Astrology Library Progress Report – 12th December, 2015

Astrolearn astrology library progress report

– No. 17: 12th December, 2015

This is the first progress report in three weeks. There was insufficient news to report the past two weeks to merit the penning of a new report. Instead, I preferred to focus on being productive. But there is plenty to report today.

As anticipated, eighteen releases in the new Astrolearn Vintage Astrology CD series are now uploaded and available for purchase from an outsourced production and distribution facility in Nevada, USA, called Kunaki. They are priced at just $19.99 per disc retail plus shipping at low cost, and comprise:

CD 1:

1. Henry Coley “Clavis Astrologiae Elimata: or a Key to the whole Art of Astrology New Filed and Polished. In Three Parts…. To which are added the Rudolphine Tables”, 1676
2. John Middleton “Practical Astrology. In Two Parts”, 1679
3. Joseph Blagrave “Blagrave’s Introduction to Astrology in Three Parts”, 1682

CD 2:

1. John Gadbury “Genethlialogia, or the Doctrine of Nativities, Containing the Whole Art of Directions, and Annual Revolutions…. Together with The Doctrine of Horarie Questions”, 1658
2. John Gadbury “Collectio Geniturarum: Or, a collection of Nativities, in CL Genitures”, 1662
3. John Gadbury “Cardines Coeli: Or, an Appeal to the Learned and Experienced Observers of Sublunars and their Vicissitudes, whether the Cardinal Signs of Heaven are not most Influential upon Men and Things: Proved by X. Remarkable Genitures”, 1684

CD 3:

1. Claude Dariot “A Brief and most easie Introduction to the Astrological Iudgement of the Starres”, 1598; G. C. “A Treatise of Mathematicall Phisicke, or briefe Introduction to Phisicke, by Iudiciall Astronomy”, 1598
2. William Lilly “Christian Astrology Modestly Treated of in Three Books”, 1647
3. William Lilly “Anima Astrologiae: Or, a Guide for Astrologers. Being The considerations of the Famous Guido Bonatus… As also The Choicest Aphorisms of Cardans Seaven Segments”, 1676
4. William Lilly “Mr. Lilly’s History of His Life and Times… To which is subjoined, The True History of King James I. and King Charles I”, 1721

CD 4:

1. William Ramesey “Vox Stellarum. Or, The Voice of the Starres: Being a Short Introduction to the Judgement of Eclipses, and the Annuall Revolutions of the World”, 1652
2. William Ramesey “Astrologia Restaurata; or, Astrologie Restored: being an Introduction to the General and Chief part of the Language of the Stars. In Four Books”, 1654
3. John Bishop [and Richard Kirby] “The Marrow of Astrology. In Two Books”, 1689
4. John Gadbury “Nauticum Astrologicum; or, the Astrological Seaman”, 1710

CD 5:

1. Nicholas Culpeper “Semeiotica Uranica. Or an Astrological judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick”, 1651
2. Nicholas Culpeper “Semiotica Uranica, or Culpepper’s Judgement of Diseases Much Enlarged” bound with “Urinalia”, 1658
3. Richard Saunders “The Astrological Judgment and Practice of Physick. Deduced from the Position of the Heavens at the Decumbiture of the Sick Person”, 1677
4. William Salmon “Horae Mathematicae, seu Urania. The Soul of Astrology”, 1679
5. Joseph Blagrave “Blagrave’s Astroloigical Practice of Physick. Discovering, The true way to Cure all kinds of Diseases and Infirmities which are Naturally incident to the Body of Man”, 1680


John Goad “Astro-Meteorologica, or Aphorisms and Discourses of the Bodies Coelestial, Their Natures and Influences”, 1686

CD 7:

1. Ptolemy, tr. J. M. Ashmand “Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, or Quadripartite”, 1822
2. Manilius, tr. Thomas Creech “The Five Books of M. Manilius”, 1697
3. George Wharton, ed. John Gadbury “The Works of that Late Most Excellent Philosopher and Astronomer George Wharton”, 1683

CD 8:

1. John Partridge “Mikropanastron: Or an Astrological Vade Mecum Briefly Teaching the whole Art of Astrology”, 1679
2. John Partridge “Opus Reformatum: Or, a Treatise of Astrology, in which the Common Errors of that Art are Modesty Exposed and Rejected”, 1693
3. John Partridge “Defectio Geniturarum: being an Essay toward the Reviving and Proving the True Old Principles of Astrology, Hitherto Neglected, Or, at leastwise, not Observed or Understood”, 1697; “Flagitiosus Mercurius Flagellatus: or The Whipper Whipp’d: Being an Answer to a Scurrilous Invective Written by George Parker in his Almanack for MDCXCVII”, c. 1697
4. [William Eland], ed. Geo. Parker “Eland’s Tutor to Astrology; or, Astrology Made Easie; Being a Plain Introduction to that Art, whereby the meanest Capacity may learn to Erect a Figure, and to give Judgment on any Question or Nativity whatsoever” [Stated] Tenth Edition, 1704
5. Richard Ball “Astrology Improv’d: Or, a Compendium of the whole Art of that most Noble Science. In Five Parts” The Second Edition, very much enlarg’d, 1723

CD 9:

1. Ebeneezer Sibly “A Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology: Or, the Art of Fortelling Future Events and Contingencies, by the Aspects, Positions, and Influences of the Heavenly Bodies”, 1784-90

CD 10:

1. Placido de Titis, tr. Anonymous, ed. M. Sibly “Astronomy and Elementary Philosophy”, 1789
2. Placido de Titis, tr. Anonymous, ed. M. Sibly “A Collection of Thirty Remarkable Nativities, To Illustrate the Canons, and Prove the True Principles of Elementary Philosophy”, 1789
3. Manoah Sibly “Supplement to Placidus de Titus; Containing the Nativity of that Wonderful Phaenomenon, Oliver Cromwell… to which is prefixed, Primum Mobile, or a Complete Set of Astronomical Tables, for the Exact Calculation and Direction of Nativities”, 1790
4. Didacus Placidus de Titus; ed. John Cooper “Primum Mobile, with Theses to the Theory, and Canons for Practice; wherein is demonstrated, from Astronomical and Philosophical Principles, the Nature and Extent of Celestial Influx upon the Mental Faculties and Corporeal Affections of Man”, 1814

CD 11:

1. C. Heydon, Jun., Astro-Philo. “The New Astrology; or, the Art of Predicting and Foretelling Future Events, by the Aspects, Positions, and Influences, of the Heavenly Bodies” Second Edition, 1786
2. C. Heydon, Astrophilo. “Astrology. The Wisdom of Solomon in Miniature, Being a New Doctrine of Nativities, Reduced to Accuracy and Certainty”, 1792
3. Thomas White “The Beauties of Occult Science Investigated; Or, the Celestial Intelligencer”, 1811
4. John Worsdale “Genethliacal Astrology; Comprehending an Enquiry into, and Defence of the Celestial Science” Second Edition, 1798
5. John Worsdale “Celestial Philosophy, or Genethliacal Astronomy, Containing the Only True Method of ing Nativities”, 1828

CD 12:

1. The rev. John Barrett “An Enquiry into the Origin of the Constellations that Compose the Zodiac, and the Uses They Were Intended to Promote”, 1800
2. Sampson Arnold Mackey “The Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients Demonstrated” Second Edition, 1824; “A Companion to the Mythological Astronomy”, 1824; “A Lecture on Astronomy, Adjusted to its Dependent Science Geology”, 1832; “Man’s Best Friend, or the Evils of Pious Frauds”, 1826; “A New Theory of the Earth, and of Planetary Motion”, 1825; “The Original Design of the Ancient Zodiacal and Extra-Zodiacal Constellations”, 1834; “Remarks on the Cabinet Cyclopaedia and the Geological Globe, Relative to the Polar Motion” (undated); “A Reply, Intended to be Made to the Various Disputants, on an Essay on Chronology” (undated); “Urania’s Key to the Revelation”, 1833; “The Two Zodiacs of Tentyra, and the Zodiac of Thebes, Explained”, 1832
3. Sir W. Drummond “The Oedipus Judaicus” New Edition (revised), 1866
4. The Rev. G. Townsend “The Oedipus Romanus; Or, An Attempt to Prove, From the Principles of Reasoning Adopted by the Rt. Hon. Sir William Drummond… that the Twelve Caesars are the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac”, 1819

CD 13:

1. Ebn Shemaya “The Star; Being a Complete System of Theoretical and Practical Astrology”, 1839
2. Thomas Oxley “The Celestial Planispheres, or Astronomical Charts”, 1830
3. Thomas Oxley “The Gem of the Astral Sciences, or Mathematics of Celestial Philosophy”, 1848
4. James Wilson “A Complete Dictionary of Astrology”, 1819
5. James Wilson “A New and Complete Set of Astrological Tables”, 1820

CD 14:

1. Members of the Mercurii “The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century: Or, the Master Key of Futurity, and Guide to Ancient Mysteries” [Stated] 7th edition, 1825
2. Raphael “A Manual of Astrology, or the Book of the Stars”, 1828
3. Raphael “The Familiar Astrologer; An Easy Guide to Fate, Destiny, & Foreknowledge”, 1835

CD 15:

1. [Henry Lemoine, ed.] “The Conjuror’s Magazine, Vol. I” Aug. 1791 – Jul. 1792
2. [Henry Lemoine, ed.] “The Conjuror’s Magazine, Vol. II” Aug. 1792 – Jul. 1793
3. [Henry Lemoine, ed.] “The Astrologer’s Magazine and Philosophical Miscellany” Aug. 1793 – Jan. 1794
4. [Various] “The Straggling Astrologer” No. 1, June 5, 1824 – No. 22, Oct 23, 1824

CD 16:

1. Zadkiel the Seer “The Grammar of Astrology”, 1833
2. Zadkiel “The Grammer of Astrology” Third Edition Enlarged, 1849
3. Zadkiel Tao Sze “The Hand-book of Astrology Vol. I”, 1861
4. Zadkiel Tao Sze “The Hand-book of Astrology Vol. II”, 1863
5. Zadkiel the Seer “The Horoscope; A Weekly Miscellany of Astrology” No. 1, May 3, 1834 – No. 19, Sep. 6, 1834
6. Zadkiel Tao Sze “The Horoscope: A Miscellany” [Part I] Jan. 1841 – [Part VI, No. 4] May 29, 1841
7. William Lilly [ed. Zadkiel] “An Introduction to Astrology”, 1852
8. Zadkiel “Tables for Calculating Nativities”, 1852
9. Zadkiel “Zadkiel’s Legacy; Containing a Full and Particular Judgment on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, on the 26th of January, 1842”, 1842

CD 17:

1. William Joseph Simmonite “The Astro-Philosopher and Meteorologist”, c. 1847
2. William Joseph Simmonite “The Celestial Philosopher: or, the Complete Arcana of Astral Philosophy”, c. 1849
3. William Joseph Simmonite “Mathematical and Astronomical Tables, for the use of Students of Astro Mathematics”, 1847
4. Dr. W. J. Simmonite “The Prognostic Astronomer; or, Horary Astrology”, 1851
5. Dr. W. J. Simmonite “Prognostications on Revolutions; or, Solar Figures”, 1854
6. W. J. Simmonite “The Scientific and Literary Messenger”, 1842
7. W. J. Simmonite “Catastrophe Mundi, the Effects of the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, For 200 Years to come”, 1843
8. W. J. Simmonite; ed. John Story “The Daily Guide, with Simmonite’s Prognostications on Revolutions, or Solar Figures”, 1891
9. W. J. Simmonite “Medical Botany, or Herbal Guide to Health” Revised and Modernized Edition, 1917

CD 18:

1. G. Beaumont “Fixed Stars: Or, an Analyzation and Refutation of Astrology”, 1814
2. John S. Bowron, M. D. “Observations on Planetary and Celestial Influences in the Production of Epidemics, and on the Nature and Treatment of Diseases”, 1850
3. W. S. Cross “Reasons for Belief in Judicial Astrology”, 1849
4. E. Sibly, M. D. “A Key to Physic, and the Occult Sciences” [colour-plate edition], c. 1794-5
5. [Anon., ed.] “The Spirit of Partridge; or, the Astrologer’s Pocket Companion, and General Magazine” No. 1, Aug. 5, 1824 – No. 17, Jan. 15, 1825
6. Rupertus Stella “The Astrologian’s Guide in Horary Astrology”, 1832
7. P. J. Swift “Destiny of Europe!!! The Nativity of Napoleone Bonaparte, Emperor of France”, 1812
8. Zuriel “A Series of Lectures on the Science of Celestial Philosophy, or the Language of the Stars. Part I. Containing the Fundamental Principles”, 1835


NB: All files on all discs have been scanned in full colour by me personally from my own copies of the original printings, with careful attention to detail at both scanning and cropping stages. You cannot legally obtain these scans from any other source.

On some of the oldest books, e.g. the Conjuror’s Magazine, there are occasional pages missing in facsimile form because they were missing from my original printings. Where possible I have retyped these from other sources. It is a condition of sale that you will be reasonable and allow for occasional substitutions or minor defects of this character. Thank you!


As mentioned previously, each CD has its own surface-print disc design. To see the disc designs, please go to one of the two retail pages linked beneath, click “More Info” on the title of interest, and then click “Rotate Case” several times on the screen that opens up for the particular disc. Eventually you will get the open-case shot showing the disc design.

1. For credit and debit card sales direct from Kunaki:

2. For Paypal sales via my business Paypal account:

Please note that international delivery is expected to take 3-4 business weeks. It took four for me to receive my sample from the date of dispatch. You should allow five business weeks to be on the safe side before reporting that you have not received your disc.

Depending on the customs regime in your country or state, you may or may not be charged VAT on import. That is a matter between you and the relevant tax authorities, and Astrolearn will not be liable for any additional taxes levied by the competent authorities in your jurisdiction.

Also please note that due to the rigours of international postage, you may receive a cracked jewel case. Please be prepared to replace it at your own minimal expense if so. Most countries have local suppliers of jewel cases at low cost. I regret I cannot undertake to refund the cost of replacing a cracked jewel case on international shipments from Kunaki. Only defective discs will be refunded.

The beauty of the CD option is essentially its cost-effectiveness as a way of getting smaller numbers of cherry-picked digitised classic astrology books to you without the need to undertake massive file downloads. There are many places these days where bandwidth is metered, so this could be a huge advantage. I am personally limited to 15 Gb a month on my current Internet contract. A single full CD’s worth of files is up to 650 Mb. Actual disc allocations vary between CDs depending on the length of the books involved.


The other news to report this week is that I have used the intervening period to make some important revisions and improvements to the cataloguing of several shelves of early German-language astrology books and two shelves of small-format early English-language astrology books that I had catalogued less thoroughly back in the winter than the standards I subsequently developed.

I have now begun to upload the catalogue itself, and you will find the books by authors whose surnames begin with A and B all up via the Bibliography index page now.

I am dividing up the content of the main book listings into chunks of a certain length that I think is manageable and optimal for web-pages. In all there should just just over 200 such pages by the time it is done. Each page typically spans at least four screens.

Footnotes are integrated with the listings via hyperlinks represented by numbers in superscript in the text. Clicking the hyperlinks will navigate you to the relevant footnote and back.

If you find any mistakes or have any questions about using the catalogue, please do not hesitate to report back to me.

Over the rest of December, I hope to upload all the other book listings, and perhaps also the German-language journals and almanacs if there is time.

Meanwhile, there are a few other books still on order which will not be here in time for appearing in the first draft of the online catalogue, but I shall endeavour to integrate them as and when they arrive. And so it will continue. It is certainly my hope to keep updating the catalogue in real time far into the future.

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