Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 8:

John Partridge, William Eland,

George Parker, Richard Ball

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 8 front cover

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 8, Disc

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 8, rear cover

Contents of CD 8:

This particular CD contains the scans of five original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below.

  • Ball, Richard, Student in Astrology and Physick ‘Astrology Improv’d: Or, a Compendium Of the whole Art of that most Noble Science. In Five Parts Wherein I. The many Errors of other Writers upon this Subject are corrected. II. Necessary Rules, Figures and Judgment upon every House, for the better understanding of Horary Questions. III. Astrolo-Physical Judgments upon Diseases, and the best Method of curing them by Herbs; with variety of Receipts Alphabetically digested. IV. True Judgments upon Nativities, and Elections relating to Buying, Selling, Gaming, Racing, Travelling, Love, Marriage, &c. V. A New and most certain Way how to know and judge the Inclination of the Air, and Alteration of the Weather at all Seasons. The like not to be found in any other Author ’ The Second Edition, very much enlarg’d – Printed by G. Parker for A. Bettesworth, at the Red-Lyon in Pater-Noster Row, London, 1723. Leather. [1 leaf] + [pp. iii-viii] + [4] + 85 + [pp. 87-221] + [pp. 223-263] + [pp. 265-287] + [p. 289 (1)] + [pp. 289 (2) – 303] + [9 pages of advertisements]
  • [Eland, William]; ed. Parker, Geo. ‘Eland’s Tutor to Astrology: or, Astrology Made Easie; Being a Plain Introduction to that Art, whereby the meanest Capacity may learn to Erect a Figure, and to give Judgment on any Question or Nativity whatsover’ The Tenth Edition. Corrected from its former Errors, and Enlarged: With several Tables and Examples, shewing thereby how to find out the true Time of a Nativity, and to discover the most remarkable Passages that shall happen from the beginning to the end of a Person’s Life. So compleatly furnished, that all the Operations of a Nativity may be perform’d by this little Compendium only, without the help of other Authors – Printed for G. Conyers at the Ring, J. Sprint at the Bell and T. Ballard, at the Rising-Sun in Little-Brittain, London, 1704. Leather (front board detached; rear board slightly chipped at inner margin). [1 leaf] + [4] + [2 pages of advertisements] + 165 + [64] + [pp. 230-3] + [2] + [pp. 236-7] + [2] + [pp. 240 (1) – 240 (2)] + [18] + [pp. 260-8]
  • Partridge, John ‘Defectio Geniturarum: being an Essay toward the Reviving and Proving the True Old Principles of Astrology, Hitherto Neglected, Or, at leastwise, not Observed or Understood. In Four Parts. The First shewing the Ground and Cause of Error. The Second contains an Examination of those Nativities Printed by Morinus. The Third considers those done by Argol. And, The Fourth those Printed by Mr. Gadbury, in his Collection. Wherein Many things relating to this Science are Handled and Discoursed: But the principal End and Design of the Book is to prove the Power and sole Use Of the Hileg, in Cases of Life and Death’ Printed for Benj. Tooke at the Middle-Temple-gate in Fleet Street, London, 1697. Part of a cloth vol., bound with the below. [1 leaf] + [22] + 330 + [p. 133 (2)] + [pp. 332-360]
  • Partridge, John ‘Flagitiosus Mercurius Flagellatus: or The Whipper Whipp’d: Being an Answer to a Scurrilous Invective Written by George Parker in his Almanack for MDCXCVII. In such Language and base Expressions that none but a Bended Mechanic would be seen to own; and this without any Provocation given by me’ No Publication Details Present, undated[1]. Part of a cloth vol., bound with the above. 20pp
  • Partridge, J., M. R. Student in Physick and Astrology ‘Mikropanastron: Or an Astrological Vade Mecum Briefly Teaching the whole Art of Astrology, Viz. Questions, Nativities, with all its Parts, and the whole Doctrine of Elections, never so Comprised, nor Compiled before; so that theyoung Student may learn as much here as in the great Volumes of Guido, Haly, or Origanus’ Printed for William Bromwich, at the Sign of the Three Bibles in Ludgate-Street, London, 1679[2]. Leather (spine title labels scuffed with loss of some characters; front board detaching). [Frontis.] + [1 leaf] + [39] + [4] + [76] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 79-231] + [1 leaf] + [pp. 235-348]
  • Partridge, John, Physician to Her Present Majesty, and Student in Astrology ‘Opus Reformatum: Or, a Treatise of Astrology, in which the Common Errors of that Art are Modestly Exposed and Rejected. With an Essay Serving towards the Reviving the True and Ancient Method Laid Down for our Direction by the Great Ptolomy; and More Agreeable  to the True Principles of Motion and Nature, than that Commonly Practised and Taught. In Two Parts’ Printed for Awnsham and John Churchill at the Black-Swan in Pater-Noster-Row, London, 1693. Leather. (The leaf comprising pp. iii-iv has had its outer margin repaired, with the loss of a few words of text on each side.) [1 leaf] + xiii + [1] + 90 + [p. 98 (1)] + [pp. 92-168]


[1] The original presumed printed covers, if there were any, are missing since this copy has been bound up with “Defectio Geniturarum”, q. v. above. COPAC records presume it to date from 1697 in common with that work

[2] With additional title page to p. 77: Partridge, John, Student in Astrology ‘Mikropanastron: Or the Vade Mecum Continued. Teaching how to Judge of all Nativities and Revolutions in a shorter Method than any hitherto have Performed it. According to the Doctrine of the Learned Cyprianus, Leovitius, Origanus, Bonatus, and others; being faithfully Collected and Translated from their Works, for the Use of the young Ingenious Student’ London, 1679. With additional title page to p. 233: Partridge, John, Student in Astrology ‘Mikropanastron: Or the Vade Mecum Continued:  Briefly Handling the Doctrine of Elections, with Experiments and Aphorisms thereunto belonging’ Printed for William Bromwich, at the Sign of the Three Bibles in Ludgate-Street, London, 1679.

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