemaya; Thomas Oxley; James Wilson

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 13 Front cover

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 13 Disc

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Contents of CD 13:

This particular CD contains the scans of five original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below.

  • Shemaya, Ebn[1] ‘The Star; Being A Complete System of Theoretical and Practical Astrology. Containing Rules and Astronomical Diagrams, for Finding the Right Ascensions, Ascensional Differences, Declinations, &c. of the Planets and Fixed Stars. The Whole Art of Directions, According to Principles Strictly Mathematical, with an Easy Method of Rectifying Nativities. Rules to Erect a Theme of the Heavens for any Latitude, by Trigonometry and the Celestial Globe. Precepts for Judging Nativities, Whereby Every Important Event In Life May Be Discovered from the Cradle to the Tomb. The whole illustrated by the Nativity of the Author, with Several Other Remarkable Genitures, with Many Hundreds of Directions Calculated in Full’ Published for the Author, By S. Cornish & Co., 126, Newgate Street, London, 1839. Two copies. Copy A: cloth. Copy B:. Both copies: [1 leaf] + [Frontis.] + [iii-viii] + 203 + [1]
  • Oxley, Thomas ‘The Celestial Planispheres, or Astronomical Charts. Part I. Shewing by Inspection, or only by drawing a Straight Line, All the most useful Problems in Astronomy, in the most Easy, Pleasing, and Expeditious manner, by means of the Celestial Planispheres. Part II. A New and Comprehensive System of Directional Motion, According to the Principles of Ptolemy and Placidus, Explained in the most Easy and Familiar manner, so as to be perfectly understood by every capacity. Also, A Complete System of Calculating Nativities, by the Celestial Planispheres, From the Equator to Sixty Degrees of Latitude; Whereby the most Laborious and hitherto Intricate Calculations are solved, by Drawing a Straight Line, or only by extending a pair of Compasses, and the Arcs of Direction are obtained with wonderful exactness, and as much can be performed in a few Hours, as formerly required many Days. Illustrated by the Nativity of the Emperor Napoleon. Part III. Containing New and Improved Formulae for Astronomical Calculations, Also, for finding from the True Mundane Position of the Part of Fortune, its True Place in the Zodiac both in Longitude and Latitude, also, the True Method of finding the correct Polar Elevations both of the Planets, and of all the different Houses of the Celestial Figures, etc. and other interesting particulars in Directional Motion, never before Published. Part IV (which is added by particular desire,) containing Choice Astrological Aphorisms from Ptolemy; Also, the Significations of the Different Positions of the Planets, and of Directions from the Celebrated W. Lilly; so that a Purchaser of these “Celestial Planispheres,” will be enabled thereby both to calculate and to give a correct judgment on any Nativity without the help of any other book. To which is added the Author’s New Theory of the Predictive Science, being a most irresistible defence of Astrology. Also, interesting Remarks and Calculations, on the Nativity of King William the Fourth. With Ten Large Copperplates[2], Most Accurately Engraved‘ Published by Davis and Dickson, 17, St. Martin’s Le Grant, Newgate Street, London; Blackwood, Edinburgh; Robinsons, and Grapel, Liverpool; and may be had fo the Booksellers in general, 1830. Quarter cloth (worn at hinges) with paper-covered boards (edgeworn). [1 leaf] + viii + [pp. 9-304].
  • Oxley, Thomas, Esq. ‘The Gem of the Astral Sciences, or Mathematics of Celestial Philsophy; with Improved Formulae, and all the Rules of Calculations Used Therein; New and Expeditious Tables of Right Ascensions & Declinations of the Planets, and Four Large Copper-Plates, With Ample Instructions, Illustrating the Use and Construction of the Celestial Planispheres; also, an Original Treatise on Performing These Calculations for Australia, New Zealand, Van Dieman’s Land, and All Other Places in the Southern Hemisphere; With Much Useful Information, Not to be Found in Any Other Book Yet Extant’ Published by Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., Paternoster Row, London, 1848. Original cloth boards rebacked with newer cloth spine. xvi + 191pp + [1 page of advertisements] + [4 fold-out charts]
  • Wilson, James, Esq. Philomath ‘A Complete Dictionary of Astrology, in which Every Technical and Abstruse Term Belonging to the Science is Minutely and Correctly Explained, and the Various Systems and Opinions of the Most Approved Authors Carefully Collected and Accurately Defined. Comprising The only rational Method of calculating Nativities, according to the Placidian System; The whole Art of bringing up Directions, both Primary and Secondary. The Judgment of Revolutions, Progressions, Ingresses, Transits, and Lunations Embolismic or Quadrate. The Doctrine of Horary Questions complete. Divested of their Extravagance, Contradictions, and Absurdities. The whole Illustrated and Explained by Familiar Examples and Diagrams’ Printed for William Hughes, Islington Green, and sold by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster-Row, and by All Other Booksellers, 1819. Half-leather (front joint weak) with paper-covered boards. Frontis. + xxii + [2 leaves of plates] + 410 pp
  • Wilson, James, Esq., Philomath ‘A New and Complete Set of Astrological Tables, for Finding the Declination, Right Ascension, Ascensional Difference, & Crepusculine Arcs, with a Table of Ascensional Differences Suited to the Polar Elevation of London, 51 º32’ North, for finding the Semiarcs and Oblique Ascension for that Latitude, and a New Table of Houses, for the Same Latitude, Calculated by Oblique Ascension for the Purpose of Erecting Figures, Where the East and West Angles are Corrected Confmably to the Present Ecliptical Difference. The whole adapted to the Ecliptical Obliquity of 23º 28’, and requisite for bringing up Directions, by computing the Oblique Ascension or Descension, Semiarcs, Horary Time, &c. of Any Point in the Heavens’ Printed for William Hughes, Islington Green, and sold by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster-Row, and by all other Booksellers, London, 1820. Part of a larger volume in cloth (frayed at extremities). xii + 76pp



[1] A pseudonym of David Parkes

[2] NB: the advertised ten copper plates were not bound in with the book and were apparently issued separately; I have never seen a set for sale, which indicates that they have typically been lost.

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