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Zadkiel (Richard Morrison)

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Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 16 Disc

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Contents of CD 16:

This particular CD contains the scans of eight original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below. One of the original volumes listed provides two distinct texts which are presented in separate files on the disc.


  • Zadkiel[1] the Seer ‘The Grammar of Astrology, Containing All Things Necessary for Calculating a Nativity by Common Arithmetic’ Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, Paternoster Row, London, 1833. Cloth (outer cloth torn at spine down most of rear hinge and top inch of front hinge; and worn at inner and outer corners of boards). (Inner front paper hinge cracking towards bottom. Binding cracked (but cords holding) between pp. 32-3 and between pp. 80-1 and between pp. 128-9 and after p. 160.) [3] + [pp. iv-xvi] + 160pp + [2 pages of advertisements (leaf loose from binding)] + [pp. 3-36 of advertisements]
  • Zadkiel ‘The Grammar of Astrology, Containing All Things Necessary for Calculating a Nativity; To Which Is Now Added Tables of Declination, Right Ascension, Ascensional Difference, and Polar Elevation; Also, Tables of Houses for London and Liverpool’ Third edition Enlarged – James Cornish, Middle Row, Holborn, London, 1849. Cloth (outer cloth torn at extremities of spine hinges; light wear to outer corners of boards). (Binding internally slightly cracked, but cords holding, between pp. 122-3. Diagonal tear to upper margin of title page. Chip lost from outer margin of leaf comprising pp. 155-6.) [2 leaves] + [4] + vi + 178 pp
  • Zadkiel Tao Sze ‘The Hand-book of Astrology; by which Every Question of the Future, on which the Mind is Anxious, may be Truly Answered’ Vol. I – G. Berger, Holywell Street, Strand, London; and all booksellers, 1861. Cloth (slightly frayed at extremities). [2 leaves] + 130pp + [1 page of advertisements]
  • Zadkiel Tao Sze ‘The Hand-book of Astrology, Containing the Doctrine of Nativities, in a form Free of All Mystery; by which Every Man May Calculate His Own Nativity and learn his own Natural Character and Proper Destiny’ Vol. II – G. Berger, Holywell Street, Strand, London, preface dated 1863. Cloth (slightly frayed at extremities). [2 leaves] + [pp. v-xii] + 76pp + xxxi + [1 page of advertisements]
  • Lilly, William, and Zadkiel ‘An Introduction to Astrology; by William Lilly: With Numerous Emendations, Adapted to the Improved State of the Science in the Present Day’ bound with ‘Tables for Calculating Nativities. By Zadkiel’ H. G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden, London, 1852. Cloth. Binding internally slightly weak at front and rear. Lilly: [1 page of advertisements][3] + xiv + 292pp + [2 folding plates] + [pp. 293-346]. Zadkiel Tables + viii + [pp. 9-64] + [1 page of advertisements]
  • Zadkiel ‘Zadkiel’s Legacy; Containing a Full and Particular Judgment on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, on the 26th of January, 1842, Being their Most Important Conjunction Since the Days of King Alfred the Great: Foreshewing the History of the World for 200 Years to come!!! Also, Essays on Hindu Astrology, and the Nativity of H. R. H. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales &c, His Character and Future Destiny, &c. &c.’ Sherwood and Co., Paternoster Row, London, 1842. Cloth. viii + 58 + [6 pages of advertisements]



‘The Horoscope’ (1834); ‘The Horoscope’ (1841). [Two separate volumes; details shown together here:]

Full title:

  • The Horoscope; A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Containing Complete Answers to Every Objection to the Science; Also, Several HIghly Interesting Nativities, Accounts of Earthquakes, &c. and Numerous Fulfilled Predictions (1834)
  • The Horoscope, Monthly Magazine of Science and Literature (January – May 1841, as represented on individual issue headers)
  • The Horoscope, A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology, Astronomy, Phrenology, Meteorology, &c. (May 8 – May 29, 1841)
  • The Horoscope: A Miscellany of Meteorology, The Celestial Science of Astrology, and Literature. Illustrated with Engravings, &c. (1841, as represented on 1843 reprint volume title page)


  • Zadkiel the Seer[2] (1834)
  • Zadkiel Tao Sze, &c. (1841)

Publication credits:

  • Published by Willmer and Smith, Liverpool (1834)
  • Published by William Charlton Wright, 4, Paternoster Row, Cheapside, London, 1843 (1841 issues in bound reprint form)


  • No. 1, Saturday, May 3, 1834. [pp. 1-8]
  • No. 2, Saturday, May 10, 1834. [pp. 9-16]
  • No. 3, Saturday, May 17, 1834. [pp. 17-24]
  • No. 4, Saturday, May 24, 1834. [pp. 25-32]
  • No. 5, Saturday, May 31, 1834. [pp. 33-40]
  • No. 6, Saturday, June 7, 1834. [pp. 41-8]
  • No. 7, Saturday, June 14, 1834. [pp. 49-56]
  • No. 8, Saturday, June 21, 1834. [pp. 57-64]
  • No. 9, Saturday, June 28, 1834. [pp. 65-72]
  • No. 10, Saturday, July 5, 1834. [pp. 73-80]
  • No. 11, Saturday, July 12, 1834. [pp. 81-8]
  • No. 12, Saturday, July 19, 1834. [pp. 89-96]
  • No. 13, Saturday, July 26, 1834. [pp. 97-104]
  • No. 14, Saturday, August 2, 1834. [pp. 105-112]
  • No. 15, Saturday, August 9, 1834. [pp. 113-120]
  • No. 16, Saturday, August 16, 1834. [pp. 121-8]
  • No. 17, Saturday, August 23, 1834. [pp. 129-136]
  • No. 18, Saturday, August 30, 1834. [pp. 137-144]
  • No. 19, Saturday, September 6, 1834. [pp. 145-152]
  • January, 1841. ii + [pp. 3-40] + [barometric plate] + [pp. 41-2]
  • February, 1841. [pp. 43-80] + [barometric plate] + [pp. 81-2]
  • March, 1841. [pp. 83-120] + [barometric plate] + [pp. 121-2]
  • April, 1841. [pp. 123-160] + [barometric plate] + [pp. 161-2]
  • May, 1841. [pp. 163-202]
  • No. I Part VI, Saturday, May 8, 1841. [pp. 203-210]
  • No. II, Part VI, Saturday, May 15, 1841. [pp. 211-218]
  • No. III, Part VI, Saturday, May 22, 1841. [pp. 219-226]
  • No. IV, Part VI, Saturday, May 29, 1841. [pp. 227-240) + [barometric plate] + [pp. 241-2]

Binding format and presentation notes:

  • First three issues of 1834 printed in dual columns; the remainder in single columns
  • 1834 issues bound together in old half-leather (chipped at top of spine; worn at foot of spine and down rear hinge; heavy wear to outer corners of boards) with paper-covered boards (scuffed and edgeworn). Overall volume title page credits editorship to ‘Zadkiel’ (without ‘The Seer’).
  • 1841 original issues encased within old quarter-leather covers (detached; outer spine chipped away) with paper-covered boards (worn at outer corners). Bound with “Proceedings of the Meteorological Society, During the Session 1838-1839”. (Preface comprising pp. i-ii detached but present; binding split between pp. 42-3 of “The Horoscope”, and between pp. 26-7 of the “Proceedings”.)
  • Separate volume with added title page backed with editor’s note ‘to his readers’ (dated 1843) consists of an altered reprint of the 1841 issues, with p. 240 amended to become the final page, the original pp. 241 and 242 missing, all the barometric plates except that from the January issue removed; and the separate weekly issue title headings excised from the May issues, although with a May 8th header remaining but changed to match the monthly issues’ subtitle style. Two pages of advertisements dated 1848 follow p. 240. This volume in old half-leather (separation down whole length of front hinge; reconnected with clear tape; heavy wear to outer corners of boards) with paper-covered boards.



[1] Pseud. of Morrison, Richard

[2] Pseud. of Morrison, Richard

[3] Only the advertisements on the front and rear paste-downs have been retained in this copy but there is evidence that further pages of advertisements have been torn out, suggesting that a complete copy might be expected to collate the same as the 1860 reprint

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