Adam Occult Astrology 1939

Adam, Major C. G. M. ‘Occult Astrology’ Modern Astrology, Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, E.C., undated[1].

Cloth. [1 leaf] + [2] + [pp. 5-225] + [1 page of advertisements]

[1] Library records show 1939

About this Book Scan

Carefully scanned in full colour from our original printing of the undated first edition of 1939.

Major C. G. M. Adam was a close associate of Alan and Bessie Leo. After Alan Leo’s death, he briefly stepped in to support Bessie as sub-editor of Modern Astrology magazine.

Occult Astrology was the second of his two books published by the publishing arm of the magazine, and is by far the lengthier of the two.