Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 5:

Nicholas Culpeper, Richard Saunders,

William Salmon, Joseph Blagrave

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD5, Front COver

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD 5, Disc

Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD5, Rear Cover

Contents of CD 5:

This particular CD contains the scans of five original antiquarian volumes from Astrolearn’s private collection, as detailed below.

  • Culpeper, Nicholas, Gent. Student in Physick and Astrology ‘Semeiotica Uranica. Or an Astrological Judgment of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick; 1. From Aven Ezra by way of Introduction. 2. From Noel Duret by way of Direction. Wherein is layd down, The way and manner of finding out the Cause, Change and End of a Disease; Also whether the Sick be likely to live or dye, and the Time when Recovery or Death is to be Expected; To which is added The Signs of Life or Death by the Body of the Sick Party according to the judgment of Hippocrates’ Printed for Nathaniell Brookes at the golden Angel on Cornhill, near the Exchange, London, 1651. Leather (slightly scuffed). (Binding internally reinforced by later flexible white plasticky tape threaded through inner margins, occasionally affecting a character of text and leaving some of the innermost text slightly difficult to see, although still legible.) [Frontis.] + [1 leaf] + [8] + [4 pages of advertisements] + [8] + 41 + [plate] + [1] + [pp. 44-51] + [plate] + [1] + [pp. 54-119] + [p. 220] + [pp. 121-143] + [p. 154 (1)] + [pp. 145-169] + [p. 171] + [illegibly corrected page number] + [pp. 172-3] + [pp. 175-176 (1)] + [pp. 176 (2) – 190]
  • Culpeper, Nicholas ‘Semiotica Uranica, or Culpepper’s Judgement of Diseases Much Enlarged; Abraham Avenezra, of Critical Days’ (running title from first main page; publication details missing). Bound (as issued) with Culpeper, Nicholas, Student in Physick, and Astrology ‘Urinalia: or, a Treatise of the Crisis Hapning to the Urine: Through default either of the Reins, Bladder, Yard, Conduits, or Passages, with their Causes, Signs, and Cures’ Printed for Nath. Brook, at the Angel in Cornhil, London, 1658. Leather (slightly worn at extremities of hinges and outer corners of boards). Semiotica: (lacks title page and some prefatory pages; present prefatory leaves torn slightly at tops of inner margins, affecting a few characters of text.) [Frontis., cut out and laid down on a later blank] + [6] (= ‘The Stationer to the Reader’ + table of contents) + 35 + [1] + [pp. 38-44] + [1] + [pp. 46-60] + [pp. 62-71] + [1] + [pp. 73-112] + p. 123 (1)] + [pp. 114-128] + [p. 119 (2) – 200]. Urinalia: [1 leaf] + [pp. 203-222] + [p. 123 (3)] + [p. 224]
  • Saunders, Richard ‘The Astrological Judgment and Practice of Physick. Deduced from the Position of the Heavens at the Decumbiture of the Sick Person: Wherein the Fundamental Grounds thereof are most clearly displayed and laid open: Shewing by an Universal Method not only the Cause, but the Cure and End of all manner of Diseases incident to humane Bodies. Also divers notable Experiments, of great use to all the Industrious Students in Physick and Astrology. Being the XXX years Practice and Experience of Richard Saunders Student in Astrology and Physick’ Printed for L.C. and are to be sold by Thomas Sawbridge at the three Flower-de-luces in Little Britain, London, 1677. Old manuscript table of planetary Howers (sic) glued to front paste-down. Old manuscript diagram glued to rear paste-down. Two small old manuscript notes laid in at rear. Leather (outer corners of boards worn). Occasional old ink annotations to margins. [Frontis.] + [1 leaf] + [15] + [24] + 202 + [201 (2)] + [pp. 204-208] + 169 + [pp. 171-214]
  • Salmon, William, Professor of Physick ‘Horae Mathematicae, seu Urania. The Soul of Astrology: Containing that Art in all its Parts. In Four Books. Illustrated with the Names, Numbers and Natures of the Faces of the Signs, the Planets, Nodes, Aspects and Houses: the setting of a Figure: Explication of Terms of Art: Refutation of Planetary hours, Deep, Pitted, Lame and Azimene Degrees: The Doctrine of Nativities, shewing all the ways of Rectifying, Directing and giving Judgment thereon, from Regiomontanus, Argol, Kepler, Morinus and others, deduced from a Consideration of the Signs, Aspects, Nodes, Houses, Planets and Fixed Stars, as they are related by Position, Direction, Transit and Revolution: The Radical Solution of all manner of Demands, Radical Elections; the Resolution of all Horary Questions; the Method of Annual Judgments, Monthly Observations, Judgments on Eclipses, Comets, Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, Aphelions of the Erraticks, Meteorologick Predictions, And a Demonstration of the Aspects of the Planets; Together with the various ways of finding the Planets and Fixed Stars Rising, Southing and Setting, by new Tables, never before Published. The Via Nova Genetliaca, Or Our New way of Managing Nativities, and finding out all their several Directions, by Inspection only, without Trouble or Calculation, being most consentaneous to Nature, Reason and Truth. The whole Work a new thing, the like never yet extant’ Printed by Tho. Dawks, his Majesties British Printer, at the Blew-Anchor, at the West End of St. Pauls, London, 1679. Leather. [1 leaf] + [Frontis.] + [1 leaf] + [20] + 271 + [p. 262 (2)] + [pp. 273-446] + [p. 347 (2)] + [pp. 448-509] + [p. 511] + [p. 510] + [pp. 512-525] + [2 pages of advertisements]
  • Blagrave, Joseph ‘Blagrave’s Astrological Practice of Physick. Discovering, The true way to Cure all Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities which are Naturally incident to the Body of Man. Being Performed by such Herbs and Plants which grow within our own Nation, directing the way to Distil and Extract their Virtues and making up of Medicines. Also, A Discovery of some notable Philosophical Secrets worthy our Knowledge, relating to a Discovery of all kinds of Evils, whether Natural, or such which come from Sorcery or Witchcraft, or by being possessed of an evil Spirit; directing how to cast forth the said Evil Spirit out of any one which is Possessed, with sundry Examples thereof’ [Second Edition] – Printed for Obadiah Blagrave at the Bear and Star in St. Paul’s Church-Yard, London, 1680. Leather (scuffed at extremities of spine). [1 leaf] + [14] + 139 + [5 pages of advertisements]

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